How old was your child when they had their first sleep over?

How old was your child when they had their first sleepover? Did you know the parents very well? My son will be 6 in a couple of months, and I’m just thinking about the future. I know a couple of his friend’s parents from preschool but he has different kids in his class this year and is always talking about them.


2nd grade. Got to know parents through birthday parties and school events. Let their kid stay first.

My son is five and so far had only slept over at my parents house. Or my sisters.

My daughter is 7 and outside of my parents/grabdparents, had her first sleep over this year. I know the mother of the little girl very well or I wouldn’t have let her stay. I do not trust people

With his cousins, he was 3. He’s about to be 8, he had a few friends I would have considered but it just never planned out and then we moved across the country in a pandemic so…nope

Never. My twins are 11.


I waited until my children were old enough to understand good and bad touch, etc and the ability to communicate that to us. We started allowing it at about 2nd grade but believe it or not they would call with some reason why they needed to come home and so we would get out and go get them. They actually started spending the whole night about 5th/6th grade without a phone call! I may have been overprotective and still am (youngest is just now in 5th grade and has spent the night at a friends house 3 times in the last 2 years with phone calls before bed).

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My girls were fairly young but they’ve only stayed with people I personally know! We moved across state lines and they have mentioned going to friends’ houses from their new school (3rd school year) but because I don’t know the parents well they know I won’t allow it!

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My kids are 11, 10, 9, 7 and 3, we don’t do sleep overs and never will. I don’t trust other people.


I have never nor will I allow my kids to sleep over at someone’s house. If their friends want to sleep over at our house that’s fine. I just don’t trust other people. I won’t let my children be hurt.


My daughter is 6 and has sleep overs with my best friend but that’s it but there is also no men at her house and I trust her fully :heart:


My daughter was under 2.

But she slept over at my dad’s.

We’ve talked about sleeping over at cousins places

She’s 4 :woman_shrugging:t4:

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About age 9 or 10. Don’t coddle the kids too much, convincing them they are only safe when you are there to protect them.


6 sounds about right… school age

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Nope never will he wont be haven friends he to anti social.he refuses to play others my nephew same way he at school dont talk anyone stay. To himself.

My daughter will not be allowed to sleepover anyone’s house.


My oldest is 5. No sleepovers yet.

They got to sleep over their friends when they turned 8.

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Maybe in their teens

My daughter just recently started. She’s been to two sleepovers and she’s 7. She isn’t a big fan though because I still read to her and we chit chat before bed. She likes the routine.

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I only let my daughter stay at a few peoples houses because I’ve heard about to many of my friends getting molested growing up by friends family members and thats not a chance im willing to take.

Cant trust anyone these days. My daughter wont be participating in overnights anywhere with anyone but certain family. Call it weird but I’d rather be safe then sorry. If you plan on doing it I’d say 10 should be a fair age. Old enough to call you on their own if something is wrong and more independent. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Young but she stayed at my sister’s or my moms

He was 8. Our best friends have kids his age.

My son was 4 but it was with friends we had known since before he was a year old. Were all best friends with kids the same age. I trust them with my kids lives. Other than that I dont think I will ever do a random friends house from school.

Never my daughter is 8. I’ve had nieces and nephews over or we stayed the night with family but I see so much working in a hospital. I’d rather be that parent that has all the kids at her house then her kid some place else.

My 8 year old has been having sleepovers for a few years now but always at my house. We just had a little Christmas party this past weekend and had 4 extra kids in addition to my 2. His friends are always welcome here but I haven’t let him stay with anyone else and I won’t :woman_shrugging:. The only place he’s ever stayed over was with his grandmom

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Depends on how well we know other people. Our daughter is 8 and has only stayed the night at family’s house. It’s incredibly hard to get together with kids from her school (before covid) but I have a feeling when her friends start asking for a phone number to call her on is when it’ll change. Lol

When he is around 8 and we know the parents personally we will tall about it, still a while off in time though. I will not be one of the parents that never let’s him have a sleepover, to me that teaches him to be solely reliant on us in social settings and that is unhealthy not to mention the later rebellion when he’s a preteen, no hormonal kid likes to feel completely controlled and embarrassed by the fact they can’t do something so normal. He will have every tool at his disposal to protect himself and contact us but I don’t want to “cripple” his socializing skills with my own anxiety and paranoia. We can’t protect them from everything, it just isn’t possible but each parent decides what’s right for their kiddo, so do what feels right to you!

My son started staying at my brothers at about 5 and moms at 1.5 over nights he just had his first sleep Over at a neighbors who are friends with this last summer. He 9. I wouldnt allow him any place im not safe with plus its like 5 doors away from us.

Back in the 80’s I was 11
But my daughter unless I’ve known the parents really really well not doing it til she’s much older!
The world has changed too much and not for the better.

Dina Melo Isabella is 20 and she wont sleep over at anyones house