How soon can you get pregnant again after a c-section?

I want to have another baby. My son was born almost ten months ago via emergency c-section. I’m wondering if any other mothers have gotten pregnant this soon after an emergency c-section and how the pregnancy was for them, and their experiences.


Never had a c-section. Sure it’s possible with no complications, but all I picture is that unhealed scar tissue stretching out as your baby grows, and that in itself sounds painful


They say to wait at least a year before getting pregnant for your body to fully heal, but I know plenty of people who have got pregnant sooner, I know one person who got pregnant too soon, and she was hospitalised due to her previous c section wound opening up.

Recommend 12-18 months

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I would wait a couple of years I had to have emergency C-section due to baby rip open scar from inside almost both of our life’s

Recommended where I live by our obs is 18-24 months they prefer 24mths though

Its always best to talk with your health care providers though


Drs. do recommend waiting a minimum of 12 months before getting pregnant again after a c-section.
I had to have one with my 1st and I’m having another one on the 12th.
They keep trying to push birth control on me because they don’t want me getting pregnant again too soon.

I was recommended 18 months. They said by then my body would be fully healed. I was told if you get pregnant too soon after a c-section it can cause complications through out the pregnancy

I had a C-section… 11 weeks later got pregnant with our second… another C-section… all was well with me, the pregnancy, the delivery… lol

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I got pregnant with my second when my oldest was 10 months then when my second was about 4-5 months I got pregnant again all csections my 3rd csection was probably the worst but I got my tubes tied during and had to have a D&c not even 8 hours after later cause of complications

I got pregnant 5 months after an emergency csection and I was completely fine had no problems

So far great . 2 months 2 go

I had an emergency c-section with my son and got pregnant again when he was 18ish months.
The only thing I found that make this pregnancy hard is my c-section scar is more numb and itchy than ever before, and the stretching of my stomach is quiet uncomfy. Other than that I’ve had a pretty okay pregnancy.

My children are Irish twins. My daughter was an emergency c-section, but due to the potential risks, a vbac was not wise, due to not being properly healed. The safest time frame is at least 18 months from c-section to vbac. My son was an elective c-section due to the shorter time frame between my last one.

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My boys are 13 months apart… c-sections with both, never had any issues

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18-24 months between due dates. So my daughters 11 months and I’m pregnant by the time I give birth to this baby she’ll be 19 months and ill be able to try a VBAC

My baby’s were both c section and they r born a year and 5 days apart

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My older two are 17 months apart. First was emergency c-section, second was a planned c-section :slightly_smiling_face:

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Give body time to heal and repair. To correctly get over procedure a second time. You need to give approx 24-36 mths for skin to repair from last one. Quicker you have baby, less time for skin to thicken up around scar and risk of extra scar tissue etc


I was told 3 years after my csection from my surgeons … I was told to make sure I healed properly (due to my scar tissue).
But I think it’s recommended over 2 years. But I waited til after 3 like I was told to


My daughter was 11 months old when I got pregnant again. No issues

It’s tricky because your body needs time to heal as c-sections are major surgery! I was advised to wait at least a year after my c-section to get pregnant but ideally waiting 2 years between c-sections is best! Speak with your doctor and Good luck


Takes time for those major muscles to heal up correctly please talk to your dr

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I had a emergency c-section with my first son and I got pregnant with my youngest son five months later everything went great but I had to have another c-section

It depends on your body , not everyone’s body is the same as yours… in my experience it took me almost a year for my first csection to completely close and my other two closed normal time like they’re supposed to but I wanted to actually wait and let my body completely heal so mine are years apart, I have a 19, 15, and a 6 year old

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I had a little girl almost a year ago. that was my second c-section. My dr said wait until 18 month to get pregnant, they will allow enough time to heal properly. I know women that have had several year after year.


They say 6 months at the earliest, 12 months is recommended. 18 to 20 months if you want a VBAC.

