How to breastfeed while having postpartum depression?

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Please no bashing!

I recently had my 2nd baby who I breast feed. I have to wake up every 2 hours and pump or i wake up engorged and soaked. Baby doesnt have a very good latch so the doctor thinks pumping is best. I am so exhausted and fighting with PPD. I feel like my life revolves around the pump and i cant get out of this funk. I am miserable. Any mommas go through this? Did you give up and start formula feeding? Im at a loss. :sob: i love the benefits of breastfeeding him but its wearing me down emotionally and physically. Please tell me im not alone :broken_heart:


I quit after 2 months!!!

My son had just a slight enough tongue tie he couldnt latch despite a lactation specialist, I pumped every 3 hours or it hurt. And I exclusively pumped for a year and a half but it was rough, I’m happy I did it but holy shit yea its exhausting you’re not alone

I attempted pumping with my oldest and hated it. I switched to formula and never looked back. Best decision I made. Babies need happy/healthy Moms!


I remember sitting up against a wall falling asleep more than once and waking up the bottle full and spraying milk all over me

No you’re not alone and if you feel like it will save your sanity to start formula feeding, then do it. Don’t put yourself in a funk just to breast feed. A fed baby is better than an upset mama. Remember that when mama is happy, baby is happy.

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Yes. I went through it and had to switch to formula. I felt terrible at first but I realized that a happy/healthy mommy= a happy/healthy baby. It was not worth the PPD is was causing. You already fed through the most crucial time anyways. Give yourself a break.

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Make the switch to formula. You’ll thank yourself and you’ll be so much happier. You being happy is best for a healthy babe

Do what’s best for you…in the end its what’s best for your kiddos💜

You are not alone. One of my munchkins actually was tongue tied which is what caused a bad latch for her. Either way, you know what’s best for you and your baby. I fully support a fed baby is the best kind of baby. You have to be able to take care of yourself in order to take care of him. Hugs, mama. You’re doing great, and your baby will love you either way!

I did same thing. In the end I pumped as much as I felt like,but my milk ended up drying up after a month due to stress from PPD and everything so I was happy to switch to formula. Do what u need to do. PPD is no joke. Pump and give as much as can,then switch asap to formula or just put whatever breast milk u can into the formula. Don’t over do it. My daughter couldn’t latch on either.

You should have your baby evaluated for tongue and lip ties and work with a lactation consultant to figure out what’s causing your baby to have a poor latch. I’ve been breastfeeding 15.5 months now after working through poor latch and bleeding and cracked nipples.


You’re not alone. Some babies just don’t like breastfeeding. Mine didn’t. Switch to formula. It’s ok. You’re not a bad mom. Take the stress out of the situation.

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Sadly I dried up but I was pumping every 2 hours ontop of trying to latch. He wouldn’t latch. Only like 3 times

I tried so so hard to breastfeed but it got to the point that my mental health had to take priority. There is absolutely no shame in formula feeding. Ever. I ended up formula feeding 100% and my LO is 15 months old and perfectly healthy.

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Keep trying, find another dr or lactation consultant. They also have YouTube videos. Search breastfeeding how to latch quite a few results will come up :slight_smile:

Just went thru this 2 weeks ago… I stayed persistent on fixing his latch he wouldn’t even latch at first today his latch still isn’t all that great he is a premie when we were pumping eveyr few hours I pump n leave milk bed side as it’s good for 6 hrs bedside so I can focus on him when he was awake (if you have a pumping bra u can pump as u feed him) sleep got impossible so i took the bottle away n forced him to learn just keep ur head up it’ll get better see a lactation consultant to help with the latch I went thru the same with my first too took alot of patients but we got there breastfed for 2 yrs with him… just don’t give up it’ll pay off talk to someone encourage ur lo a Lil more to latch grab the whole nipple aorla area and shove it in his mouth gently eventually he’ll understand you r his first teacher n feedings are their first lesson if you decided formula may not have all the benefits but it’s still a way to feed ur lo ur sanity is more important to care for him there are also breastfeeding groups n pages on fb where u can seek advise and/or breastmilk donation

