How old were your kids when you left them home alone over night?

I think it depends on their maturity. There are 17 year olds that can’t be left alone! :wink:


12,11 is not even legal age to stay home by themself. So it is a lil to young. My parents didnt let us stay home till lime 15yrs old. But never over night until after 18yrs old incase something bad happened around the area

Mine are 15 & 12 and I have not yet and probably wouldn’t yet. But … You know your kids. They are all different!

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Mine were 11 and 7, I had to leave for work at 5am. My oldest 11 would get himself and his brother up and ready for school. I honestly feel it’s a different age for every child. Depends on how mature and responsible your children are. Good luck, trust your gut

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This is an extreme case I guess but when I was 16 I was supposed to go home and be there alone for the night and I was kind of scared then, last minute my mom told me not to, just to come to grandma and grandpas where her and my siblings were. Our house burnt to the ground that night and the firefighters said the first started under my bedroom and because of us living in the middle of no where my parents think it was arson. Like I said, I know that is an extreme and probably rare situation, but if I would’ve stayed I don’t know if I would’ve been able to think clearly enough to make sound choices.

I think I was 15 or 16 before my parents left me home alone for short periods of time. And about 18 before I stayed alone overnight. But we had security guards around all the time so I wasn’t really alone

I have a 12 yr old she will be 13 in March and if I gotta run to
The store I will leave her home alone but I wouldn’t do it overnight.

I have a 12 year old and I wouldn’t leave her home alone over night. I don’t know at what age I would be comfortable doing that. But def not at 12

When I was 18 and my sister 14 we were left alone for the night. Some very strange noise came from the backyard and we alerted the police immediately. It was chaos and panic and searches. Never been left nights alone then, since the day we got married :grin:

only you know your children and what they are capable of, but I wouldn’t leave an 11 year old and 12 year old over night.

There is actually state guidelines. Look up the age for children to be left alone overnight for your state.

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When I was 11-12 I watched my sister (who was 3 at the time) overnight and sometimes during the day when my mum went to work. If mum wasn’t back in time I’d get her ready for school and take her there and everything now she’s 11 going on 12 and watches my little brother who’s 5 when my mum goes out and stuff for a couple of hours. It’s honestly all up to you and how comfortable you feel with your kids being home alone. If it’s just one night then it’s not that bad as you can leave dinner and instructions and stuff and you’ve got security in and out the house so you can check up on them. I’d say go for it but it really is all up to you.

I’d be careful. If something were to happen at that age and the kids were left alone overnight it could cause a call to CPS.

I’ve hear news of men breaking in and homeless breaking in. I’m thinking never. I don’t even like being home alone overnight.

My parents literally never left me home alone over night, not once lol. I’d say at those ages, home alone for a few hours is fine but I’d never say over night til older.

At that age my parents left us alone for a few hours during daylight. Never at dark or overnight until 14/16 even then there were two of us

In Florida according to the Dept. Of Children and Families, children under 12 cannot be left home alone at all unless supervised by someone at least 15 years or older.

Never left mine alone overnight but im lucky to have an amazing neighbor and anytime i have to run errands i will only go if she is home next door bcs she has a key to my house and my kids feel come going to her for anything

I’ve never left my kids over night…21, 16, and 10. My 21 doesn’t live at home, but I leave my 16 and 10 home when I have to grocery shop because of covid. Before covid they went with me.

I have three girls. Started leaving them alone for a few hours at 11. Still haven’t left them overnight yet LOL

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My eldest is almost 14 and I still haven’t left her alone at any point during the night. During the day is ok for a few hours but not at night

I was left home with my 3 siblings at the age of 10. As long as you feel they are responsible enough, go for it!

Far to young … why would u leave your child hime alone overngt… mayb a 5mins run to the shop bit never hrs our overngt

I would leave them for a few hours at that age but not overnight

Mine were almost 15 and 15. My parents are 3 mins away and I would not have done it if they didn’t have each other

Overnight NO. For a few hours while Mom and dad go to dinner or Christmas shopping. Probably.

