How should a wife be treated?

how do you think a wife should be treated? Should a wife do all housework or should it be equal and does speaking dirty to other females from husband side classed as cheating when he is saying he wants to be with them?

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Depends on the situation for the house work whoever works less should be responsible in my opinion that’s how we run our house.

Talking with other women depends on the content if he says he wants to be with them kick him out and let them have him

Why disrespect yourself like that

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You know the answer to this already

If both work then housework should be 60-40/70-30 somewhere around there but that only depends if his work is physically demanding. He should never be talking to a person of the opposite sex in any sexual way.

A wife should be treated with love and respect. That’s not negotiable. Talking to other women saying he wants to be with them is a deal breaker. He can say he’ll never actually do anything physical, that he can control himself ect but eventually, one will come along and he WILL act on it. That is disrespectful to his wife and to their marriage. That behavior breeds resentment and only serves to grow mistrust in the eyes of his wife. A man who loves his wife won’t do anything to hurt her or jeopardize their marriage in any way. This is toxic behavior. This “husband” is completely self serving. The problem with that kind of person is they get bored easily and they do everything on a whim based on how THEY feel, but they don’t take into account those of their partner. The commitment and stability needed for a healthy marriage isn’t there if this is the behavior he’s currently exhibiting. And the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. A marriage should be 50/50. You get out what you put in. If he’s putting in nothing but negative things, there’s your answer.

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Both questions depend on the relationship. Some relationships the woman is the main caretaker of the home, others it’s equal, some the man is the main caretaker. Some would class that cheating, some might not have as much of an issue with it (however; it’s classed as an emotional affair, I left my ex for it). These things should be discussed within your relationship. You and your partner set the boundaries, you decide on the aftermath if those boundaries are crossed. My relationship is mostly equal, but it’s not always 50/50, some days I put in more than my partner can and vice versa but it works for us. We understand people have bad days and sometimes on my bad days, I don’t clean (even as a stay at home mom) because I just can’t get myself to. He will come home and pick up, he doesn’t get mad or upset, because he understands that I’m a human being and I need help from time to time. Just as I did when I was the working partner. You learn to pick up the others slack. And if you/your partner have an issue, then maybe you should be sitting down and having a real talk about it.

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This is a super sad post :frowning: it is 2023. There are NO gender based roles, or shouldn’t be. It takes 2 to be married, partners. If you live together the house should be taken care of by both parties to make it a home. No comparisons just getting it done. And flirting is emotional cheating which is JUST as bad as physical. Girl get out while you can.