How to break thumb sucking?

My youngest daughter is 3 years old and has been sucking her thumb since I was pregnant ( I have ultrasounds of it ) at what age should she stop doing it and how do I break her of it ? I’m afraid it’ll ruin her teeth . TIA


My cousin is 26 years old and she still sucks her thumb… she sucks it raw.

Yesterday. Use the nail polish that makes her nails taste yucky… Maybe

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They do grow out of it in their own time. I have a 14 yr old son and he stopped about a year ago. He was sucking his ring finger from the time he knew what fingers were in the womb

I know a grown man who sucks his thumb at night.


My 1 year old also been doing it since i was pregnant i try to give him the dummy to help him forget the thumb and ur baby is 3 so she still has milk teeth so try to wean her off now before the other teeth start coming in

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When shes ready wont do any harm.

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Sooner you get her to stop the better. still catch my 12 year old doing it sometimes and she is not allowed to do it, but man if they start at birth it can be soooooooo hard to get them to stop.


My daughter is 8 and still does it! I’ve tried the spicy polish on the nails and it didn’t even bother her.


Leave her be. She will stop someday. You can distract her occasionally quietly and with kindness. Please do not push her about it. :cherry_blossom:let her outgrow it at her own pace

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Non toxic nail polish remover did the trick for me

My daughter stopped when she was 8 my sister was 14 and there is not really anyway to stop it they will just suck of the nasty or hot stuff you put on them

Get on that ASAP. My mom paid a lot of money for braces because of my thumb sucking habit, lasted until I was 13ish I think. Don’t let it go on, the longer you do the worse it will be for both you you lol

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My son just turned 4 and still does it. Not as much only when he is tired or watching tv. I’m hoping he’ll grow out of it because he is doing it less and less. I told him that big boys don’t suck their thumbs and that babies only do it. Now he is big enough to kinda understand

My youngest two sucked their thumbs FOREVER. They did finally grow out of it, one when she got her braces as a preteen and the other as a teenager. NOTHING worked to break them when they were younger. They did stop during the day for the most part by 4 or 5. But bedtime… thumb was in their mouths

I sucked my thumb at night until I was 18. My first born had a pacifier until she was 6 months and she weened on her own. My 3 month old sucks on her fingers now and wont take a pacifier, eventually I will probably use this too (but not for a couple years) it worked for several of the children I nannied (parents asked me how to get the kids to stop, we all agreed on this before I used it on their children, and only after parents asked me to help)

My little cousin still sucks her thumb shes 16 now but I bought her one of these years ago and it helped while she wore it but she ended up “losing” it

Honestly that’s a hard one, my niece is 9 and still sucks her two middle fingers (mainly to cope when she is upset, or when she is super tired) but they use the nail polish that taste yucky and she’s slowed down on it


I’m 28 and still catch myself doing it!

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My 15mo old son does it. That’s his way of soothing himself…I guess he will stop when hes ready. I have 3 kids neither ever took a binki but he’s the only thumb sucker lol

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My daughter is almost 6 and she still does it. Mostly when she’s tired and sometimes when she’s upset. I haven’t really pushed making her stop either.

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Put germ x on her hands and make her rub it in, it will not taste good when she goes to suck on her thumb. I was still sucking my thumb in my sleep when I was about 12, so I started doing that and eventually I quit.

I’m not proud of this, but I sucked my thumb until I was 16 and my teeth are fine. I didn’t even need braces.

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Leave her. She will stop eventually. Shes only 3. I sucked my thumb til I was about 8 or 9, then just stopped. Nothing my mom did worked. Once people backed off, I stopped on my own. My nephew sucked his fingers…he stopped around 7 or 8 as well.

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She will out grow IT.

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I used a product called thumb it a clear polish you put on them when their sleeping, it dries quickly and it’s just a pepper extract that aids in stopping nail biting and thumb sucking. I found it at Walmart and Walgreens


Then stopped at the age of 13 doctor said it was the way of him comforting himself he’s 15 and still does it every once in awhile

There’s nothing at all wrong with it it’s not going to mess up your teeth and it’s not hurting her or anyone else

Put just a small drop of cinnamon!

My sister is 43 and I’ve seen her doing it while she sleeps while I’m visiting.

Try Tabasco souce. It worked for my friends son.

There’s a few nail polish type things (usually used for nail biters) which taste horrid. Try looking for those.
You want to break the habit before it’s too set in, I was old enough to remember my parents trying to stop me and when I eventually did stop, it was because I was old enough to understand that it was ruining my teeth and could see it happening.
I’m now 28 and my teeth did mostly go back, but the thumb I sucked is so flat compared to the other, it’s very obvious even now which it was!

My son was an adult and still sucked his in his sleep

She is auto soothing, not a good idea to punish her for it, or things like tobasco etc… When distressed she needs a GO TO. be creative, it can be anything!! like touching the tip of ervey finger once , rubbing something with her thumb in circles, etc. But yes it’s important to nip this in the but because it will displace her teeth.