Google how to latch breast feeding : Make sure to keep fingers far from the nipple so you don’t affect how the baby latches on. Aim the nipple toward the baby’s upper lip/nose, not the middle of the mouth. You might need to rub the nipple across the top lip to get your baby to open his/her mouth. The baby’s head should be tilted

Nothing wrong with trying then changing. Baby will be happy and full either way

Pumping is going to increase supply, so you will need to latch baby or pump more often. If you don’t NEED to pump, you may want to try hand expressing when you start to get engorged. Also, taking warm showers and letting the water hit your breasts can help with the pain/discomfort of engorement. A nipple shield might help with the latch. You also may want to get babe checked for a tongue and/or lip tie.

Do what’s best for you. I breast fed, but I pumped I didn’t let him latch. I felt the same way like I was pumping all the time. So I pumped for week and half and had enough in my freezer that lasted for 2 weeks. I did breast one feeding and formula the next. I have let my boobs to start to dry up and he is on formula all the way now. I feel so much better by doing that. I felt like my life was around a pump, so I just stopped. But do what you feel is right. As long as you feeding your baby nothing wrong with what they eat.

My first was exactly like your baby. After 3 months of having the baby latched to me for what felt like 24/7, and being absolutely exhausted, I tried pumping. I realized that I wasn’t producing enough milk for him. I started him on formula and life was much better for us both.

If your doing only pumping and feeding just breastmilk unfortunately you have to wake up and pump sinse the baby isn’t feeding off of you lots of hard work there

USE A NIPPLE SHIELD!! That was a lifesaver for me, and eventually my baby was able to latch on:)

I supplemented its not one or the other if you supplement and dont/pump and produce as much its no big deal cause you still have formula and if baby gets better at latching you still have the option to nurse my body wouldn’t respond well to the pump and i had to finish out my schooling and my little guy ate nonstop i couldnt take living on the couch to nurse 24/7 but now i feed him whenever im home hes 8 months now so not as often and he gets formula when im gone but he has GERD too and it took some trials finding the right formula for him

Whatever you choose is the best thing for you and baby, remember being a happy mom is just as important

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I stopped because myself and baby were unhappy, she was feeding every hour or less. Tried pumping and her latch was fine but it hurt so bad. I ended up having mastitis and blocked ducts despite unblocking and massging and the let down being way to fast for bubs I just couldn’t deal with the pain in the end

Fed is best wether it be formula or breast.

Breastfeeding is stress period. Dedication and guilt mixed into one. If u are postpartum and it’s stressing u out don’t feel like it is wrong to switch to formula!! So what’s best for u!!! The baby will be fine trust me!!! Take care of u!!! :heart:


Don’t give up mama! You can do it :heart: hang in there and push through.


I went through hell keeping them on me it hurts you’ll bleed and cry alot if your having a hard time pumping is just as stressful tho u have to wake up and do it

Formula feed! Don’t beat yourself up over it.


Have u tried a nipple shield? Do what’s best for you and your mental health

YouTube videos can help with latching properly

Girl, do what’s best for you. Sleep is important. Your tiny human will be perfect either way.


Does your baby have a lip or tongue tie?

For my sanity i gave it up. I was so depressed and borderline suicidal because thats all i would do and if i didnt make enough or my baby had issues i would be so hard on myself and get even more depressed. Dont let anyone tell you that you NEED to breastfeed. You baby can sense the stress. My baby was so much happier when i switched to formula because it was like a weight lifted off my shoulders. Do whats best FOR YOU


Try a nipple shield to help with latching if you haven’t already. I tried to breastfeed two of my 4 sons with no success, then #4 came and I tried again. We breastfed for 18 months, but did supplement formula whenever it was needed. We had to use a nipple shield at first but he eventually got it.

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Work on latch … idk why they would just want you to pump vs fixing the issue

Have you spoken with a lactation consultant to work on the latch? Has your baby been checked for ties? Also have you spoken with your Dr about ppd? You may need medication there are some safe while nursing.

