How soon can you tell you are pregnant?

So mamas I have a question. For the ones who planned a pregnancy, how long did it take afterwards before you knew you were actually pregnant ?

7 days after sex, I knew right away we were pregnant. I started to get symptoms very quickly

I was between 3-4 weeks

One try, found out at 3 1/2 weeks. I’ve never had to be on birth control because my cycle was VERY regular my whole life. I am definitely a lucky one. I know if you are on birth control and stopping it can take a while though! Just don’t stress and have fun trying to get pregnant! With my MIL she didn’t think she could have children so she adopted my husband, when she stopped stressing about having a child, she was blessed with two bio sons! Just give it time and patience :slightly_smiling_face:

10 days, but I already had a feeling because my nips hurt so bad.

we tried for 4 months, I knew within three weeks because my lower stomach felt tighter and it hurt to do certain stretches

About 12 days had a couple faint lines then did a digital a couple days later x

I planned to get pregnant for 5 years. I never did. We stopped trying. We were taking a break. One day I started thinking, “My boobs hurt. When was my last period?” After some serious thinking, I determined my last period had been about 6 weeks prior. And then, 34 weeks later my baby came.

Started trying in Sept, fell pregnant in Jan, found out the day before my missed period

Lol like 6 days. I got symptoms really early

3 weeks. I was tracking everything (bbt, ovulation, period, etc) so I knew before a home test.

If you know when you ovulated, you can track pretty easily. I had implantation cramping 7days after I ovulated so I knew then. I took a test 11days after ovulation and had faint lines and the digital said yes!

It will happen when your body is ready and when god says it’s your time.

About 2 weeks due to I was seeing a fertility specialist… took over a year to get pregnant

4 years! I have PCOS and conceiving was tricky. Good luck to you :relaxed:

With my son it took about 5/6 months of trying and I found out the day after my missed period.(but was super emotional a couple days before that and just had a gut feeling) With my current pregnancy it was more of a surprise bc we had only had sex once around my ovulation so I didn’t test until I missed my period.

with this one I found out at 5 weeks We stop having sex the last time we actually tried I guess after We gave up because we were having issues in our relationship my body was like HA yall thought lol

We tried for a week. I knew when I got pregnant. I wait specifically for 2 weeks to take a test. It was positive, as I knew it would be. :blush:

I knew the day I had missed my period, but i had been sort of tracking my ovulation and what not. Sooo i knew when to give it a try and when to expect a positive test.

I was 7 weeks B4 I knew