How often should you feed a 6 month old solids?

My 6 month old just got old enough to eat baby food…my quesiton is how often should i feed him and how many bottles should he be having?


Baby’s main source of nutrition should be formula or breast. That being said, I fed my littles solids twice a day. At this age it’s really just for fun. It’s up to you how you feed solids but just make sure baby is getting enough formula or breast.


Honestly it doesn’t matter. Breastmilk or formula should be first. Then solids. People will tell you, “Food before one is just for fun.” Really what the meaning of that is supposed to be is that solids, though they may provide some nutrition, are just to start teaching the baby how to eat so by the time he/she is weaned, he/she can get all the nutrition they need from solid food. If all you can fit into your schedule is one meal, do that. If you want to do 3 meals thats fine too. But ultimately the amount of formula or breastmilk shouldn’t decrease drastically. Just do bottle or breast first then baby eats anywhere from right after to 30 minutes later. Good luck and have fun mama. Its a fun stage.

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My baby just turn 6 months and she’s my third, I’m just started inducing her to baby food and I let her ear as much as she likes and today she ate more than the last few times I fed her some so it just about getting them used to it and eventually they will start eating more ND liking it more :slight_smile:

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Id start with no decreasing bottles and add solids once a day. Baby will need time to adjust. My son at 6 months wanted solids often. We started at 4 months with drs ok.

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We did about three meals a day and dropped those feeds. So morning wake up was milk and before bed. Started out with just a solid lunch though and built it up. It’s about introducing flavours and textures at this stage. We started with millet porridge made with breast milk or formula.

I did a little for breakfast, lunch and dinner then a bottle after just to get them used to it.

Breast milk or formula is still there main source of nutrition until 12 months. At 6 months, they only need 2-3 bites a day.

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Feed him when you eat…just a few bits to get him use to it and they say introduce one food at a time.

It depends on the child, my son was on baby food from 2.5 months along with his formula as he had a big appetite… Follow your instincts.

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When my baby wakes up he gets a bottle. Then about 30 minutes later I give him something to eat then a bottle again before he goes back to nap. Repeat 3x’s a day.
Eta my son is a tank! 23 lbs

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Bottle amounts shouldn’t change. Solids before a year are for learning only, really. They shouldn’t make up meals until close to or at/after a year old.

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Bottles should remain the same. I fed my son twice a day at that age. Usually barley cereal with some mashed veggies in it. Then gave him a couple bites of whatever we were having and just kind of progressed to whatever he liked and was ready for as time went on.

4 bottles and feed when hungry

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