How Should I Respond to My Significant Other's Weird Comment About Moving In Together?

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"How would you take this response from the man you’ve been seeing for 8 months, great relationship, no issues… whose been in your child’s life for the last 5 of those consistently + has been great with him… I asked him… So, where are we at? My lease is up, am I finding a different place? Are you thinking about us living together sometime soon? And his response was…. “If it was just you, we would already be living together” like what!?? How would you take that response!?"

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"Package deal. If he doesn’t accept your child and love them as his own, there is no future. No reason to keep seeing him and investing your time and your child’s time."

"Move. ON. Alone. What a prick!"

"Be glad he was honest"

"Move on…it would be pretty pathetic if you continue to stay with someone, who doesn’t want to include your child. Be a good mother and find a good man!"

"He could be acknowledging it's a big step to become full-time family with a child and he takes it more seriously than just moving in with a partner. That’s a good thing."

"Umm well you’re always gonna have your child soooo if that’s an issue, he needs to go!!"

"How much more clear do you need him to be? He’s made it very clear that he is not prepared to take your child on permanently. He’s a jerk and a waste of space. Find someone who will love you both as much as you deserve."

"My first reaction is him putting your child first. 8 months is kind of quick to move in with someone when a child is involved. Not only that, but is his lease coming up soon also? Is there an empty room for your child? Communication is key in any relationship!! Ask him what he meant."

"Depends on how it means it. Like does he secretly not care for your child or does he not want to rush into living with you because you have a child and he wants to take things slow."

"I would have him explain himself… like elaborate. He knew you had a child… baby isn’t going anywhere so does he need more time, is he unsure of moving in full time with your child? Bc if he can’t accept your baby he has to go."

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So, he was honest, so that is good. Maybe you should check in and ask him to elaborate. If he has had respect for your children, it could be something that simple. If not then it is time to move on…