How to announce pregnancy?

How do you bring up being pregnant to someone new you’re talking to i don’t want to be judged


Like talking to as in trying to start a relationship with?

I think it should be disclosed immediately otherwise it’s kinda of manipulative/shady.


Just be honest. Say hey, before this relationship goes any further… i have something to tell you.


If it bothers them they are not worth your time​:heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation: So save yourself time by telling them now


My now husband and I got together when I was pregnant with my 4yo.
I think he heard it through someone else. But by the time we got serious I was showing.
I never kept it a secret

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Tell them! If u end up really liking this person your not going to be able to hide it anyways

Just tell him if its an issue you know he isn’t the one. Don’t tip toe around just say look before this goes furthur you should know I am pregnant.

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Like trying to start a relationship with?? Girl if I was you I would just focus on you and that baby. Brining a guy in the picture is just complicated he will try and play daddy when he isn’t the dad if y’all get in the relationship and break up it’ll be complicated just don’t do it.


I told them about my 3 an then was just should probably let you know I am pregnant with a 4th

It may be a blessing just tell him and if he bolts fine. I was five months pregnant when I fell in love again and he was very much a good man to me. It all depends on the man, if it’s meant to be he’ll stay


Just tell them straight up that you dont wanna start off on the wrong foot and believe they should know that your currently pregnant! If the person judges you they arent right for you in the first place and better to put it out there before things turn serious so that theres nothing hiding in the corner and if they arent ready for a relationship where kids will be involved they know from the get go and have the choice to stay or go before feelings are caught!

Eh judge me all you want. Pregnancy is 9 months! Not only are you about to become a hormonal roller coaster; but you are about to become a mother :roll_eyes: only my thoughts; but I think you have your priorities mixed up.


Just like you just said… Say that…

Tell them you’re pregnant. And sooner rather than later so they can decide if this is something they want to pursue.

You needs to tell him asap. It’s not fair to him if you dont and he gets feelings for you and may not want to be involved with someone who is pregnant with another man’s child. If he stays then good for you. I also think that you should not be worried about dating right now. You should be focused on becoming a Mom and take this time to get everything ready for baby. That is obviously your choice though. I just feel like it could get messy. Good luck with everything


I’d just be like “are you okay with people that already have kids” and go from there.

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If thier your friend they wont care.

Never keep it a secret‼️
That should be one of the first things mentioned when you first start talking


Girl you just go around getting pregnant and not even showing yet you’re jumping into another possible relationship? That’s bizarre take care of yourself and your baby.


Lol it’s gonna show eventually, just be honest

Tf. Focus on you and your unborn baby. Stop trying to “talk” to someone
Pull your shit together.
Clearly you made a shit decision and got knocked up. Don’t make more shit decisions.

It isn’t like you are saying you hate their favorite songs… this is a baby. Kind of a humungous thing… be straight up about it.

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I met my current relationship…we met…and wasnt really interested in a relationship…but he kept being persistent…in the 2 weeks i sorta blew him off found out i was 15 weeks pregnant…thought it would be a deal breaker…but his response was sweet and made it easier to be willing to consider a relationship…i just told him that i was pregnant but was really stressed due to having a 7month old and a 3 yr old and just leaving a very abusive relationship…i honestly told him thinking he would loose his interest…be honest…be open…its not like you can hide it.

Honestly its no one’s business. If you see some kind of future with this person I’d tell them for sure but if it’s just someone your talking to I wouldn’t even bother at all

I always kept it real but I wasn’t ever really “looking” while I was preggo. Too much going on in my life, way too much drama not being with the father being all hormonal

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I think you should focus on yourself and baby don’t worry about trying to be in a relationship.


Obviously the first one didn’t work out so I will just try focusing on you and your baby.

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Shit I told a guy that I liked I was pregnant than fast forward 5yrs later we have a kid together and another one on the way. I mean we went on a few dates before that.

If an A Hole is gonna judge you then he most definitely wont be good for you and a new baby period. I’d throw it out there and he will accept it or kick rocks.

Focus on yourself and your baby .

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I told my ex and he was very accepting

If u are talking to someone with the potential of a relationship than he has every right to know… NOW, before it goes any further

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I wouldn’t date anyone when I was pregnant. Ick.

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Why would you be judged?

Be honest and tell him. Seriously, if he’s going to judge you, it probably isn’t going to work out anyway.