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After my first I was pregnant 7 weeks later. Had another c section and was fine.

All 3 of mine were c section…I was pregnant 4 months after my first then 9 month after my second…but was really really poorly after my third c section,I couldn’t even walk up the stairs x

My first 2 were born 13 month apart. And I had my 4th c section last February and am currently 22 weeks pregnant

Yes 7 weeks after mine

I got pregnant with my twin boys around New years and I had my daughter the March before. I’ve had all c sections (3). Being that was pregnant with twins it was rough but beside that fact I was fine

My doctor said 18-24 months.

I have 2 c section babies 14 months apart all was fine. X

My babies are 18 months apart my first was a c section and my second a v bac! During my second pregnancy I felt a lot of pressure on my scar so I always wore a support band! I healed quicker with my c section than I did with my v bac!!

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As soon as you lay down and open those legs again :joy::rofl:


I found out i were pregnant with my second child just 8months after my emergency C-section,he were born when my oldest were 16 months. I “felt” pregnant much sooner second time around but apart from that everything were fine. Can be because my second one were so tall aswell 61cm at birth🙈 Birth weight were the same 3.8kg.

Enjoy your son first. With Another baby its zo hard. Hé is So young

It takes your body about 12-18 months to heal, so after I had my first baby through c section I then had a 2 year gap and went on to have my second baby through c section, so I would say try to wait 12 to 18 months before you try for another one :heart:

My son was july and my youngest was December of the next year

I became pregnant again 7 months after my 2nd child was delivered by C-Section, and it seems that Doctors prefer to cut You back open than to allow a natural birth

After my first emergency cesarean, I got pregnant 10 months later. After my 2nd cesarean, I got pregnant 8 months later. My incision took a little bit longer to heal that 3rd time, but no other complications.

I was 3 months after

They say wait a year so the scar tissue heals but people are fine if it happens before

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I had my baygirl Jan 2016 via csection and got pregnant June 2016 with my son and had him in March 2017. Pregnancy was smooth and delivery was smooth, just took a bit longer to recover from the 2nd csection.

I got pregnant with my 6 month old a year after my oldest & I ended up having a c-section with him but I was told I can’t have another baby till my youngest is at least 2 . I had issues with my first scar but my second scar is perfectly fine :slight_smile:

My boys are 1 years apart…my 2nd and 3rd c sections

I had a c-section with my first and got pregnant when he was 8 months old , both c sections. I was wayyy more sore the second time and it took me longer to heal

My first 2 c-section babies are 18mos apart.

My midwife advised me to wait 2 years… apparently it takes 18months for the area to heal properly, I had my first csection nearly 7 months ago now, I know people who have had one straight away but I have big babies ( I’ve had 2, 10lb 8!) so I guess it depends on if you had complications or a big baby… :woman_shrugging:

My first two are only 14 months apart. I had 3 kids in 3 years all by c section.

Doctors suggest waiting for 18 months after c section

I was pregnant 8 months later from c-section.My boys 16 months apart.2 different pregnancies both c-sections.Great pregnancies worked till the end with both.

I got pregnant 2 months after my c section. (My 3rd csection first 2 are 18 months apart,7 years ago ) I’m almost 5 months pregnant and my baby is 7 months old. They don’t recommend to have them so soon, they say it’s best to wait 2 years but everything seems to be going fine. :blush:🤷‍♀

I had 3 planned c-sections. My kids are 23 months apart and 22 months apart. I didn’t have any issues with pregnancy or recovery afterwards.

I got pregnant when my son was a year old! Seems to be going fine so far :sweat_smile:

I got pregnant 4 weeks after my first C-Section & had another c-section 9 months later.

I was pregnant again just under a year after.
But, if you haven’t had a successfully vaginal delivery before, you will have to have a csection. Some drs won’t even try unless it’s been 2 years since having the surgery, even if you had a successfully vaginal before.

