How shoudl I introduce honey to my toddler?

My 18-month-old has a bad cough. His pediatrician recommended honey at night to calm the cough. He hasn’t had honey yet. Is there anything I need to watch out for when introducing him to it?

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The honey is safer after the first 12 months. You can mix it with some warm water and put it in a sippy or you can see if he will eat it off of a spoon.

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Vick’s baths with a humidifier in the bathroom stuff a towel under the door ! This will loosen everything up and relax baby I do this every time my kids are sick 7,4and 3 and I still do this it’s amazing how fast it work ask Vick’s on their feet just a little

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Dissolve it in some hot water and add to whatever drink you want to give her (keep in mind flavor though) I always use honey with my kids and myself when we start feeling something coming on and it works like a charm on my 5 and 4 year old and I’ve been doing it since they were around 2

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didn’t you ask the dr

That seems like something you should have asked the doctor when they suggested using honey :woman_facepalming:t2:


The only risk of honey is that it can not be pasteurized. It is not typically an allergen. The concern is botulism, not a reaction. After 1 it is safe.


Do not use raw honey, it could cause botulism

You only need to worry about infant botulism until 1yo. It’s fine to give a 2yo. Honey isn’t a common allergen

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I give it to my kids out of a medicine syringe just like medicine

Mix with lemonade or the store should have some homeopath medicines with honey


No honey in any form until 1.
I like the old school humidifiers and I put mine on full blast with the door closed.
I like matys all natural chest rub.
It had never failed me

Why not take your doctor’s advice not total strangers

Since your child is OVER 1 year of age…put it on some toast, waffle, pancakes.

Honey is safe for bigger babies over 1 yr old but you have to mix it with warm water & maybe add a little lemon if it’s for cough treatment. Let the kid take tiny sips of it or use a dropper before bedtime.

I just gave it to her one day.:joy: She’s a happy healthy 3 year old.

Warm some milk put the honey in it put it in a cup and give it to your child! Since your child is 18 months (over a year old) your good my doctor told me at her year visit to start giving her honey to boost her immune! Thw warm milk and honey will help feel better and sooth for a good night sleep

Pineapple juice is a good cough surpressant

I thought you meant your man​:woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::rofl::rofl: I always call my man my hunni… but put it in some tea.

If your baby has a pollen allergy he could show signs of allergy symptoms to the honey that are runny nose red watery eyes and even tho not recommended under 2 and not at all under 1 because of botulism, signs would be that of food poisoning but if your doctor suggested your baby should be fine id personally put a couple teaspoons in a warm cup of milk in his sippy cup should do the trick :smiley:

I use the brand of cough medicine called zarbees, its all natural cough medicine, have used it for all my kids, oldest is 16 youngest is 7 months

Mix in warm lemonaid. Works a treat

I thought my 1yr old was allergic to honey because he broke out after having some. Turns out, you cannot be allergic to honey, but rather where the honey comes from contains different allergens. We don’t give him honey now and going to have him tested for pollen allergies when he is 2 so we can figure out chick honeys he can ingest.

After 12 months it is okay because before then there’s the bodies and ability to fight botulism. That’s really the main concern. If you have something like a bee allergy and your family, that would be a reason for concern. In that case I would just watch for typical allergic reactions like you would be doing with any food at this point. So hives, itching, lethargy, swelling, etc.

I don’t have children but when we were children our mother used to give us honey 1tbsp along with a pinch of ginger powder. Microwave it for 10 secs and the toddler can easily lick it off the spoon. It’s easy and extremely effective


As long as he’s over 12 months, it’s safe. I agree with some, dilute it with a little bit of warm water, or mix it with some warm tea, because it’s very thick and some small kids don’t like that texture.

Should be perfectly safe now! It’s so thick I would be sure to heat it for 6-8 seconds and give on a spoon just a bit, or put it in some warm water to dilute a bit.

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Babies under 12 months do not have the enzymes to digest the molecules in the honey. A small dab on a small baby spoon can help. Honey fights infections.

Once the baby is past 12 months they cna have honey…

Try diluted pineapple juice. Pineapple juice is also a cough suppressant


I have used Zarbees cough & mucus when my first was 1y/o and it worked pretty well for me.

I use Zarbee’s cough + mucus. It works really well and it’s homeopathic


Look up infant botulism and see what the age range is for giving them honey.

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My daughter liked it with warm water or milk

Did you ask the pediatrician this same question?

My recommendation is for you to be asking your pediatrician this question not Facebook.SORRY

No honey under 2yrs old!!!

Don’t give raw honey

I used honey and warm. Milk for. My. Son it works a treat

Buy local honey. It actually helps boost your immune system better than mass produced honey from a big company.

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commercial honey from the grocery store is pasteurized so you don’t need to worry

I sweeten my tea with honey and have it that way. Maybe try a chamomile or other herb tea and put honey in it. You can also look up how to make your own throat lozenges with hunny and just give him “feel better candy.”

Just give him a taste on the tip of a spoon, then try a tsp…most kids love honey and there are usually no side effects from it

I would make cough drop suckers out of it thats what I always do for my kiddos

Put it on a spoon and let him eat it. After age 1 honey is fine. My dad used to make me honey and lemon as a kid when i was sick.

he can have a little, it’s what i used for my kids cough and it’s soooo effective,was told not to use for babies below 1 year

The best honey is local honey. Just give him a little taste at a time but in a tea like mint or chamomile would be good too

They can have honey after 1 year old, I wouldn’t worry too much but maybe try a tiny bit and wait a couple hours before doing more. And I understand you forgetting to ask. I forget to ask things at the doctors office in the moment. Pay no mind to those comments.


Honey and lime I promise you that will help him give him a teaspoon before bed and make sure he drinks water with it it’s a bit sweet and tangy. Or I’d recommend marshmallows. They help with cough too. My son was bad at spitting up the mucus.

Raw honey is okay and local raw honey is best. If you eat the honey made from the local flora it actually helps you build protection from allergies from those specific plants. The store-bought honey is okay too but with all the pasteurization and everything some of the health benefits are lost. We get the local honey around here and my toddler daughter and I love it and eat it regularly in a variety of things :blush: no honey before age 1 but other than that you’re good to go

Jus stick it in his mouth lol