How often does your newborn poop?

Mom’s who breastfed or currently breastfeeding. How often did your newborn poop? Mines pooping so much and it’s runny so it’s starting to give him a rash


Every time I feed him! We have been using triple paste. It’s a little more expensive but it’s worked best for my oldest when he was newborn and with the new addition.

Use aquaphor every diaper change

Both of mine, as breastfed newborns pooped every time they ate. It’s normal. You can use a cream as a barrier until their skin isn’t so sensitive.

This is normal ish yes nice yellow runny is a good sign. A pain in the neck for mommas and their clothes :sweat_smile: find the best cream that works for you and always pack extra clothes. Lol.

Everytime she coughed or sneezed :rofl:

I just looked at my app for tracking his poop and he pooped 8-14 times a day! :joy: Dr said that was normal. Once he was 4 weeks it slowed way down to just once a day.

Completely normal! As stated above, use a cream as a barrier. Also I know this sounds funny, but this worked the best with one of my kids, as cream didn’t work. I had to mix a little bit of breast milk with corn starch to create a paste. It worked wonders with him!!!

Chances are it’s normal, but cutting dairy out of your diet might help.

Normal for breastfed babies too poop runny poop alot

I breastfed 6 lol

The yellow runny is completely normal to poop up to every diaper change but the rash isn’t normal
It could be the baby is allergic to the diaper brand, wipes or something you’re eating, or a yeast infection (boys included)
Use aquaphor every diaper change.
Babies normally can’t handle when we eat chocolate, coffee, high acidic foods, broccoli, cauliflower etc
If it doesn’t get better call your dr
Hope he feels better!

Warm water and let me nakie for a little while

My daughter pooped every time she ate. Use some aquaphor as diaper cream. It helps create a barrier and moisturize at the same time