I pump almost 11months postpartum now. I did it at first to increase my supply and now because my son got used to the bottle. If it’s possible get your baby to latch so that you don’t have to pump.

I would ask about tongue tie. My daughter had it and it’s a simple fix.

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You should look into d-mer. I was diagnosed 3 weeks pp. it was honestly the hardest 3 weeks of my life.

Do formula for your own sanity. The baby will be fine.

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Your baby is going to be fine either way.


It’s not the end of the world if you give baby formula. A happy healthy mama is so much more important in the long run. As for latching issues maybe baby has a tongue or lip tie


With baby #3 I alternated… I’m currently 32 weeks pregnant with baby #4 & I’m already planning on alternating cuz it gives u a little break & u know exactly how much baby is eating… & also baby #3 will only be 21 months when baby #4 is born & I feel its gna be very challenging managing both & my other 2 kiddos

I had latch issues with my son it was rough and i wanted to give up but i pushed through and he learned to latch and all was good. But seriously i was a wreck mentally. Exhausted, frustrated, angry, weepy and it was extremely painful but we made it. Do what is best for you!

Nipple shield and check on tongue tie

I pumped and i felt like i was married to the pump. Both my girls hated the boob, i mean would scream. When we brought the little home, i made it 4 months and i had to stop, it was too much. When i went to formula, thing were so much better

My son is almost 5 months old. He didnt get a good latch at first so I pumped for awhile and it just wasnt working out for me. I also have ppd and I tried breastfeeding him again just to get away from the damn pump. It worked the second time! I usually just breastfeed at night and for comfort because I work and have a low supply.

It really depends on how far YOU are willing to go. If you are burnt out, really burnt out, then go to formula. You aren’t helping anyone, especially if you don’t enjoy it.
I wish I could of had the milk you have.
I didn’t and struggled to give her the 6 months I did.
Congratulations on your new baby boy!!

Formula feed if it’s too much. My first daughter (15 now) I nursed for 2 months, then I formula fed. My second I nursed for 20 months. Honestly, my oldest that was formula fed, she was sick a lot less. Both happy and healthy.
But what’s most important is that they have a mom that’s happy and healthy to take care of them. So don’t feel guilty if you need to switch. You got this!

Have the doctor look into the baby having a tongue tie. It’s the skin under the tongue being to tight or short. I had never heard of this prior to my grandkids. Having the tongue tie fixed made a huge difference in her nursing. I was so proud of my daughter for being able to get that figured out because she really wanted to breastfeed and thought she was going to have to stop. But it all worked out and baby nursed like she should.

Get baby checked for tongue and lip ties!! Make sure its a specialist though.
Makes a HUGE difference on latching!

If you can’t keep goin without being miserable, its ok! Fed is best! Formula or donated milk works too!

Youre not alone mama!

I did this same thing. I gave up pumping and switched to formula. I still battled PPD but felt WAY better.

My son is a week and some days shy of two months old and we’re doing good. It was very tough in the beginning but I stuck with it. He eats every two hours on the dot, just last night was the first night he slept for most of the night. I pump while I’m at work and we bf at home. I feel like either him or a pump is attached to me 24/7 and it’s tough mentally. I woke up last night engorged because he slept so long and made myself pump. But to me it’s worth it and I refuse to stop unless I dry up and I’m doing everything I can not to. Weather it’s encouragement to continue or support if you decide to stop you’ve got to think of your mental health. As long as your a happy healthy momma and that baby is fed (either way) that’s all that matters

Do what’s best for you mama, baby will still have a full tummy on formula, nothing wrong with formula, better that you feel happy within yourself than doing something that’s making you feel sad or depressed, plus you’ll get a better night’s sleep which will help u feel better also. All the best mama :heart::heart:.

