How safe is getting your tubes tied?

I’m thinking of getting my tubes tied and want to know whether it’s been effective for other mamas. Meaning there were no unplanned pregnancies. Also is the procedure safe and what is the recovery time?


Had my done 14 yrs ago. No pregnancies. Was sore for recovery and up on my feet again in 2 days. They went threw my belly button.


I got my fallopian tubes removed. I was down for about 3 days. No issues!

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I have alot of friends who regret it just because its made their periods so horrible


Had mine done about 4 yrs ago. Best thing ever. No down time. Super easy recovery

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I got mine done during a c section 7 years ago. No issues. Just wish I didn’t have a period anymore lol

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I had mine done several years ago. I wish I never would have done it. It’s been nonstop health issues since. The cramps and periods are unbearable. Never had any of these issues before having my tubes tied.

I had my fallopian tubes removed a year ago and it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made. Birth control sucked for me and while I still get my period it’s been great. Occasionally I get awful cramps and they hurt so much I throw up but that isn’t necessarily because of that. I just am always sick when it’s that time of the month.
Cramping after was minimal and it didn’t make me start my period early or anything. But if you have it done, a heating pad was a life saver after!

Done during c section almost 12 years ago. No issues with recovery. Probably a little more sore than if I just did the c section. Periods and cramps were bad for a few years after. No pregnancies or any scares. No regrets at all.

Have had mine done since 2012, no ectopic pregnancies here.

I had it done 3 years ago right after/during my c-section. I had bad cramping so I have an iud now but besides that have been great and I used to get pregnant super easily.

I’m getting mine cut, tied and burned after I have this baby. I was told that if you just have them tied, they can come untied.

My friend got hers done I wanna say 7 years ago and she told me about having really bad periods since getting them tied. Only thing thats stopped me. Good luck in your decision

I got mine done in January of 2014 and just had to have my right tube removed because I had an ectopic pregnancy. They found a 7wk gestation fetus with a heartbeat of 81. It’s been a heartbreaking experience. I JUST got out of the hospital today.


I’ve had mine tied for 12 years. No trouble at all.

I had mine removed 5 years ago. Zero recovery, went snowmobiling the next day. No pregnancies either. My periods are shorter and longer apart.

Had mine 4 years ago got pregnant July 23 2019 had miscarriage aug 26 2019. And some months I have two periods

I had mine tubes removed with my c-section about 11 months ago and so far no issues except more cramping during my period.

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Vasectomies are a lot easier and less risk.


A little sore for two days. In I did just give birth to twins having tubes tied 2014 and 2016. That is right it fail twice. Swimmers made past so that scare tissue. So just got my tubes removed least month ago. We both got fix this time​:rofl::rofl:. Periods was the same some what lighter no cramps.


I had mine done 4 yrs ago. Was sore for a day or two then back to normal… No babies so far.

I did mine when was 24 iam 69 this year ever had a problem but my sister go pregant in her tube other then her i have never met one with trouble

I got mine done 13 years ago no issues… I also went old school tubal litigation… Cut tie and burn… Effective immediately… Recovery time varies i for mine done 3 months after i gave birth… It was about 10 days till my stitches came out (6 total 2 per incision 2 in my bikini line 1 on my belly button) worse part was the feeling of gas i had for like 4 days till my body absorbed the air.

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I had mine done in January 2012, one day after giving birth and I had mild pain the next afternoon for a couple of hours , but I quit taking the pain pills they’d given me bcz I don’t do well with any medicine. I’ve never had any issues with my periods or cramps.

Had mine done… just fine but the PMS was terrible for years then just recently had hysterectomy so much better now

I had mine done the day after I had my 3rd baby in October 2017. I do regret it because mine was very rough. My tailbone broke during my daughters birth so I was already in pain from that. And then when I went in for surgery the doctor told me it would be 20 minutes…next thing I knew I was waking up in recovery about 3 hours after they started my surgery. My doctor dropped a needle in me and took 3 xrays, had the whole surgical staff looking and almost called in another surgeon but decided to extend the incision and found it. So I woke up with a 2 inch incision (I was told it was gonna be 1/2 inch) and had heavy bleeding from the incision. I had a lot of pain for a couple weeks. My scar is so ugly… And since then my periods have been horrible. But no pregnancies.


Had mine tied for 9 years before having my hysterectomy in January of this year. If you have endometriosis it can make cramping worse because it’s basically scar tissue, and they will be making more scar tissue when they’re in there. I didn’t notice a huge difference after having mine clamped. But because I had endometriosis and cysts rupture for so long, I was used to the unbearable cycles.

