How old were your kids when you left them home alone over night?

I would never leave my kids alone for longer than an hr during the day on occation, never at night or overnight. They are 14 en 11 years old


I have a 12 year old…no way in hell I would leave her alone overnight.

Definitely too young

Noooo. Too young, I think. My daughter is about to be 13 & also mature but I still wouldn’t leave her home alone.

You can call your local CPS office to ask the legal age but I think a mature 15 year old would probably be fine. My kids were babysitting by the time they were 12, but not overnight. And they took a babysitting class.

Im almost 100% positive that we were left home alone sometimes during the day & night at 12 years old and i think maybe even a little before that. My mom worked nights, dad worked days and went to bar at nights. Some kids are very mature for their age and I think some 12 year olds would have no problem being home by themselves over night if needed. (Hopefully your still in the same general area when leaving) I mean in todays world, it is scarier leaving them alone, but you’re the parent, you know your children way better than anyone on here, and you also know your neighborhood better than us. If you think they’re mature enough, try it out! Maybe stay in the same area and peak on them through the camera!!

That’s abusivo to leave them in control. I waited till my son showed maturity at 17 before he was allowed to stay alone !

It’s 16 , you legally can’t leave anyone under the age of 16 alone overnight

From a Grandma, way to young. Can’t they stay with a friend or relative?

I was legit babysitting other kids at 12/13. Sometimes into the late night hours of 3am. Times are different now though.

Do you have neighbors they could go to in case of emergency

15 and 13 and the only reason they were ever left alone is because I was in the hospital. My mom came and stayed with them a couple times to cook and take them to the grocery store but she lives a little ways away and couldn’t stay the whole time… I wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving an 11 and 12 yro alone but that’s just my personal opinion. You do whatever you feel comfortable with tho mama.

After my oldest turned 18

At least 13 if mature 13 I was about that old if not older. Same for my older daughter she may have been older.

Hmm probably 16 or older for me personally. I know maturity plays a part but also how much they’re able to defend themselves and how smart they would be in the event of an attacker. Not only that, but I’d just be worried about my 12 year old the whole time. But like I said, that’s my opinion! We all have different opinions!
I know circumstances play a part too!

  1. I would never leave 11 & 12 year olds overnight.

I think 11 & 12 years old are way to young , maybe 15 or 16 would be better

Trouble is - when they are old enough to be home alone at night - they are also old enough to get into a lot of trouble being (supposedly) home alone at night. lol

Hell no, idk what your tryna go out and do over night but if its for your own personal pleasure you’re being quite selfish. These aren’t the same times we grew up in things are different now :woman_shrugging: but your kids your business.

I was left alone starting at age 9 :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:

I babysat other peoples children at 12. Lol they will be fine

Check your state’s laws. Where I live the parent decides based on the child’s maturity level and knowledge of what to do in an emergency. 11 and 12 could be left home but it just isn’t something I’d do unless it was absolutely necessary with no other option. FYI A date or ladies night isn’t necessary in my opinion🤸🏽‍♀️

Not till high school even tho my 12 year old has a phone and we have a house phone and she walks places on her own just not comfortable with that quiet yet

Not overnight, mid 16 & up would be a better age

Never leave them home alone overnight . What if there was a fire? Yikes!