How soon after losing your mucus plug did you go into labor?

How soon after losing your mucus plug did you go into labor? I have lost soooo much today but still feel like labor isnt near…i am 40 weeks…


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How soon after losing your mucus plug did you go into labor?

Almost immediately and had her about 12 hours later.

I only lost mine with my first ( I have four ) lost bits and pieces of it from 20 weeks up til delivery at 41 weeks.

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My water broke 2 weeks before I lost my plug.

I lost it and went into labor directly after every woman is different.

3 days. But it can vary for everyone. Mine happened to be after a car wreck though which could have made a difference

Lost mine 3 weeks before I was induced!!

You can lose it over n over n over

I didn’t. had to get induced

I lost mine at 830 pm and by 12:11 am she was born

I was induced each time by choice

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After Mucus plug Went to my Dr around 1pm came back home walk around then shower and went to the hospital at 4pm had my son at 8:16pm

As soon as my plug popped, my water broke. Went hospital, but no labor pain. I then had a C/S

I never lost mine either pregnancy and my water didn’t break either. The doc had to use basically a knitting needle to break it.

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It can always regenerate. It’s not a sign labor is around the corner, but it does usually mean your starting to dilate.

I had to be induced due to my water leaking for 3 days if your not feeling any contractions or pain your fine

I lost it 3 times starting at 28 weeks. Didnt go into labor

Mucus plug gone around 11am had my daughter 7.53pm the same evening had contractions from around 4pm x

Don’t look to the plug for signs. It grows right back.

I lost mine in pieces and still never went into labor. I was told that the mucus plug is not an indicator of labor and it can regrow. I have 6 living 2 angels. I’ve been induced 4 times 2 csections and only 1 I went into my own labor with. But out of all those wee ones I’ve never seen my bloody show. And I usually go over due if baby isn’t forced out. I’ve had 2 placenta abruptions, both are my angels.

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I lost mine then an hour later contractions started.

My water broke 2 hours after I lost mine with my first child. Was induced with the other 2.

Mine was a cpl days after and if ur that far along and still no contractions I would see about being in duced. Sorry your probably miserable by now. I know I was at 36 wks.

With my first born I lost it the day before(really probably only 10-12 hours before) and I was in labor for 27.5 hours, but I was already in labor with my second child when I lost it.

However, my second child was born less than an hour after I started having contractions and I barely made it to the hospital.

I would call your doctor and see if she/he wants you to get checked. Even if the office is closed today the doctor on call at the hospital (in labor and delivery) can check you.

Also, Best of luck :heart:

This could vary person to person. Fyi.FYI…

I didn’t lose it with my first, but I did with my second and still didn’t even go into full labor until 3 weeks later. I lost my plug and was stuck at 3cm with no more progress for 3 weeks lol.

Never lost it for my first. And lost it about 3-4weeks before with my second.

My son was due on 23rd December and I had a sweep on the 29th, lost my plug that night and my water broke just before we sat down to our new years dinner, waited until we had pudding before I told my husband then had a coffee before phoning the hospital :joy: he was born about 2 hours later and he nearly made his entrance in the back of my father in law’s car on the way there :joy::joy:

Lost it all day on a Sunday, went into labour early Monday like 2 am

When your water breaks get to the hospital.

For me I had my son at 39 weeks and 4 days. I lost my plug that day and by evening/night I was in labor.

Never lost mine but even after my broke I didn’t know I was in labor and just thought I peed myself bc I never had contractions and had to have a c-section

Few days after up to a week xx

My water broke 3 days later but I 8 weeks early

My first was was delivered 4 hrs and 50 minutes later.

My 2nd was also 4hrs and 55 minutes later. My 3r was longest

Since you are past due-ish. I would say maybe within 24 hrs. I lost mucus plug morning of the 15th, and I was 3 cm dilated. But I was 41 weeks 1 day, so they broke my water.

The plug really isn’t a sign, it can grow back. But being 40 weeks I’d say time is coming.

There is no exact answer. Sometimes a week and sometimes within 24 hrs or less

Early labor started that night unbeknownst to me(had horrible back pain which turned out to be back labor) I also got my bloody show at the same time. Active labor started around 1pm the next day(water broke as soon as I got to the hospital)

I was in active labor with my 3rd and did not know it thought I was just uncomfortable

With my 3rd I lost the plug the day b4.

Um…. I lost my mucus plug on one of seven pregnancies in week 25. It can help it doesn’t mean anything
You wanna go into labor pay on your back and ma;&/&:@;/“/te

I lost mine almost 5 weeks ago and still very pregnant :rofl: I’ve been 1 cm for almost 5 wks & this is my 3rd pregnancy. Also I did not know mucas plug and bloody show are two different thing’s​:upside_down_face:

I didn’t :grimacing:lost it multiple times with 2 babies!

My 1st pregnancy he was preemie and I never saw it. My 2nd I lost it the day of 3rd I kept losing pieces of it a couple days before up until I went into labor

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I was already in active labor every time.

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I didn’t lose my mucus plug that I know of but I lost almost all of my amniotic fluid and still didn’t go into labor on my own. Everyone’s body is different! I’ve had 4 kids all were different but I never went into labor myself I had to be induced. My kids were born at 39, 37, 41 and 38 weeks

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31 weeks had her 34. 38 weeks bled 4 days induced at 39. Now 2cm at 31 weeks and still nothing else which is good!

1-that same morning about 30 minutes later
2-that night about 16 hours later

All 4 of mine when it came away I had them that same day/night.

Like 2 months.
Mucus plugs regenerate. Losing one isn’t a sign labor is near.

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Never lost mine all 3 were C-section

I don’t ever remember losing my micas plug with either one of my kids :woman_shrugging:

3 months I lost mine like 4 damn times had be induced

I never lost mine with any of my kids.

It’ll come when it’s ready, just enjoy the time relaxing. Soon you will be up every few hours

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