I had it done in my late twenties. I had no worries for about 10 years except semi heavy periods. They had to cut me open when they thought it would be done through my belly button because I had just had a baby a 12lb baby, naturally. Then I got pregnant and it burst and I had massive internal bleeding. Lost a liter and half of blood. I spent two weeks in the hospital. When I was in the ER they were holding my hand and telling me my blood pressure had gotten down to 35 and if I had a higher power I needed to pray because they didn’t know what was wrong. My insurance paid for a nurse in my home for 6 months, 6 months later I got pregnant again. We caught that before it got to the point of the last one. Recently, 20 years later, I had to have everything pulled. Because of that internal bleeding it hooked every one of my organs together with scar tissue. The extreme pain for years at every movement was now given a reason. So the surgery to remove everything woman, and then disconnect all my organs was not pleasant. Not to scare you because it was really nice while it lasted not to have to worry about getting pregnant. At this point I think I would have gone with an IUD or something like that

I have had mine tied since Sep 2014 and no problems

I’ve had mine since 2012, haven’t had any issues. The recovery wasn’t really any worse than recovering from child birth.

I had it done during my last c-section 12 years ago, no issues and recovery time was no longer than 2-3 weeks. The first couple of years, my cycles were a little off but no pregnancy scares or anything. No regrets for sure

Had mine cut tied and burned right after giving birth. Got pregnant 6 months later. Had a miscarriage. Now I’m on birth control :woman_facepalming: periods were horrible. But with the iud I haven’t had a period for a few months.

Best decision ever :wink:

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I had mine done on the 24th of last month and I’m completely healed except for the little incisions in my belly button they still have a little healing to do but other than that I feel great and it was the best decision I made aside from my little ones of course

Was more painful than anticipated and do allow a few days to a week depending on which procedure you use.still have regular periods no pregnancies after.I had the tied off and cauterized version.

I was up in about 3 days

Had mine cut,tied and burned no issues it’s been 33 years

I had mine tied 13 years ago. No babies or problems

Had surgery with no problems and no unexpected babies. I told my OB before surgery that he would have to raise the baby if another one arrived. Went to card club the next night.

I went out to eat 5 hours after I got it done. I had it done, went home and took a nap, got up and went to eat. No problems. It’s been 7 years

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It’s been 4 years no pregnancies or issues. However I did notice my periods were much heavier and more painful. No regrets tho

I’m getting my tubes completely removed Friday.
It will be 100% permanent! No woopsie babies, no tubal pregnancies.

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I got mine done in November 2019. Pain was bearable and I didn’t have any bad side effects.

The recommendation now is more for removal than tied. Your risk of cancer goes up with having them tired studies have shown.

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I had mine done after my son was born in 2010. No oopsies. Made my periods heavier and more painful though. No regrets at all. Now I don’t have to worry about any of it. I had a hysterectomy last year.

I had mine tied 14 years ago and no accidents on this end.

Had mine cut burnt and told doctor if I got pregnant I was coming after him for child support :joy: it’s been 12 years and no more children and the healing time was easy

I’ve had mine tied for 14 years now.

Cut, tied and burned over 30. Years ago. Out next day. You will have stiff neck for a day from the gas… Very simple and easy.

Had to have a hysterectomy after I had mine tied caused cysts and I still have problems to this day

Get them removed,not tied. Less risk of complications later. I had mine removed 2 years ago, it was easy peasy🤷🏻‍♀️

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I had mine done 10 yrs ago and so far no problems. I had a lil scare last mth period was 5 days late but it eventually came . So far no issues tho. No heavy periods nothing.

16 years ago… had cut… tied… burned… and part of each one removed during my c-section… no problems since

I had my last child on 2/4/94… tubes cut tied and burnt… no more babies. no problems

I got my tubes tied laparoscopically when my third child was a year old. She is 5 and I haven’t gotten pregnant.

got mine done 4 years ago…no more babies for me and no more problems

Im a surgical tech and its literally one of the easiest surgery’s…
Mine done 11 years ago

Had mine done June 2005. I have had no problems and I recovered within 2 days.

Had mine done 43 years ago. No problems.

Had mine done 22 years ago after my daughter was born. No complications and no more babies.

I have had my tubes tied, an ablation, and a hysterectomy :woman_facepalming: long story… but an ablation is much less evasive than having tubes tied, and for a lot of people… no period. It’s probably easier overall for the man to get fixed. Lol

I had mine removed after a csection.
Less likely to come undone.
I think it added a week to my recovery. I needed morphine in the hospital after.
But so far, zero issues!

I had mine done august 2012 right after I had my son no issues for me expect my periods suck now

Had mine done 8 years ago and now experience the worst cramps and bleeding ever and get monthly migraines during and right after that have put me in the hospital from the pain and throwing up

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It has been extremely effective (as in, completely effective) for me, which I regret honestly (done 8 years ago).

