How should newborns sleep?

Has anyone had issues with their newborn sleeping on a flat surface? My 1 month old daughter will only sleep in her pack n play for about an hour and then wake up fussy. She won’t be hungry or have a dirty diaper when she wakes. I swaddle her. I’ve let her fall asleep with a pacifier in there. I’ve let her fall asleep in my arms and then put her back in the pack n play, but nothing works. Still only get about an hour. She’ll sleep on my chest for 3-4 no problem but I don’t want to get her in the habit of sleeping on my chest.
Need advice on other things to do to get her to sleep.


Swaddle her. She’s probably being woke up by her startle reflex

Sounds like colic almost…

My 1 month old likes to sleep on her stomach if i put her on her back she wakes up but on her stomach she is sound asleep… She also rolls already i was suprised! But of course i dont let her stay on her stomach all night and i put her on her back so she can sleep.


Pad the pack and play. My kids always hated them. Get a mini crib mattress, itll fit in the pack n play and shell probably sleep much better.

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It’s possible that the mat is causing discomfort since the padding is so thin. We got a padded cover to go over the mat and our daughter slept much better in it when we used it for travel.

4th trimester. You are her safe zone. We ended up buying a sleeping bag with a padded base. She was swaddled then placed in it. I did the last feed and she would fall asleep in it. Then layed her down in that. So when she moved in her sleep it felt the same and she wouldn’t realize that she wasn’t in my arms anymore.


If she sleeps in a crib, but a towel or something under the mattress to lift one end up. It’s kinda like a pillow but not really

Get her a wedge to go under the mattress or give her a firm pillow. All she wants is to be elevated.

Sometimes if the child wakes up from sleeping on a flat surface it could be acid reflux- talk to the dr about it

I had problems with my newborn sleeping in his crib. I warm it up with a heating pad before I put him in and he sleeps fine. He would only want to sleep on my chest, I think going from my warm belly for feedings then to his crib startled him and made getting settled again too uncomfortable. Try this! He will sleep everywhere except his crib unless it’s warmed up First!

Try a crib… maybe the pack and play is uncomfortable

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I used this for my daughter because she had a little bit of reflux but she also hated sleeping anywhere flat and it helped her alot

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Most little ones are like that. Give it time. My kiddos have all liked sleeping in their swings untill they grew out of the swing.

Crib with a heartbeat sound.