How often should a baby pee?

My son is 6 months on the first and I’m concerned about how much he’s peeing. He has regular bowels but I only need to change him maybe 5 times a day. I don’t wake to change him at night and sometimes his diaper is still dry by morning. He never has ever had diaper rash, sometimes he gets a bit red but cream takes care of that right away. I’m just worried he doesn’t pee enough. He doesn’t seem or act dehydrated but a big box of diapers lasts about a month with him…any one else go through this with their little?


Is he drinking enough? Is it concentrated?

Offer more to drink…

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As long as you keep offering milk or juice… My daughter is 18months and has never had diaper rash.

Ask a real doctor what’s a matter with you.


That sounds normal to me.

You would know how much he’s drinking! goodness, why waste your time go to gp

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Just give him some water, milk whatever. If it concerns you that much hon make him an appointment.

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Give him juice or sugar water

Give him plenty of water to keep him hydrated and he will pee more often.

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You don’t want to give juice or sugar water it’s hard in their teeth formula or Breast milk only


Try to get him to drink more water or juice.


You pee is related with how much you eat and drink.

Nothing but breast milk or formula before 6mo UNLESS directed by a PEDIATRICIAN!


My daughter holds her pee at night. Usually they potty train earlier and fast. She drinks a ton.


I’m shocked at all the people saying give your 6 month old juice and sugar water omg. At 6 months diapers decrease. Also if you introduced solids then formula will often slow down a bit as well. Just keep offering formula or breastfeeding and after 6 months H2O is generally fine in small amounts.


I believe its 3 wet diapers every 6-8 hrs is normal but if I’m wrong please someone correct me on this also if hes crying and producing tears hes hydrated plenty but if it scares u talk to his pediatrician and possibly start on pedialyte to insure he is hydrated

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That’s what my daughter was like and I was never concerned. Neither was her doctor. But if you’re truly worried, take him to the doctor or at least call the nurse hotline to ask if you should bring him in.

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Sounds like hes not eating enough. If your giving him formula feed more oz per bottle. If your doing breast do bottle too

Does he pee a bunch all at one time? Maybe he has a big bladder for his size. But that does sound pretty normal for six months. Every kiddo is a little different.


At 4.5 months my baby girls diapers started decreasing because we started baby food so that decreased like 2 bottles a day. At 6 months we added to 3 servings of baby food and an ounce of water for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and she gets about 5/6 bottles a day. Her diapers haven’t increased. One case (super parents choice) lasts up about 3 weeks, only because she poops like crazy lol

Give him boiled cooled water at room temperature…

If you are worried see a pediatrician and go from there.

At 6 month’s when I started regular food wet diapers went down. I did do a oz or 2 of water at this age but its so hot here we drink alot of extra water. I would just call doctor and ask if your worried. Sounds aboit normal for my kids at this age though. I would just offer more formula or BM to start. More you take in more comes out.

Water down juice is good. But 5-6 wet diapers a day is healthy, I’ll bet he’ll be easy to potty train when it’s time.


Talk to his doctor…everyone on facebook has an opinion!! And most have no clue!

Talk to his pediatrician

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It’s 5-6 wet diapers per 24 hours. Some signs of dehydration are dark urine, sunken eyes, tearless cry, dry skin that does not bounce back when gentley pressed.


A baby should have a oz h20 after bottle to rinse milk off the inner mouth…keep them from getting thrash…
Now that will keep him crying not eating

You can offer small amounts of water, no sugar. But talk to your pediatrician. Don’t listen to these people.

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Seems to me that you don’t need to worry since he’s not dehydrated.
But to be safe ask his pediatrician.

I wouldn’t say it happened that young !!! Maybe the earliest was 1 and I have 3 children and they was piss hounds at that age !!!