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Son was born at 26 weeks so I exclusively pumped the 3 months he was in the NICU and 3 months after he came home. I couldn’t do it. It literally felt like my life revolved around pumping. By the time I pumped and washed my pump parts, got him changed, fed, put back down etc. It was time to pump all over again. I was so depressed. I struggled to just…live. at a point my husband asked me if we needed to look into putting our son into being adopted. I was determined though. I did however give up on the pumping. I was so stressed my milk was going clear and drying up. Fed is best momma. You HAVE to take care of you in order to be able to take care of babe. Make yourself a priority. IT IS OK <3

I almost gave up due to complete exaustion…but it does get easier if you can just hang in there and realize that this part won’t last forever. :heart:

I will say “breast is best” but baby also needs a happy momma. :heart: Do what is best for you and your baby. If you NEED to formula feed for your sanity. Go ahead.

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This is exactly what happened with my first. I had to go back to work and that didn’t help much either. I tried lactation consultants etc but after about a month I switched to formula and I was able to be such a better mom because of it. What you FEED your baby isn’t the only factor in their wellbeing. They need other parts of you too, like being happy and awake and feeling capable

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I was in the worst ppd and ppa due to breastfeeding in my life. I felt like all I was to my son was food and than when I wasn’t feeding him I thought I was a horrible mommy. No you’re not alone there are 2 things you can do. Talk to your doctor about how you feel or just formula feed. I tried to act like I was fine a week after having him I went back to the hospital and told you have a pulmonary embolisms( pe) and no breastfeeding anymore. I cried for a month after but I felt so much relief at the same time. And my son is just as bonded to mommy as my other 3 kids are. He flips if I walk out of the room and if he can he scoots after me. A whole 5 months later he has a happier mommy and he is perfectly attached to mommy. Physically I am exhausted still but at least I got more sleep than breastfeeding. Again though only you can make this choice. You are mommy remember nobody, not your doctor, the babies doctor, your mom, ext, know your baby like you. If something isn’t working for you and you feel it would be better to formula feed than do so. I still think I failed as a mom sometimes but that’s only when his dad says something that he doesn’t mean the way I take it

You can breastfeed n formula can’t you

HUGS :hugs: no judgement. A happy momma and baby is the only thing that SHOULD matter. You do what’s best for you two!! My thoughts is a fed baby is best :heartpulse::heartpulse: I had a fight with infection and mastitis and let me tell you! My milk backed up into my arm pits and my arm pits became the size of oranges :tangerine: my other pregnancy’s same thing. I think the longest I made it was 5 weeks or a little more. This is my 4th and I have high hopes for breastfeeding but I know it just may not be possible or it may turn into infection. So I promised myself not to be hard on myself. Much motherly love from one momma to the next!

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Try that willow pump that lets you do other stuff while pumping, also refrigerate pump parts so you don’t have to wash them so much, or put cabbage leaves on your tatas and get some formula! WIC will pay for all of it. A fed baby is a happy baby, it’s nobody’s business how it gets done. Good luck mama :heart:

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It will end. Just hang on.

My son was born at 32 weeks and I exclusively pumped for 1 year. If you’re fighting with PPD you need to do what’s best for you AND baby. If that’s formula feed then do it.

Aye how much can ya take. I was so beat down I tried to breastfeed a pillow half awake. Its sucks and sometimes you feel trapped. All those wonderful moments with your wee one. You would look back later and wish for those moments again.

If its too much for you then you should not feel any shame in switching to formula. The breastfeeding doesnt benefit him if you cant function at your best.

My son wouldnt latch for the first two months. It was hard. I had ppd. I did feel like giving up but I was very determined to breast feed and eventually it worked out. Not saying that it works out for everyone becuase it doesnt. Just saying that I have been there and know how you feel. No matter what happens its gonna be alright momma. Even if you have to give your baby formula, you baby is still getting the nourishment that they need.

Not alone! My baby is 3 months old and currently EBF. She has never had formula. I also over produce and it has been a roller coaster. It has gotten better for sure though! I went through weeks of just crying every single day because of how much it hurt. Hurt to be full, hurt to pump, hurt to feed, hurt to move. Now I’m okay, painfully full in the mornings but not during the days. You will get a routine down and it will all be okay❤️

You need to remember yourself too mumma! If you can’t,it makes it harder to take care of those around you. I believe in as long as baby’s fed! Do what’s best for the BOTH of use. Bottle is algood :ok_hand:t2:breast is algood :ok_hand:t2:

There are great exclusively pumping groups if you want to look into support. I exclusively pumped for 10 months for my fifth until I dried up out of no where. Fed is best.