My doctor recommended 12 to 18 months for me, but I think it can vary, depending on your body.

My doctor told me the prefer 18 months in between just so youve reached full healing but I know girls who got pregnant with thier second 2 months after thier first c-section . I personally waitied the full length of time also depending on your doctor if you wait the full lengthof time you may not need a second c section because i was eligible for vbac i just chose not to due to my first experience with shoulder dysplasia.

My son was born via emergency c-section. He just turned one and I am currently 7 months pregnant and have a c-section scheduled. They will be 15 months apart. My doctor said they recommend 18 months between c-sections.

I waited 4 months before getting pregnant again. It was an oops. No problem though

Mine are 21 months apart, and my second was by far better than the first

It’s recommended to wait 18 months from birth to conception. You need time to fully heal. Check the March of dimes website.

My boys are both csection and 14 months apart

I got pregnant when my first was nine months old and have due to have my second next month, I saw someone mentioned that you can’t deliver naturally if you weren’t able too with your first but my doctor has still given me the option to try vaginal delivery but I’m much more comfortable with the thought of a section.

I just had our son July 3rd… I’m currently 22 weeks pregnant … we are pregnant with another boy . He will be here june 25th … which would make about 11 months apart lol … so it can literally happen fast


I believe they say 18 months to lessen your chance of complications but your doctor knows your medical history better than a group of online strangers so I would advise you to talk to your doctor about this

I got pregnant with my second child 8 months after my first emergency c section. I was given the choice to do vaginal delivery but I chose to have another c section. My uterus was thin and probably would have ruptured if I had given birth naturally. But since I had a c section, everything went smoothly. Definitely better than the first.

The recommendation right now is 18 months if you wish to try for VBAC!

You’re supposed to wait 24 months for a c- section, 18 months for a vaginal birth

I became pregnant with my second just 9 months after my first was delivered via c-section. No issues or complications… that was 14 years ago at 25 though, lol.

My son was 9 months when I got pregnant again. I had a natural delivery the second time after an emergency CS the first time.

I got pregnant 3 months after my C-section, just had my little guy yesterday, it is doable but it’s hard.

I had an emergency c-section with my daughter due to a placental abruption. I ended up pregnant with my son 6 months later. Luckily everything with the pregnancy was fine, however we did end up with a repeat c-section.

I got pregnant after 6 months after my csection

My son’s are 11 months apart both were c-sections

5th c-section in Aug. My kids are 11, 8, 4 and 2
8, 4 and 2 i was on BC lol it got easier with each little

My first was 8-9 months old when i got pregnant with my second, i didn’t have any issues at all no pain in my scar or anything like that and i was still offered the opportunity to try for a vbac although i opted for an elective c section

I had a surrogate baby in January last year. I found out in June that I was 5 weeks pregnant.

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They recommend 18 to 24 months. You had a major surgery on top of delivering a baby. Definitely want to give your body time so you have no complications

Women get pregnant much earlier than ten months after a csection. It happens everyday. It’s recommended to wait 12-18 months. You will probably need another csection depending on the reason for the first one.

My OB said at least 2 years :grimacing:

I had my daughter in December 2019 fell pregnant again around August 2020 now expecting my son in April 21 lol pregnancy is going fine ! Exciting :sparkling_heart:

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I had given birth eight months earlier from a csection when I got pregnant with my second, who also ended up being a csection. My third csection was this past year, nearly seven years later. I always heard how much easier it was with more time in between, but for me that wasn’t the case. This time was so much harder on my body.

I got pregnant with twins a moth after having my son via c section. No complications and I wasn’t high risk

I had an emergency c-section in March 2012 and another in June 2013.

I had emergency c-section and delivered my 2nd 10 months later…

My doctor told me you should wait min of 6 months

I got pregnant six months after and everything was fine. It was by accident of course.

You should always wait AT LEAST the amount of time you were pregnant for before getting pregnant again. I would say a year just to be safe though.