How should I handle this situation?

My bf an I have been together for almost 9 years. I work midnight shifts he expects me to come home an wake him up so he can go to work. Now he doesn’t work like I work. He does some construction he’s working for a guy who rarely ever pays him and if the guy does pay him it’s 30 dollars a day. Now I’ve been paying all the bills and what not for the last two years. Everytime I turn around he throws it in my face that it’s not my house it’s his even though I helped him pay it off. This upsets me bc I helped pay the house off the first year we got together an I’ve been the one paying the bills. My car has been broke down for 4 months now all it’s needs is an alternator. I told him two weeks ago I’m not paying anything else till my car is fixed and he got mad bc I won’t pay his one bill he got. When I ask about my car I get told I’m tired an dont feel good your just gonna have to wait. What would y’all do…

Stop paying any of his bills.

Start saving your money in a bank where he can’t get it.

Find an apartment of your own and MOVE NOW.

Move into your own place.

Do NOT tell him your new address.

BLOCK him everywhere, all your social media platforms, your phone, etc.

Change your email address.

Do NOT speak with him ever again.

Smarten up woman. Be done with that so called man.