How often should newborns eat?

How often do babies typically eat (1 month 20 days)? Breastfeeding.
When I first brought my baby home I fed him like every 30 minutes ish. He never actually cried if hungry because i always just picked him up and fed him someone told me they starve easily so I kind of just took that as he could die if I didn’t feed him in time like at least every hour or so I know every baby is different but how long should I nurse him he also really only eats from 1 boob? I’m just scared he isn’t getting enough but he is gaining weight and healthy the doctor said. I’m a first time mom. I literally only breastfeed also haven’t found a pump that works good.


Check out The fantastic breastfeeding advice.

My son was EBF for 15 months and he ate every 2 hrs at first then went to every 2-3 hrs… if he is gaining weight and is healthy I wouldn’t worry much if the doctors aren’t concerned and is saying he fine he will tell u when he is hungry (but don’t let it go past 2 hrs (3 the most) and he will let u know when he is done feeding…

They won’t eat if they’re not hungry. Feed baby as much as you can and as they demand

I would switch breasts after each feed. Also wait until baby gives you hunger cues rather than always latching on just because. For the growth spurts it always felt like my daughter was attached

He should eat every two hours or earlier if he is hungry. You can always ask your pediatrician for more info or for a referral to a lactation consultant.

Anywhere from 3 to 4 ounces at a time and about every 2 to 3 hours. Babies will let you know when they are hungry.

You’re feeding on demand, that’s great. Your milk supply will adjust to how much baby needs. They usually won’t latch if they’re not hungry.

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There’s also a page called Milky Mommas you could look into

For me, my babies always preferred one boob over the other, so I would hook up to the pump in one side and feed the baby on the other. If baby still seemed hungry after the one side was gone, I would switch over to the side I was pumping on, and my body would just produce more for the next feeding. At the beginning I would say they fed every 90 minutes to and 2 hours, and I would wait until they started to act a little fussy.

Feed him just like you are your doing great

The first couple months were hard on my nerves. I wondered if baby got enough too. He would eat about every two hours and cry a lot. What I learned is your body and baby know what to do and what is needed to make baby healthy and happy. Stick it out and try not to stress. Especially if he’s gaining weight you’re doing everything right. Don’t worry. :blush:

Mine ate every 2-3 hrs. I would feed 15 mins on one and switch to the other for 15 mins. As long as your baby is gaining weight you are fine. I had small babies except my last so I would wake the four older ones up to eat but my last was almost 9 lbs so I just let her wake up on her own… and believe me she did😬

All. The. Time. Seriously…my breastfed kid was eating every 30 minutes to an hour when he was that little.

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As long as he is gaining weight, it’s all good!!
Talk to your dr about getting a breast pump. Most insurances will cover one.
About every 2 hours is pretty normal

Every 2-4 hours, I always feed on demand- have done it with both boys. My youngest is a week old now and is already almost surpassing his birth weight which was 9lb 3oz. If baby is gaining weight and is happy you don’t need to worry. If you can I would try and wake him up to eat off of the other boob too… making him cold by uncovering him a bit, playing with hands and feet, gently picking him up and tickling his face things like that will help get your little nurser up and used to eating more on your schedule than his.

Sounds like you are doing everything right!

Don’t just use one boob or you may wind up lopsided! Either feed from both, alternate at different feedings or pump from the other side. Babies are exhausting!

I think a vast majority of breastfed babies prefer one boob. My daughter ate every 3-4 hours by son ate very 1.5-2 hours on the dot until he was 9-10 months old :sweat_smile: if he’s gaining weight you’re doing perfectly fine! I always pumped both sides after I fed him for about 10 minutes but whatever side was less preferred I pumped an additional 5 minutes. It’s time consuming but it definitely helps with your supply.

My daughter is bottle fed (wouldn’t latch :pensive:) at between 2 weeks -2 months she was eating about 2-3oz ever hour :flushed: she’s now 4 months and eats 5oz every 3 hours or so

Just keep feeding on demand. If he’s gaining weight, he’s getting enough. My son ate every 1-3 hours until he was around a year old.

Babies do latch if the are not hungry I was feeding my daughter every 30 to 45 minutes and her pediatrician and my lactation nurse told me she was using me as a pacifier and to feed every 2 hours for 30 minutes 15 minutes for each boob but that was 25 years ago so it maybe different but the health department / wic / food stamp office has a lactation nurse there they are awesome cause u can call them anytime day or night :kiss:

Feed every 2 hours
Swap boobs each feeding
Hes not going to die…

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Every baby is diff. Mine were typically every 4 hours unless sick but I feed on demand. If you only feeding on one side is baby actually emptying it? Cos if they not then most liking getting fluids but not your bulky milk which fills them up and then you dont need so often. Everybody different though. Medela do some awesome pumps that are really good

In all honesty he’ll tell you when he’s hungry and he’ll stop when he’s full
If he eats too much, he’ll spit up some
Babies are really good about that most of the time
You can’t really time it because everyone’s milk production is different and each baby’s eating speed is different

My son fed every 2 hours sometimes not even. He continued this way till around 5 months when my doctor started him on baby food. He is 8 months now and still wants the boob every 3 hours during the day and at least twice at night.

Mine nursed every hour-3hrs. Just depended on the day. I found the spectra s2 to be an amazing pump

Honestly if he is not crying to be fed then he’s not hungry. If you keep feeding him like you are you will never be able to put him down off the tit lol!

Btw I have the spectra s2 pump. Good reviews!!

They are really good at letting you know when they are hungry so you don’t have to just feed every half hour or so. They can go for a couple to few hours between feedings and that will give for a better feeding from both sides.

You’re doing great watch for ques when baby is awake like sucking on fingers and rooting when you’re holding him all babies are different but your body will adjust to babies needs as he grows and you will produce more milk as he nurses for longer periods of time and try switching him in the middle of nursing so he gets used to nursing on both sides a clogged milk duct can be really painful but if you do get one apply a heating pad or hot washcloth in the shower and continue nursing even if it hurts

Don’t wake to feed, Baby will let you know. Switch sides each time. Baby will eat what they need then milk will drool out.

My little one fed every 2p minutes for the first week of her life, she lost too much weight and we got hospitalised
There’s something called for milk and hind milk

The first bit of milk is only the liquid, the next part is the thick bit that contains all the fat

Yes you should feed on demand,… On his demand, stop just feeding him because of your feelings and thoughts it will become very hard very soon… Go at his pace… If he goes 2 hours thats fantastic, and he will have a better and fuller feed

It’s better for them to have a full feed and drain you then to snack constant because they will only be getting the first milk…

Go with what he wants, he knows what he needs, follow his lead hun, your baby is very clever and you can’t over feed a breast fed baby

I have a 6 month old who feeds roughly every 3 hours, now she has started pureed food if she has some of that between she goes 4 hours…

In the heat we feed all the time xxxx

Honestly if baby is hungry he’ll let you know so you don’t have to stuff your boob in his mouth ever 30 minutes also can’t really say how much one should eat because every baby is different :person_shrugging: some stay hungry because milk isn’t enough at that point others can survive on just milk for months at a time :person_shrugging:

Have you spoken with a lactation consultant? I learned so much from mine.