How old was your child when they learned how to ride a bike?

How old was your child when they learned to ride a bike with/without training wheels? And did they have a balance bike before hand?


My son is soon to be 4 and he has been riding a bike with training wheels for the last 1-1.5 years I believe

3 with training wheels. He is almost 5 and can pretty much go without.

my step son is 7 and he still uses training wheels

My daughter is close to 4 and have never ridden a bike before and she immediately knew what to do when we got hers. She has only been riding it for a couple of months

Rides with training wheels since 2.

2 on a trike, 3 with training wheels; we tried to take them off but he didn’t like it and refuses to try right now so 5 with training wheels.

About 4.5 with out training wheels. No balance bike - just unbalanced training wheels before removing.

Depends on the confidence of the child

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My son is 4 and rides without training wheels for a few months now and my daughter was around 6 when she stopped using training wheels

My son started with the tricycle at almost 2 and by 3 was riding he is almost 4 and does pretty good without training wheels

And they have had some kind of bike since they were one

My son started with a balance bike at age 2 and he was riding a pedal bike by his 4th birthday, not once did he use training wheels. The balance bike was well worth the money

My Granddaughter has been riding without trainers since she was 4, now shes 6. Her brother since he was 3. Now hes 4. No balance bike.

My first son he started riding with training wheels around 3 (he was 5 when he learned to ride without). My daughter is 2 & rides her tricycle with no problem & yes they both had balance.

My one son was two years old riding a two wheeler.

Started my oldest on a balance bike when he was 1, he went straight to a two wheeler no training wheels the week before his 3rd birthday.

My last three are 3,4,5 and won’t try with out training wheels. They’re afraid. They love riding with them though and have been since age two.

2 with training wheels …fully learned without training wheels at age 3 1/2

We did balance bike until around 4yrs…and I believe it made it so much easier for him to ride regular bike.

1st son not till he was 7 was on training wheels for 3 years 2nd son 5yrs old was on training wheels 1yr and a half 3rd son got him a balance bike at 3yrs old and the day after he turned 5yrs old he announced he could ride a big bike jumped on his older brothers bike and rode off

Very little toddlers so cute!!

Wow I feel like my daughter is super behind she’s 3.5 year old still hasn’t figured her tricycle out…

Balance bike at 1 training wheels at 2 1/2

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Lol my 15 year old still doesnt want to learn. Ill let ya’ll know if that changes. He’d rather sword fight.

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One was around 5 one doesnt care and is almost 8.

My son is 4. He started riding with training wheels at the beginning of this year and now rides without them.

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Oldest was 3.5 when he started riding without training wheels. He did have a balance bike first.

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My son learned as soon as he got a bike with wheels at 2 and at 4 he was riding without training wheels

My son was 7 when he finally learned to ride without training wheels. He was very stubborn and didn’t want to learn any sooner.

Mine were 4 or 5. No balance bike. I’ve never heard of them.

One was 3 &1/2 he was the only one that started riding a bike that young , no training wheels. My other sons started at 4 . Still very young if you ask me. So proud of all my sons. :heart:

My kids start riding bikes around 2. My 9yo learned how to ride without training wheels at 6 and my currently 6 yo learned this summer how to. We tried last year but his nerves were making it hard. Our current 2 year old uses a stride bike to learn balance.

My kids r 5 and 6 and don’t even like to ride bikes. They have them but have no interest

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My oldest daughter was such a big baby, so overly dramatic. I swear she was like 8, and she only learned because her 4 year old little sister was starting to practice without her training wheels.

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My son rode with training wheels for what seemed like FOREVER. (maybe first grade). It was so hard NOT to push him as one of my rare very young childhood memories is teaching myself to ride without training wheels when I was 4 (It’s mainly the crashes I remember but still lol). The point is, they’ll do it when they are ready and whenever that is is fine.

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My son got his first bike w training wheels at age 5. By age 6 he was riding w no extra help or training wheels.

Took training wheels off for both our girls at 5–got them to find a center of balance on the bike by playing a balancing game. They’d stand by the curb and I’d use a stop watch to see how long they could balance with both feet on the pedals. Once they could hold it for a few seconds we took off and never looked back. They both got it within 20mins of trying.

4 year old got first bike, was able to go it fine with training wheels. She’s 6 now & won’t attempt it with the stabilizers off it x

My son is 11 years old, and he still refuses to learn how to ride a bike without training wheels.


Honestly my kids have no interest in it and they are 4 n 6. I personally didn’t learn until I was about 12 and that’s because I was paid by my uncle to learn how

No balance bike and my son was 1 when he mastered the tricycle and hell be 3 in jan and can ride a regular with training wheels just fine.

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My daughter is 12 and just learned without training wheels. Everytime we tried before hand she FREAKED out thinking she was gonna fall. :joy::rofl::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: I was afraid she would never learn. My son is 8 and can’t ride without training wheels but he had a brain tumor removed at 2 and 1/2 so he is behind balance wise. He only just learned how to tie his shoes this year. The finger grasping of the laces was difficult for him.

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4 started riding 5 with no training wheels, no balance bike

3 1/2 no training wheels, used a balance bike instead.

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A lot of you really didnt get them on a bike until age 4/5? That’s crazy. My kids were 1 when they got their first real bike (not trike)
Still have the training wheels on though - age 4 and 1.5

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I was 12, and no shame in it either.

