How to be comfortable in my own body?

I’m 20 yrs old I have an almost 2 yr old daughter and I just dont feel comfortable. I used to be in really good shape but after I had my daughter I never lost the baby weight. The thing is I eat really healthy mostly greens and fruits and veggies and I drink plenty of water. I wake up every morning and do 30 min workout. I run a day care in my home so spend my day on my feet always on the move bending over lifting babies just always moving. Plus I take my daughter for walks in the evening when it’s nice out. I have spoken to my doc she did a thyroid test which came back fine. So I dont understand what the problem is. I weigh 170 sometimes it will go up 175 and then back down to 170 but never below that. Has anyone gone through this? Any suggestions? What am I doing wrong?


How tall are you? Are you big boned? How does your biological family carry their weight?

you need to eat more lean protien

If your on birth control that could be causing a big impact. As soon as I got off birthconteol I lost all my baby weight and was back down to 118 (high school weight) before I got pregnant with this baby.

I use portion control containers and it has helped me lose 11 pounds in 2 weeks, no exercise. It’s from 21 day fix. I follow the program except the workouts. Losing weight is just 80% diet. I have a long road ahead of me but as long as I stick to the portion control containers and meal prep, I will be successful.

Are you retaining fluids?

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If you’re on medications like anti depressants or birth control, it can also make it a lot harder to lose weight. Maybe seek a trainer and change your workout approach.

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You can ask the doctor to recheck your thyroid. Ask for a more in deep test. Sometimes the regular one don’t catch it.

I take plexus slim, biocleanse, and probio5. I have gone down about 2 inches since February and that’s with minimal exercise. I have thyroid issues and this has helped me.

Something changes when we give birth. I’ve been through the same at my heaviest now. You live a healthy life so dint worry about the weight. It will come off. I’m now trying keto lifestyle and its helping.

Same. I have a weight loss app on my phone. I log every bite and drink I take. According to the app I should be losing around 4 pounds a week because I eat very healthy food. Mostly protein and vegetables. I lose nothing. No thyroid problems. I just don’t lose weight.

Keto diet might help. Or maybe cut fruit in half it has lots of calories and carbs.

Lipo b shot. It’s a vitamin shot that helps your metabolism along with other things . Combined with a low calorie diet and workout I’ve lost 40lbs since Feb 1st . Talk to your doctor. It has been worth it for me. It is not a cure all but If your doing everything your saying it should help boost your metabolism.

There is a good chance they didn’t do a full thyroid panel.
They often only check 1 part and if you’re actually having thyroid issues , that 1 can come back normal (several can,actually) and so it’s REALLY important to do the FULL thyroid panel and most doctors won’t do it unless you directly ask or that 1st one comes back elevated (which it rarely does until your thyroid is almost in crisis)

If you’re on medications like anti depressants or birth control, it can also make it a lot harder to lose weight. Maybe seek a trainer and change your workout approach.

When I drink only water I can lose weight

Drink apple cider vinegar and look it up on YouTube