How should my sister get rid of her childs diapers with no trash service?

What parents do with disposable diapers that live out in the country and don’t have trash service? My sister is pregnant and lives way out where trash services are not offered. She, not pro cloth diapers, so we are trying to figure out how she can get rid of the diapers, since they typically burn their trash and diapers don’t burn.


Usually most counties have a dump they should be able to take them to

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DYPER is a company that delivers disposable diapers to you monthly, for an extra fee they’ll send you a box to keep dirty diapers in and they’ll dispose of them for you.


Diaper genie? Then when it’s full go to the dump.


Pay to take trash to town, usually it’s like $10 or so to be able to take trash to the town dumpsters.

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That is weird. We have burned ours. But try the dump?

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Compostable diapers seventh generation


I’ve burned my grandmas. Theyll burn.


If you live in the country just burn them in a burn barrel

Dump the inside into the toilet and flush

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Diapers def burn, that said take them to the dump in town and temp place them in a large bucket outside with a lid until they can go to town.

She should be taking the diapers and all the rest of her trash to the dump.


She has to call around and find a trash service.
We live in the country and dont get trash service through the city we had to find an independent trash company.
It’s like $65 for 3 months


As for diapers, I put poop ones in a small.plastic bag tie it up and they go in thier own little trash bag in a trash can with a lid in ky laumdry room…when my normal size trash bag in the kitchen is almost full I put that small bag of stinky diapers in, tie it up & take it to the outside trash bin. I take my trash to the dump twice per week.


Take it to the county dump


What does she do with the rest of her trash…


we live in boonies and get service you have to pay

Most places have the option where you can take your own trash to the dump yourself and they charge a really small fee as it’s by weight (usually bulk stuff). Maybe see if there’s someone local to you who also takes their trash and you could go in on it?

I cloth diaper though and honestly it’s not hard or even the gross (you end up washing poop from their clothes and then there’s toddler underwear). Personally I’d rather cloth full time (I live in the city and cloth part time) than make an unnecessary trip which costs money plus the financial cost of the diapers. You’re actually supposed to put the poop from each disposable diaper into the toilet too- it says that on all diaper packages.


Our town offers something called Fast Trash, you can bring your bags of trash during a certain time frame in the weekends and pay a set rate per bag. Maybe her town offers something like that?

Going to have to make a weekly dump run.


I believe she should be taking all their trash to the nearest dump. Thats what everyone does that I know that lives out of town. Thats some harsh pollution, burning trash.


Uhm. A lot of their trash wouldn’t burn. What do they do with that stuff? I’ve lived way out in the middle of nowhere and there is always a garbage company that will service the area. Surely she hasn’t called the right one.

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Cloth. It’s really the easiest solution. It’s not bad either. The only gross part is rinsing the poo out of the diaper. But that’s not nearly as gross as trying to dispose of stinky potty diapers. And hanging on to them till trash haul off or burn day. You would save a small fortune


Throw them in w the rest of the trash and after it burns down take what’s left to the closest dump. Surely diapers aren’t the only trash she has that won’t completely burn. The diapers will burn down To an extent.

Here in SC we drive ours to the dump when you don’t have trash pick up in your area


Get biogradable beaminc baby do these also look on eBay as are others u can get in monthly packa

We don’t have trash service here. We go to the town dump once a week or every other week.

We go to the dump ourselves. Buuuut idk where you live and idk if it’s the same everywhere but it’s illegal to burn trash. Even if it wasn’t illegal, don’t do it. That’s horrible for the environment.

Pretty sure it’s illegal to burn trash and it is HORRIBLE for our environment. Your best bet would be cloth diapers or going to the dump every week.

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Get a dumpster…I live way out to no trash service but I can get a dumpster they come every 2 weeks to empty 100 a month. Or bag your trash and take it to a dump.

Local dump daily. It’s what we do :woman_shrugging:t3:

What does she do with all the other trash?!?

Call the place where the garbage trucks come from, they will allow you to dump your trash for a fee.

Please stop burning trash, and DO NOT burn the diapers, as suggested. I wouldn’t want that burning anywhere near my kids…

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I used to live on a 200 acre farm. The dump closest dump to me had a free dump day. It was the 2nd Saturday every month. You could haul it in yourself every month. Maybe she could check into that

Honestly it would probably be much easier for her to go cloth compared to digging around and finding an alternative to trash pick up.

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Surely there is a county dump, but not sure what to do with them between trips to dispose? Suggestions?

Maybe purchase a trash bin exclusively for diapers and make weekly trips to dispose?

Counties that don’t have pick up service usually public disposal sites. Contact your county government

She can get some trash cans and go to dump to dispose of them. Please do not burn them that is so bad for the air

If water isn’t a problem, I’d go cloth.

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I always put them in a grocery bag on porch. Also take trash to dump a couple times a week

Wash them and use again!!

Diapers will burn with diesel as the fuel. We dont have trash services either and live way out in the country and burn our trash in a ditch on the property. We always wet down around the burn hole and keep water readily available. But they will burn with diesel.

Cant she just bury um?.. I mean isnt that what they do with our trash anyways is bury it somewhere?.. Im sure she would have 2 bury um really deep and probably bury something a few layers of dirt above um 2 cover the smell but i mean its a option…


We live in a rural area and the local landfill offers free trash drop off for all locals, you should call and see if something similar is offered in her area.

We almost got fined a few years back for burning trash. It’s illegal is what we were told. Should be a dump in every county though

There should be a dump or trash disposal site somewhere around where she lives. All of her trash and the diapers should be going there. Either that or she needs to contact the county and ask them what trash options she has. Burning trash is never a good thing.


Its looking more and more like cloth diapers would be a better choice. Unless she wants to get a diaper genie, collect it all in a bin and take it to the dump once a month.

More people I know have a burn barrel. But I don’t think you’d want to burn those

Put them in plastic bags and take them to your local gas station every couple days and throw in the cans by the pumps. I do this with stuff I don’t want to stink up my yard while I wait for trash day.

Modern diapers do burn. It’s not the 90’s anymore.


Get a separate bin outside with a snap on lid and keep it away from your house until you can haul the diapers in… burying them is the dumbest shit ive ever read

We don’t have trash service so we take all our trash to the local dump

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Sounds like she either goes cloth, burns dirty diapers, or makes a trip/few trips a month to the dump.

Burning diapers is really bad for the environment :grimacing: tell her she can take it to the local dump.

I mean, what does she do with her other trash?

Here for the shitstorm


Someone living near you must go into civilization … Take your no burnables there …

Phone the council and ask them what to do…my generation , and those before us, had cloth nappies, minus clothes driers, and we all survived…give it ago…you may be surprised

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Disgusting. Drive ur happy ass to the trash company.

Buck up and use cloth

Every county has a dump site