How old were your kids when you got them a phone?

At what age do you give your kids a phone?


my oldest Got one at 10 mainly because he was leaving a school to start a new1 for year6 And he wanted To stay in touch with his mates etc if it wasn’t for that I probably would have waited till he was Abit older.

My son was 10 and he’s almost 12 now. We use bark to keep an eye on things and have had zero issues. He’s never broken or lost it either.

  1. My daughter traveled with her school for chorus, and we wanted her to have access to us when she needed us.

I had planned to wait till 12, however my son is fairly mature and given some circumstances in our lives right now it’s just easier and better he have one. So he’s got one under the tree for Christmas. He’s 10.5

My son got a phone the year he started riding a bus to school. It gave me peace of mind that I could track him (using life 360) and he could call if the bus dropped him off at the wrong bus stop (which they did). You can download apps to limit what can be done on the phone (i personally use Qustodio, I paid for it but I would do it all over again tbh, it’s great) so they can’t get into anything you think is out of their age range. Mine was 11 when he got his.

Middle school, after school activities started

13 is our choice of age With restrictions on it!

I don’t even remember I think 7 or 8 years old brings me confidence I can get a hold of my son now his 12 and my 5 year old has my old iPhone 13!

Honestly I think it depends on maturity level. My oldest kids have always been a little more advanced for their ages. And they got their first phones between 12 and 13 years

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I think my oldest was 10 and my second kiddo was def 10. They are under parental locks where they can’t download stuff without approval from my phone. Screen time limits. And I have phone times set up where it locks during certain hours. Idk how old my kids would have to be for me to not limit everything on their phones. Maybe around 14ish I’ll start loosening the rules a smidge. Social media is a no go though

Our daughter has a gizmo watch, she’s 12. Next year for her birthday, we’ll be upgrading that to a phone most likely.

So when she’s at her dad’s I can still contact her. I get full access to it.

12… because thats when they start staying home alone when i have to work and there needs to be a line of communication. Only reason they got a phone that young… otherwise it would be 16 after they got their license.

  1. Just before high school. There’s far too much drama and bullcrap that gets brought home when they have access to their friends constantly. It’s nice for them to have a phone when they have activities though. My oldest is in several extra-curricular activities and even one of the teachers just EXPECTS that the kids all have phones so they have group text threads for the kids in that activity.
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2nd semester 5th grade is the rule, but I make exceptions. My youngest got her 1st phone at 8 because her practices were hours long, and I could call her if I’d be late. She had to wait longer for her 1st upgrade, which is coming in a few weeks.

My 11 year old still doesn’t have one. If he stays home along, he has his iPad to FaceTime me. Or Alexa is set up to call 911.
Up to you.
I’d just refrain from social media as long as possible.

8ish? I think. But they got the gabb phone. No data and no apps with GPS safe zones (mostly for my youngest who has a gabb watch phone.)

My daughter is 4 and has one lol! sim in it though it’s just for kids games etc.


My son got it at 10 1/2 and my twins will too

She was 12. Had absolutely no access to any social media either as my password has to be entered before she can download any apps or games.

8th grade they were going on a trip to New york

My oldest will get his first phone next year for his 12th birthday with it attached to the family link account like his laptop is

Mine got phones when they started going to friends houses and doing sports

9 and 5 year old has a T-Mobile watch .

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Man am I old school !! They wanted a phone they had to pay for it also their monthly bill . That’s a want not a need .


My 15 year old has had one since he was 10. He’s involved in a lot of sports and always has been.

My 14 sd had one at like 10-11 but got it taken at 12 and she’s just now getting one back this Christmas with a crap load of parental controls.

My 9 sd her mom has been giving her one since she was 7 but it doesn’t come to our house bc she wasn’t watching her on it and taking the parental controls off of it when she would go see her on weekends.

I was 12 I think my daughters just turned 12 and were getting her one some time this year

There were no cellphones back then!!