How old were your children when they got sick for the first time?

When did your babies get sick for the first time? And how are we all handling this with covid going on??? Our peanut Wyatt is four months old. He had a cough yesterday and is drowsily tired, just wanting to sleep all day today. He has bad reflux on a normal day that is usually managed by his medication and our feeding habits with his thickened formula, but we went up the other day in his oz per feed because he wasn’t gaining enough weight. And now he has some of his “wet breathing” again. So I don’t know if that’s a reflux flare-up or a cold symptom. Other than that, he seems to be acting normally


My youngest is 4 now and started getting colds around 3 months old. He was diagnosed with reactive airway disease and eventually asthma.
Keep an eye on your little guys temperature and heart rate. My little guys heartrate would go dangerously high. If he has any labored breathing, call his pediatrician asap

Born. One of mine was born sick. And she’s 18 now and whines about EVERYTHING :joy:

My son is 11 and 1st time he was sick with the flu at 2 weeks old. He has asthma now so gets sick often.

Our kids all seemed to get sick around 4-5 months we actually used that time to break them of their pacifiers they couldn’t really use them with not being able to breathe through their nose so worked out great for us. Mine did not have much trouble with formula just had to switch 2 of them to gentle ease

Depends what is considered sick. My son got pink eye at 8 months old and an ear infection at 8.5 months.

Like 3-4 months he got a fever

My son had pneumonia at 7wks in oxygen tent for a wk he is 45yrs old now and doing fine but at the time I was worried you know what they have so much better treatments now then they did in the 70s

What formula do you use?
We had several issues and found nutramigen.
Don’t ever hesitate to call the pediatrician, they will talk to you on the phone!
Hope y’all feel better soon!!

My son was born on a Thursday, that following sunday he had a cold.

my son is 18 months old and has never gotten sick yet he had roseola tho but only had a fever

Daughter had roseola when she was 9 months old and didn’t get her first cold until around her first birthday. But I also breastfed her the first year and my wonderful mom watches her while I’m at work so she’s not in daycare around other kids

First time she was sick was 18 months. And then not again until 5.

18 months still no colds or illnesses :mask::crossed_fingers:t3: he gets random fevers and stuffy noses from teething but they’re short lived. Knock on wood we make it through another cold season!

My newborn was just a few days old and he wouldn’t wake up he’s slept through the night the very first night this second night I thought what he’s not getting up cuz he’s wet or eat something isn’t right I ended up calling the doctor and he had a horrible ear infection but never cried so it’s so hard to tell sometimes but if you think things aren’t right it never hurts to have it checked out it’s it better to do that than to second-guess yourself

My youngest was about 1 month old when he woke up with his ear draining. I was 21, had been through pneumonia with my oldest at 1, which led to fever seizures. But that really scared me. It was an ear infection, and it happened quite often with him. Never tugged on his ears, never fussy, no high fevers-just drainage, then a trip to the doctor for antibiotics. Had tubes put in at 3, he didn’t suffer any hearing loss, because his ear drum never healed.
All in all the fever seizures were scarier.
Should note (so you don’t think I was a horrible Mom) with both my boys, I knew they were sick, because their eyes looked dull. Usually within 4-12 hours we had earaches, a cold or something minor. But the oldest always ran a high temp. 103-104, then in the bathtub with cool water and rubbing alcohol-it was the late 1970’s. That’s how you got a fever down and baby aspirin. Lol we am survived

He probably needs a visit to his pediatrician. Write a list so you don’t forget things you want to ask.

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Mine was about a year old, 25 minute steams in the shower first thing in the morning and a 20 minute steam before bed, and sliced onions in her socks while she slept really minimized the coughing. I hope your little love feels better soon, sending you hugs Mama :heart:

My son was also 4 months and had these symptoms with fever ended up being influenza. Alternative his formula with pedialyte helped him a lot

Sumtimes I I wounder if we had this cov-19 this hole time becuz one of my kids got really sick to the point wer she had a hard time breathing we had to open up the windows think it was the air in the house I took her in and they gave her a puffer and meds makes me wounder

My son had bad acid reflux and would get like this if he over ate or we gave him milk/soy based formula. He also had a milk/soy intolerance.

13 months old, she got an ear infection and then rosella right after

My little guy caught a cold at about 7 months. He did real well. Just needed his nose cleaned out a bit. I use little remedies saline drops.

We had to run a humidifier every year…

I can’t remember but do remember using zambee products

Dont want it to be covid

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God bless. Wishing you all well