Overnight never. Alone for a while to go catch a movie or a late dinner okay.

I have an 11 year old and no way would I leave her alone and especially not over night, but that’s just me.

I say do a trial run go to a friends house down the street see what they do and pretend you actually went somewhere …

I thought by law kids weren’t aloud to be by themselves until 15 I might be wrong

Overnight??? Nope! Not until they are old enough to defend themselves. After the tragedy that happened here a few days ago, maybe not even then.

I would suggest looking up the law where you live.

My 11-year-old son just a couple hours overnight I would not do

We don’t leave our 14 year old home alone overnight. 🤷

That is way too young to be alone overnight.

13 is the legal age for leaving them without a adult.

16 no younger and deffo not overnight never i don’t think I’m a mother to 1 12 year old

In today’s world I would never leave my kids alone.

I would be worried about a fire or an intruder

A few hours, yes. Overnight— not just NO, but H**L NO!!! Try 16. No matter how mature you think they are, they are still young!!

I was left to care for my little sister at 12, and she was 8…

Not until they were 14

Mines 19 and I panic when I leave him to go out for dinner :rofl:

Too young at 12. Also, check your state laws.

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Its against the law to leave your kids with anyone under the age of 13

Too young got to be 14 to be left in house alone to start with never mind overnight I’ve 2 boys 12 & 10 and wouldn’t leave them alone xxx

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I don’t still and the eldest stipl living at home is almost 16! A couple of hours sure but not over night hell nawwwws

Watch adventures in babysitting! One of my kids favorite movies!

I leave my 5 year old with her 14 year old brother. I don’t leave her overnight though but I would leave my son :sweat_smile:. God through prayer is what keeps them safe​:heart:

Id say 16 or 17 if they are mature enough. Nothing before that.

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I would not leave my 11 and 12 y o’s home alone, no way,

Check the law. Where I am it’s 14. Mature or not

I wouldn’t have left my kids alone overnight until they were at least 15 or 16. But 9 or ten for awhile during the day.

We also have very mature and responsible kids and live in a very safe city, with security cameras, etc. Never overnight and maybe an hour here and there starting at 13.

I say it’s fine. Just make sure they can contact you in case of an er

For a few hours no but not ovrnight

I would check your state law

Wouldn’t, Couldn’t do it

Iv only just started leaving my 17 year old over night well about 12/13 hrs :woman_facepalming:t2:
11/12 years nope no way

I think mine would be 25 :sweat_smile:

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That’s way too young. :roll_eyes:

I’d say 13 is minimum

When she got married

My daughters 14 and nephews 13, I leave them home alone for a few hours at the most (mostly grocery trips) my daughter tried to ask to stay home alone over the night this past summer while my other kids went to a family members but I think that’s too young…didn’t let her

I left mine at home around 9 to 10. Havent left him over night alone just to run to the store and such. Its really how comfortable you are with leaving the kid home for however long you wonna leave them home.


This is cali law age 12

My son was young, no judgement please. I’m a single mom and had to work. He has having behavior issues with the 2 different babysitters. So around 9 I got him a phone and he stayed home and called me at 10pm to check in before bed. I would’ve made other arrangements as far as switch shifts or moved closer job to home. I felt that was my only option at the time. I would never leave my daughter overnight and don’t have to, I work days. I regret leaving my son & since apologized 100 so times. I have read crime version reports (I work in a prison) that would make any real loving parents cry. If you don’t have to I wouldn’t. We live in a crazy world and although you feel safe there’s still a chance of crazies out there.


Hum, have they stayed at home like in the evenings by themselves? Are there people really close by that they trust that they can go to in an emergency? Will they be good to each other and not try to fight or casue trouble for one another? If they’re safe, smart and have a good plan for emergencies then I think you know best. I was staying home with 6 kids including a newborn at 14 ( not overnight but quite a few hours a week) so I think mature kids can handle it.

