How often should a 7-month-old have solids?

Hi mommies how often a day do you give solids to your 7 month old :blush: ? Tia.


Since my baby was like 5-6 months, she eats when i eat.


My daughter is only 6 mo old. But I feed her breakfast, and small lunch and dinner.

My baby girl is 7 months and she eats 4 6-8oz bottles a day and then a whole jar of baby food. I usually give her half a jar+baby cereal in the morning between her first bottle and 12:30 and then the other half of the jar, no cereal anywhere between 4:30 and 8, usually 5:30/6

3 times a day and formula as needed in between is what I did at that age. By 7 months he had a good amount of different foods he could eat so he had baby oatmeal usually for breakfast, half a fruit and a veggie for lunch and mashed up whatever we had for dinner.

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Mine were eating 3 meals a day by 7months. They ate whatever I ate. They only had about 3 5/6oz bottles a day

Start with first steps Gerber foods like crunchie they desolve in there mouths

Well my son started baby food at 4 months by 6 months I was giving him baby food formula n soft table food (he had teeth by then tho)

My 8 month old gets solids 3 times a day. She has 5 teeth. She gets formula in between meals & for nap and bed.

8oz bottle when he wakes, oatmeal and a fruit mixed in followed by 4 oz at about 11, a jar of baby food at about 2:30 and one of his baby cereals/oatmeal with a veggie mixed in followed by a 4 oz bottle at 7. Lastly he gets a 5oz bottle right before bed at 8.

By 6 months he ate when I ate. Breakfast was a 6oz bottle and cereal and fruit, lunch was a 4oz bottle and veggie, dinner was a 4oz bottle and veggie and food such as small bites of dinner or a gerber baby meal, and a 6oz bedtime bottle with a scoop of cereal in it. (He had reflux so if you laid him down after a bedtime bottle he would projectile vomit EVERYWHERE. The scoop of cereal stopped that.) He slept 12 hours a night straight through from 2 weeks old and we did breakfast, lunch, dinner, and bedtime bottle. The amounts above are what he got from 6-8 months. At 8 months the bottles started to decrease and he simply ate whatever was on my plate. Lol. By 11 months he was completely off the bottle and on normal table food and regular milk.