I had mine done and have had a baby :baby:. 3 years later.also been pregnant 2 more times since but couldn’t keep them i miscarriage. Yes u can get peragant but its a small percentage.

I had my tubes completely removed almost 2 years ago during my last c-section… i believe they said there’s only a 1 in 20,000 chance of them regrowing and resulting in pregnancy… no issues so far tho!

I had mine done in 2011. Not any complications except heavier periods

I had a consult for this a few weeks ago and my doc said the now completely remove tubes

I had mine done during last C section . That was 7 years ago

I have had mine tied cut and burned for 13 years and have no issues.

After having my tubes tied I ended up with blood clots on my ovaries 6 months apart and had to have my ovaries both removed and sent into menopause in my mid 30’s

I had my tubs done with an ablation last year 6 months before I got married and no babies. Ps we already have 2 kids 12 and 9 years old

I second the vasectomy! I used to work in a urology office and we did these in office like every day. It’s a quick 30 min appointment, men just need to ice their junk that day and take Tylenol for pain as needed. The worst feeling is getting the numbing injection, other than that most men don’t complain at all.

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I’m planning to have mine removed in March after my c section, but really don’t want heavier periods… curious how many other women’s periods became heavier after having this done??

I had my tubes cauterized January of 1989 and no pregnancies

My Dr actually removes the tubes. That takes away the risk of pregnancy or ectopic pregnancy. Its minimally invasive and perfectly safe. You can still get pregnant if you have just an ablation, so I wouldn’t recommend it without the tubuligation.

i talked to my doctor and she said more commonly now they’ll just fully remove them since it’s more effective and lowers the risk of cancer.

I had mine done in June the following day after our 4th baby. My recovery was very fast. The procedure itself only took 20 minutes, 10 to actually tie them and 10 for my spinal. I was awake as soon as it was done and up walking within a hour. I’ve had ZERO cramping and no unusual periods. My incision was healed within 1-2 weeks.
Everyone has a different story and different healing process.
I absolutely do not regret it.

The only rough part was my actual delivery and healing from that. I ended up having her completely natural because I was dilating to fast for the epidural to work. I was induced like my previous pregnancies but she was READY! Unlike previously I did tear with her but only needed one stitch, they couldn’t stop my bleeding and then a few days later my body went into shock. Took me 3 days to recover from that ordeal😞
I’m so glad she was the last! I’d never ever want to go through that ever again.

I didn’t believe my sister when she told me not to do it because of the heavy periods. I did it anyway during my c-section. Omg it was horrible. Ended up getting a hysterectomy a couple of years later because of it and because of my job. I didn’t have the opportunity to use the restroom as often as I would needed to. Don’t do it!! Get him snipped instead! A couple of days with ice and he’s good as new, just shooting blanks.

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Tubes tied,cut and burned in 1999 annnnnd in 2013 I got pregnant with TWINS… So it can happen!


I had mine done 20 years ago… Best thing I ever did… Recovery wasnt bad at all …I didn’t even have to get my pain meds filled.

I had my tubes clamped in 2018 the clamp was not effective for me ended up pregnant with number 4. So I had my tubes completely removed n so far its been good. And it was a in n out surgery. It took a day or 2 to heal for me.

I had mine done 6 weeks after my 2nd child was born. I’ve had no unplanned pregnancies and I was pretty much back up on my feet and doing most normal things the next day. I took the pain meds they gave me for a total of 2-3 days and then didn’t take them again, and instead took Tylenol for any residual aching I had. The incision sights cleared up within a couple weeks entirely.

I’ve had my tubes tied for 26 years. Never had a pregnancy or any problems.

I had my tubes clamped and have had no pregnancies for 13 years. I think it depends on each person and your reaction.

I got mine tied right after my youngest was born. She was born via C-Section, so the dr tied my tubes right after she came out! Ive had heavier periods, more cramping during my periods, but no pregnancy! 11 years strong :muscle: :heart:

Pregnancy can happen. Some women grow their tubes back. It’s the body’s way of healing itself. My sister wishes so badly she was one of those women and regrets getting it done. 1/3 women have regrets. You need to make sure you are 100% certain you want this. Life changes. And I sure there are risks involved you will be put under and with that comes a whole set of risks itself. I vote vasectomy. And be careful the first year after, they can still make viable sperm so you could get pregnant.

I had my tubes tied and Burnt when I was 20. The day after I gave birth to our second son. I am 58 never had any problems. My husband and I have been married 40 years and wanted to have are children raised by the time we were 40. We have several grandchildren. No regrets.

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