How should I write a letter to the court?

Ladies I’m needing to write a letter to the court (I have to mail it my son’s bio father’s lawyer) as to why it is in the best interest of my son for his bio father to terminate his rights I have 7 reasons why but how should I write the letter?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How should I write a letter to the court?

Write it as informative letter. Think of your audience and state your reasons why. You’re welcomed to message me to read a letter I recently wrote to my ex’s lawyer to explain why he should get cs changed, just to get a feel for how yours should sound


If you need help, holler at me. I can help you. It’s hard to say with such vague info.


Just write the letter.


Most courts have a law library that has the best resources. I would definitely take a look into that.

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When sending a letter to the court remember 3 things
1 be as formal as possible
2 make sure everything you write in that letter you can back up with physical proof
3 always keep in mind how busy the courts are so if this is very important for you make the judge also feel that because their job is the best interest of the child and asking a judge for a parent to terminate their rights is a big thing for judges and most don’t want to go down that road…
One other thing this is going for a judge to read so first one of being Formal. Make sure it sounds like you’re writing a formal letter and not a friendly text not alot of runonns about your ex only fact never opinions and you should do great any other questions please message and ask. Hope this is helpful


BEST interest of the Child

You need your own lawyer to handle it, having someone’s parental rights removed isn’t going to be easy… He has to of done something exceptionally bad.


Get in touch with your lawyer. He may have advice that could be helpful.

Be very formal. Make sure your spelling and grammar is correct. Keep it brief and to the point. Facts only. You should be able to prove whatever you say. List your seven reasons with a brief summary of each reason and an example of the proof you possess regarding that summary. Sign the letter…
Thank you for your time.

                  In ink

Or you could have an attorney write the letter for you since they speak and write legalese. I don’t know how much it costs. Good luck.


Quite a few years ago I was having a very bad year. Single mom of a 3 & 4 year old special needs kids. During this very bad year I was homeless, driving an illegal car & catching tickets left & right. Just struggling. I made a mistake and met a guy through POF and ended up drugged, date raped, and robbed of all the money I had in my purse. A week after I had a court date to take care of a good portion of the tickets but I knew I couldn’t get up in front of the whole municipal court room (tons of people would be there) and say out loud what had happened and why I didn’t have any money. So I wrote a letter. (1 rough draft and a final edited, cleaned up version). The judge was very understanding and discreet.
Be concise. Include any case #'s and investigators information if there were ever any kind of formal charges, or hospital bills or anything official to back up your claims. At the end thank the recipient for their time.

Write it out as it comes to your head then go back and slowly edit it, I’d start by witting the 7 reasons then detailing them and go from tehre

A lawyer. Filing the correct papers that need to be filed with the letter attached. Also look at your states laws on this. In indiana. You have to be married so the child can be legally adopted. And the parent has to have pretty much abandoned the child. So its no forms of attempt of contact with in a year.

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You need to have a lawyer do this. It’s not an easy thing to do. Lots of loop holes which you may not know anything about but the lawyer will know. A judge probably will ignore a letter because he will expect a lawyer to handle it. It will be costly.


If he terminated his rights you get no child support. Some day he will live to regret it big time. I wouldn’t do it


Your best bet is to hire a lawyer. Usually the person with the lawyer will win no matter what the situation. Your lawyer could write a letter to the courts using your notes that would have less holes for his lawyer to use against you.


Go to the law library at the clerk of court’s office, ask the pro Se coordinator for help

I would invest in your own lawyer.

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Get a Lawyer with Family/child custody EXPERIENCE! They will know the laws/rights where you live. They will write up your letter. I know they can be expensive, but even my lawyer friends hire a family law attorney to deal with divorce…they Do Not represent themselves!!!


My husband and I recently petitioned the courts to terminate the rights of the biological father for my youngest two children so that my husband could adopt them. We didn’t use a lawyer, we self filed the motion. You want to keep the letter very formal, and very specific, no more than a page in length. The process will go a lot faster if the biological father consents to terminate his rights as well.

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There’s never in kids interest to terminate his parent out of his life.

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Lawyer always however state facts not feelings