I no someone who fort good idea allow her eight year old home alone with her twelve year old regularly. .

She’s lost them they’ve now been there dad for pass year. She also sent kid school by thereselves.

Some people just don’t care.

Each there own can you handle the guilt if anything happens

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Way too young. Way, way. No 12 year old should be at home, alone.

Too young for overnight.

They are plenty old enough to stay home alone. Even at night. I would not leave them overnight however.
Obviously it depends on their maturity level and such. You know them best.


My son is 11 and I ha e left him alone at home for an hour or two max. But not after dark or overnight yet. Anyway, if I did, he’d probably invite all his friends over and they’d wreck my place :rofl:

I won’t even leave my 15 year old overnight. He watches the younger kids sometimes during the day and is very responsible. I trust him very much. What I don’t trust is the state of our country at this point. Too many burglaries, home invasions, and violence happening to be comfortable leaving him at all at night.


Mom knows best. It all depends on your child individually.
Just check the laws in your state, some have a minimum age requirement for babysitting and being alone overnight.

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I say at least 16 then only if they were very responsible and I had a neighbor that I trusted to keep an eye out

I wouldn’t leave my kids alone overnight until atleast they are old enough to drive and also their maturity level. My parents didnt let me or my sister stay home overnight alone until we were jr or seniors in high school and that was 15 years ago.

If I had teens I wouldn’t leave them a lone at night, you might not have a house when u get home#

At 12 I would start with just an hour or two and see how that goes I wouldn’t start with an overnight

Depends on their maturity and what all they are able to do. I guess long as you check in often or have somebody check on them a couple times.

I got left home alone a lot from 8 on. But I don’t know that I would be that way with my kids. (They’re 5 and 3 so I definitely wouldn’t leave them alone now lol)

My oldest was 18 the first time I left him alone with his siblings (5&6). Until then I never needed to be away at night except when I had my other kids. He stayed with a friend with my middle (11) & in the hospital with me with my youngest (12).

Depends on the child, maturity and age do not always go hand in hand.

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When I think of overnight I think most bulgarys/ break-ins happen at night especially nice neighborhoods. Doesn’t matter where you live. Criminals don’t give a damn about cameras they are quick before police and you are able to get to home. Unless your young children are able to defend themselves in case of break in I say not leave overnight. But that is just my opinion. Everyone has their own opinion. You have to go with your gut. Mom knows best:)

I would suggest , if they are home alone. Contact a reliable neighbour they can call should something unexpected or frightening happen. I believe is illegal for young ones that she to be left alone in care for others until they are 14. Because it is unfair for them to be burdened should anything untoward should happen.

Check the legal age (where you live) before leaving overnight. 12 is legal age to leave alone during the day, but overnight is a comletely different story. I have left my 17 yr old overnight once, but there is no way I would leave my 14 year old overnight, even with the 17 yr old at home.

I wouldn’t leave my 12 and 11 year old alone overnight ANYTHING can happen my uncle lost 2 of his children in a fire because they were left alone overnight and there older sister couldn’t get them out of the fire

My daughter was home alone overnight for the first time when she was 12, my boys on the other hand I wouldn’t leave home alone more than a couple hours at that age.

I don’t know if my boys are just very mature or what… my 14 year old watches my 7 year old, they have been since 13 and 6. For a few hours, never overnight!

My mom worked nights when I was 15-16 left me alone every night. As for my own kids no way I was way more mature.

It depends on the child, maturity level and their understanding of rules that are told

Not overnight. That’s still too young!

A few hours at that age but definitely not overnight


I never left my kids alone overnight until their late teens

  1. My girls were very responsible

11 or 12? Are you for real?


Not overnight yet, but for a few hours, yes

Never at that age over night

I think my oldest was 10