How should I celebrate graduating college?

I’m currently starting my last semester in my Certificate program at college. I looked online for etiquette advice but I’m not sure what type of celebration I should do? A party? Immediate family? Pics? What would you do? Who would you bring? Would you send out announcements? Oh and this is as far as I will go with my college education


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How should I celebrate graduating college?

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What certificate program

I say do whatever you please, it’s your day…congratulations!


I have 3 semesters left before I graduate. I’ll have my immediate family at my graduation, and then I plan to party! It’s taken me 20 years to finish college because of kids, family, and life in general. I’ll graduate with a dual degree in business management and business administration. I plan to throw one hell of a party because I’ve earned it!

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I’d do whatever you want… Congratulations!

So whatever you want.
There’s no “etiquette” as you are looking for.
Mostly ppl do announcements, party, dressing up, etc. Some ppl plan and go out.
Do what you want to do.

My oldest daughter just graduated with a BSN in nursing Saturday,only six people were allowed to attend,we just took her out to eat,when she graduated and got her RN license we had a party with just family, it took her until she was in her mid thirty’s to do it but she did it,you do w heat makes you happy.congratulations

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You celebrate in a way that makes you feel good with people that are proud of you

Congratulations! I would do what makes you feel good. Parties can be expensive, especially if you’re going to serve alcohol. A get-together with your family, lots of pictures sounds like a good time. If you want to bring a date to that, why not?

My immediate family all attended my college graduation, which was a big deal, since 3 of them didn’t live nearby. But aside from the whole family going dinner (6 of us including me), there was no party. My siblings didn’t have college graduation parties, either.