How often should newborns poop?

how many poopie diapers do y’all say a one month old should have a day?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How often should newborns poop?

Omg like a billion. No really, I have a newborn and I swear I change like 10 poopy diapers a day.

My 5 week old baby is breastfed, she poops a lot. Lol

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It just really depends on your baby and if baby is formula fed or breastfed.

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Breastfed babies typically have 4+ per day.

Formula fed babies typically have 3+ per week.

Keep in mind every baby is different and it depends on how their digestive system is handling their food source. My son (EBF) went 21 days without pooping before! Took him to the doctor multiple times and he was fine, just soaking up every bit of nutrients from the breast milk.


Depends on the kid I guess

Plenty!!! If yours is not contact your pediatrician!!!

What goes in must come out.atleast 1 per feeding.

Lots! Between 6-10 a day I’d say.

If breastfed/ only on breastmilk, up to 10 days without is normal.

My one month olds usually only had 0-3/day.

I would be concerned after 2 days of no poop. But don’t rush it. It’s more where that came from

My oldest pooped maybe three times a week lol hes 15 now and is more than making up for that :sweat_smile::skull_and_crossbones:

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That depends on the kid and also breastfed or formula. It can vary from several times a day to once a week. If it’s got mucus in it that may be a sign of a milk allergy but aside from that it’s not usually concerning for them to be pooping a lot.

1-4 is normal range for newborns. After a month it tends to go down to 1-2 times a day but they should definitely be going atleast 1 time a day and if not then I’d be talking to the pediatrician about constipation. I had to give a few of mine pear juice to help them move their bowels.

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My pediatrician told me one poop for every day old he is up to five days, then he should regulate and have as many as his body deems fit. No more than 10 consecutive diarrhea diapers, and no more than 3 days of constipation before being seen

Everyone is different. Depends on their constitution. They’ll poop when they need to poop. I wouldn’t over worry as long as it has some substance to it