How to baby to sleep through the night?

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I would like some advice on this. I have a 2 1/2 year old boy who will only sleep in his bed for half the night at best. He comes downstairs about 2am every night crying, and crawls in my bed. I have had shared custody with his father since February. Before that he was doing very well in his own bed. At his father’s he doesn’t have his own room or a bed. I have offered to buy one, but his father says there isn’t any room. Any tips on how to get him back to his bed?


He has to have his own bed and CPS (child protective services) requires it!


My son is 4 and still does this at some point during the night and we have never co slept however my husband and I work opposite nights so it’s only either one of us home every night. Very rarely he will stay the whole night in his bed. I just figure there will come a day when he grows out of it and let him do 🤷

My daughter is 4 and has the same issue I have minimal parent time with her dad so shes with me majority of the time I’ll get her on a routine then she goes over there and she doesn’t have her own bed there then suddenly comes home constantly coming out for random things idk how to fix it either

FTM due June 18, so I can only tell you how I would approach this, but I don’t have experience.

When he comes in, I would take him walk him back to his bed, stay with him til he fell asleep, and I would do this each time he does it. Also, I would personally consider a baby monitor, a security blanket or stuffed animal. Maybe if you use a couple of security blankets and sleep with them before he cuddles them, your scent will calm him and help him sleep through the night.

Also, if your home and doors aren’t baby proofed, I would get right on that because there are so many stories about toddlers getting out and getting lost.

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Just enjoy him. It’s only gonna happen for a few more years til he wants barely anything to do with y’all… enjoy him being a baby and wanting to share a bed every so often, no harm in it!


Take him by the hand lead him back to his bed Everytime, don’t say anything to him, just lead him back to bed, put his blanket on him and walk out. It will take a few times but it will work as long as you are consistent.

My son comes into the livingroom every night and ends up sleeping on the couch…and he has mom and dad here…its just a thing. Don’t stress…

Get up and put him back in his bed and keep doing so…consistency is key…once he knows he won’t get away with it at your house he won’t keep trying…kids know what they can and can’t get away with people they are close to

My daughter does same thing. They just want to be close. I snuggle with her until she goes to sleep