How soon is too soon to move on after a divorce?

How did you know you were ready to move on with someone else after getting a divorce? How soon is to soon?

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Way to go kiddo. As usual you done good

It’s time to move on when you feel you’re ready to move on. There is no set timeline. Everyone is different.

I feel like if you’re at the point of being divorced, and it’s in the process or done, one of the parties has probably checked out of the relationship long before. It’s really whatever that person is comfortable with.


I was checked out of my 1st marriage before divorce ever happened. I was with my now current husband before the divorce. Been together 20 years…

As soon as the relationship is over.

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My suggestion is take time. Why rush. Quick rebounds generally aren’t good. Just let things take it’s course.

my fiancé mentally checked out of his marriage years ago. We met & when things started to get serious is when he decided to leave the home he shared with his now ex. we were together a year and a half before he started the divorce process . we are getting married next month.

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Gosh girl I was so checked out of my relationship that it took me 5 days. It was a friend I made while the dude I was with was to focused on his coworker :yawning_face:

I think it’s always wise to take a year just to be with yourself, find or re-kindle your passions, reassess your life, reconnect with people who are or were important to you. Don’t jump into dating.

Analyze what went wrong, what you’d do differently, what you want to look for in a partner, what you don’t want, what your boundaries are, and just sit with and analyze yourself for 12 months. Enjoy time with family and friends.

If you accidentally meet someone, take it slowly. Rebounding is usually not a good thing.

Be sure you can afford to live and function independently without a man first. Always have enough money socked away that you can afford to leave and pay a good lawyer.

There is no definitive answer to this. Each person has a different time line for moving on. I personally had moved into a different bedroom and emotionally checked out months (almost a year) before divorce finalized. I started seeing my best friend fairly quickly after moving out but didn’t marry for year and half after. My ex remarried 3 months after divorce finalized 8 months after I moved out even though he was still actively trying to get me to come back for the months after I moved out.

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Before the divorce was final :rofl: immediately is fine, clearly it’s time to move on if you’re divorced

I would wait 6 months to a year, , do you really want to move on with a relationship. Or are you just lonely.


Only you know the answer to that. But I would still give yourself time to be with yourself first and be happy before you look for a partner again


Don’t let anyone’s opinion sway you. You’ll know when you’re ready. That time is different for everyone.

Why you divorced and if you feel strong love for another they do same took me 4 yrs

At least 6 months to a yr why it ended and how long u were in love so much to it

You are divorced. You do whatever the hell you want as soon as you want and don’t worry about what a soul thinks period