I exclusively pumped with a manual for 8 months… some days were harder than most but it was 100% worth it. If you’re feeling defeated or have ppd, there are a ton of other options; you could supplement and do half/half, try to get baby to latch, try a nipple shield, or completley switch to formula. A fed baby is best and they need their mommy to be a healthy mommy (mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually).
There will be better days; hang in there, :heart:.

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I breast fed for two weeks. It was honestly the hardest thing ever. You feel so pressured into doing it. I was so depressed, I felt like my life revolved around a pump. I would cry all the time. When I switched to formula I felt so ashamed. But after a couple of weeks I felt so much better. My life didn’t revolve around pumping and I no longer felt like a failure.
I’m currently 29 weeks pregnant with my second child and I have no intention of breastfeeding. I have absolutely no guilt about it. I don’t want to go though what I went through again.
You need to do what’s best for you. Never forget to take care of yourself. It’s ok to do stuff for you. Never forget that. There is no shame in formula feeding your baby. A fed baby is the best.
Please take care of you!


I highly recommend this group if you are wanting to breastfeed instead of pump. They are super knowledgeable and can help figure out what is causing baby to not latch proper :slightly_smiling_face:

Hang in there! Do what you think is best. I had a similar situation and ended up switching to formula. You can also pump and supplement with formula. But warning, it is NOT an easy fix. It took forever for me to dry up, was so painful, and miserable. Hang in there and if you are concerned talk to your Dr for sure!

Babies have survived on formula for many a year. It is love ,cuddles,and hugs that will make the difference

I felt this way also… I not only have to pump all the time but my baby also nursed. For some reason I made a lot of milk and had to pump in between feeding my son often. I had 2 female family members in the house that really encouraged me too continue. I made it 10 months, but if you feel like it would be better for your mental health to switch to formula then definitely do it! Your important too mamma!!

At this point, really you need to make sure that your health is being taken care of. Yes, breast is awesome, but if you can’t care for yourself you can’t care for a baby. Stay strong, and be ok with moving to formula if you need to. Even if you stop pumping as much and just suppliment

My 5 yr old had trouble latching. . Wad painful for me (I breast fed my older 2 just fine) turned out to be a lip tie…

Just had to use different positions.

With that said. .

Sweet heart, feed baby is best. . Healthy momma is best. .

If you can’t do it anymore, then don’t. . It’s your choice. .

I hour you get to feeling better! Congrats on baby! ! Hugs!

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I pumped for my son for the first month but it got so exhausting and he developed a sensitivity to cow’s milk protein which meant I had to give up dairy and it was too difficult so I ended switching to formula. As long as baby is fed and happy, do what’s best for you both

I got a double pump (electric) through medicaid and it pumped 2 8oz bottles @ 1x in about a 15 minute session…I exclusively breast fed my oldest until 18months with no issues or hangups. With my second son I got the nexplanon shot and bled for 6 months so they gave me estradiol to try to regulate my hormones to help ease the constant menstrual bleeding. Estrogen is transferrable through breast milk, my youngest song became very emotional. I sat down to pump my milk was a bluish color after a little research we discovered it was transferring through my breast milk to my child so at 5.5 months we had to switch him to formula. At first I beat myself up because I had done it for my first child. But then I realized (as long as my baby is eating and healthy, the source isn’t what’s important) Hang in there mama your doing great, remember it’ll take a little time to find the perfect balance for you and your newest edition.

My sons are all grown but I still remember breastfeeding them. Hang in there. Every chance you can, get baby on the breast, even if it’s for a minute or 2. Nursing baby releases hormones and positive energy that just pumping doesn’t. If you need to, put baby on one side and pump on the other. But the more you pump, the more you stimulate milk to produce. It may be that you are so engorged that baby can’t get a good mouthful. Look into La Leche League (if they are even still around) for help. The lactation nurse at the hospital should be able to help, too.