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I have a 17 year old who still refuses to learn. Does not like to learn anything with an audience. Practiced walking out of sight then just got up and walked one day. His first word was dinosaur. No car or truck. This kid is stubborn and shy.

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My daughter was 10. She was always extremely afraid of falling and I just never had the money for a bike :woman_shrugging:t2: she was gifted the bike she has now by her uncle

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My son rode with training wheels at 4 & 1/2 & without at 5. He taught himself in a day

My kids started ridding with training wheels about 2 when they turned 4 I took the training wheels and pedals off so that they had to use their feet to move and learn to balance it about 2 weeks after that I put the pedals back on and off they went.

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Both of my girls rode bikes at 4/5 (without training wheels.) My son who is 5, I dont think he ever will. So, I’ve decided he better like walking because I’m not walking next to a big ass kid riding a bike with training wheels, barely.:joy:(He doesn’t have any physical or mental deficits or of course I’d view it otherwise)

I taught all 5 no training wheels allowed summer before kindergarten was my way of saying you can do this you can do kindergarten

My 3 year old can ride a bike with training wheels. I will take the training wheels off when she asks me too.
She could peddle a tricycle at 2.

My 2 year old doesn’t have any interest in bikes but she loved her four wheeler and learned it really fast.

My daughter just finally got the hang of it the week before she turned 7.

My boy had a balance bike at about 20months, lived on the thing, could ride with training wheels about 2 and a half but still preferred balance bike, at 3 he tried with out the training wheels and loves it, 3 years 4 months now and pedals everywhere

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No balance bike, she was 3 or 4 with training wheels, 10 without because we lived in an apartment complex and she didnt have a bike that fit her again until 10. She got on it and just started riding, so didnt really have to teach her. She probably would have learned sooner if she had a bike.

3 started with training wheels and 5 without

All three of mine started with training wheels at two. Oldest two had no training wheels at 4. Youngest was 5 with no training wheels. I’ve been told if they have a balance bike they will never need training wheels. We plan on getting my granddaughter one for her 3rd bday. She doesn’t have a bike of any kind and is 2 1/2

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First son was 6. He never showed interest in riding until then.

2nd son was 2 yrs old to pedal a tricycle. 4 to pedal a bike without training wheels.

3rd child hasn’t showed interest in riding a bike yet she will be 3 in January

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My almost 8 year old started with a balance bike. Couldn’t figure out the pedals until he was 5 or 6 and only ditched the training wheels this past summer because his new bike was too big for them.

Son was 2.5 when he rode without training wheels. Balance bikes are magic. Seriously.

Balance Bike was awesome. He learned in two days. Five years old

Each in there own time 🚴‍♂️

My daughter was 6 when she finally got the hang of it without training wheels, one of my boys was 4, one 5 , and my other daughter was 5

Could ride a “normal” bike with no training wheels before the age of 3 - and yes he had a balance bike.

My 5 and 3 year old both ride with no training wheels my 5 year old learnt at 4 and my 3 year old learnt just after he turned 3, they both had balance bikes form early age it helps a lot x

I have a toddler. She’s four now but she was confidently riding her bike independently (with training wheels) as of three days past her third birthday. :bike::tada: She has not attempted riding without her training wheels yet.

My oldest was 3 and youngest was 9.

We just took the training wheels off my 8 yo’s bike. I remember being off them before 6, but my kid is super scared of falling and she prefers her rollerblades. To each their own. Everyone learns at a difference pace.

My son is 30, and has still not developed this skill.

My kids were about 6 when they learned to ride without training wheels. The 3 year old next door to me rides without training wheels like he was born on a bike. Very impressive and his 2 year old little sister is learning to ride. Right now she has a balance bike that she is learning to keep her balance on, no pedals or training wheels. I have no doubt she will be riding by the time she is 3 also.

Regular bike 8 yrs old. She was terrified to try.

My girls were 5 & 8 and since they did everything together the older one wouldn’t even try until little sis could ride with her without training wheels. Then they literally came off and my girls took off lol

Depends on the kid. My 22 year old still can’t. My 15 year old was about 5 and just took off on her brother’s bike one day, no training wheels…

My son was ride a tricycle at 2 n then his 3rd bday he got a spiderman bike with training wheels n rides it everywhere!

Training wheels don’t really help. When I took them off and just held the bike they learned faster. Mine was around 6.

My kids learned at 2-3 to ride a bike and training wheels came off at 5


My boys were around 6 when the training wheels came off😁

my son was around 6 when he had the training wheels off.

Around 6 yrs old took the training wheels off

What is a balance bike? My kids learned without before 5.

5-no training wheels

5 when the training wheels came off.

My stepdaughter will be 5 in January i bought her a bike 2 summers ago and she still doesn’t understand how to ride it but she can ride a tricycle just fine.

My son had balance bike for a year. Loved it. Bought him a bike for his 3rd birthday and in practically 3 days he was riding it still with training wheels as he is clumsy and it’s a heavy bike.

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my daughter started riding with training wheels when she was 4 and just got comfortable without training wheels at 7

I have no idea what a balance bike is🙃 So I’m guessing that’s not needed…
Both of my oldest two were around 4 (no training wheels). But we practiced alot!!

My kids were riding by four