How old was your child when they potty trained?

How old were your children when they became potty trained? Any tips or tricks you would like to pass along??


2.5. I tried twice before and she just wasn’t ready. The main thing is to wait until THEY are ready. Stay consistent and don’t get discouraged by accidents because they will happen. Praise them even if all they do is sit on the potty. Do a sticker chart, and give treats. Make it a huge deal everytime they go.


Being ready is key. Age doesn’t matter. If they aren’t ready it’s just a long process that makes no one happy. My son was almost 3 in a half. Was done in 2-3 days zero problem almost zero reminders

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Mine were 2.5-3yrs old. Both were super rdy and easy to train

Right around 2.5 for both mine that are potty trained now.

My daughter was 2
Her aunt said she talked to good to be in diapers,and since that day she’s been potty trained🤣

My son was like 3.5yr old. Literally right before he started preschool, he had to be to start.

My daughter is 2.5yr old and showing signs, but she is sooo stubborn. We are actively trying now.

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Officially potty trained by 3 for preschool

My daughters where fully trained by 2 and a half they hated being wet. My son was 4 he really could care less if his pants where wet

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So far both of mine were 4, I have 1 more to go, he’s 2 but showing signs of being ready to be potty trained

My twins were 3 and the other twin was 4. My kids usually potty trained before preschool. My last baby he has special needs it might a little longer. They’re all boys I put them backwards on the potty and give a marker that is wash able to color the toilet seat or i give them a book. I did naked trained at home and pull-ups outside of home we did every 30 minutes for potty breaks increased every 15 minutes.

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the longest one I had was 5 but usually between 2 and 4.

We got a little potty at 1y6m for my boy and just had it around for him to see and play with and get used to. Started slowly trying at 1y8m after he started asking to pee (not really knowing what it meant tho), now he’s almost 2 and usually only wears diapers to sleep!

She turned 4 on august 26th, she finally potty trained mid June, a couple months shy of 4, and finally nighttime trained in November. She was stubborn, and didn’t wanna potty train lol

My oldest was 4 and my youngest was 3, both boys. I didn’t force them waited until they were ready, probably could have tried earlier but the oldest didn’t pee once in his underwear (pooping was a different story) youngest peed a couple times in his underwear but he said he was “too busy” (playing)
Big thing if they did have an accident I didn’t make a big deal about it and tried to encourage him to remember to sit on the potty next time. Also kept the potty near us…not always leave it in the bathroom. Sometimes when they realize they got to go it’s not much time before they start going.

I had 2 at 18months 2 at 2 and one was around 3 but was preemie and has bowel issues

My son is almost 4 (4 in april)
Hes almost fully daytime potty trained but still wears pullups at night

all of mine (expect for my special needs son) were potty trained by 18 months. my special boy was about 2.5

First child was 2. Twins were almost 4. All kids r different

I potty trained all 3 of my granddaughters by the time they were 2 the youngest is 3 and she was the hardest one to teach still to this day she has an accident and has to still be wiped down

2yrs old for both of mine

Mine were 2 and 2 and a half. Both girls. My oldest didn’t like being wet and stuff so I put her in panties when she went in them I told her I would have to put her back in dipers. She cried and said no after that never had a accident. My other one learned from going to the bathroom with her sister every time she needed and learned from her.

3 - don’t waste your time until
They are ready. I did nothing but stress myself out and my first child out and it did no good

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I have four kids no we adults child 1 year
Child 2 1 year child 3 1 year child 4 we were transferring to anther state (military move) 2 years