U do what’s best for urself u can’t let this get u depressed if it’s making u depressed then don’t do it formula feed if u think it will get better continue , I’m not telling u to do either or I’m just saying u do what makes u happy and keeps u in the right mind state u have to be ok for urself before anything else , if ur depressed bc of it then u do what u think is best to help u get out the depression , I know ppl say don’t give up work at it , or get over it , or breast is better , well they don’t understand all women are not the same some just can’t handle it after a wile , and some have it made as in perfect latch perfect suck no problems no pumping issues , so they say keep at it , well I’m sorry but if I’m depressed and can’t even be myself bc of a pump I’ma say hey I did what I could and I’m ok with it and I’m do what’s best to keep my mind right and choose the best for me , when I pumped with my daughter I got like this I understand , I ended up quiting do to the stress depression it got to point wear I cried bc I just couldn’t stop seeing that dam pump , n I just couldn’t take it , my daughter couldn’t latch bc my nipples :frowning: but I ended up switching and my daughter is fine :slight_smile: but like I said IM NOT TELLING HER YOU TO STOP OR STSRT FORMULA , so making that clear before someone jumps at me lol ,

I just told everyone I had a serious relationship with my pump lol I bought a hands free pumping bra and would even pump while driving 🤷 you will miss it one day it’s hard having a tiny little bc so much of what you do and are is for and about them. It will get easier as they get older this is just a short chapter of being a mom again. You’re doing a great job try not to let the negative Rob you of the joy and blessing you and your baby are to each other :heart:


If you need to go to formula do so. It doesn’t mean anything is wrong.

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Bless you! I tried to pump a bit and it wasn’t for me. Luckily I work at home, so I just fed her directly instead.

Are you struggling with a painful latch? Check out “The Flipple Technique” on YouTube. If it’s more complicated than that, have you looked into possible tongue and / or lip ties? A lactation consultant would be the place to start, but beware that a lot of ties are missed or overlooked. I made it 18 months with my little one and it was definitely a blessing. Also, check out The Milk Meg here on Facebook. She’s a lactation consultant and has a lot of great articles and posts about breastfeeding. Good luck!

See what you can do for you to try and get through it. If you’re dealing with all these issues on top of everything else baby needs only you can decide if the benefits outweigh the costs on you mentally, emotionally, and physically? Personally I think a baby needs a happy mommy who is in a good place most. Definitely don’t give up right away, see what you can do for YOU while you continue to try this; but if it doesn’t work the world will not stop turning. You can do it.

This was me 10000%. I hated breastfeeding so much. I got mastitis and about 12 clogged milk ducks so as soon as it all cleared up I started exclusively pumping. Pretty much the whole time I pumped I’d cry my eyes out because I was so tired and frustrated listening to my baby cry waiting for milk. My husband and I had a good long talk about it and then I decided I had enough. It took a couple weeks to stop producing but it was the best decision I could have made for my family. I wasn’t enjoying being a mom at all and was depressed most of the time. You’ve got to do what’s right for you. There are great benefits to breastfeeding but if it’s messing with your mental health it’s not worth it at all in my opinion. The minute we started doing formula for all feedings I felt like a new person. Of course I felt like a failure for a little bit and was BEYOND disappointed when our (old) pediatrician criticized our decision but now looking back on it I gave it my best shot and I learned a lot. Next baby I’m wrapping up tight and giving a bottle from day one. Fed is best :heart:


Your mental health has to come first so you can be the best mama you can be. If it’s causing or making the ppd worst the answer is simple just switch.


Do you Mama. Pumping can get exhausting. If the latch is not working then give formula with a lot of peace

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You’re not alone, even when it feels like you totally are. I have postpartum anxiety and PTSD and I struggled with nursing my twins. I am still exclusively pumping breast milk for them and I have to fortify my breast milk with high calorie formula (don’t do this unless specifically recommended). Pumping is HARD and extremely draining. I highly recommend meeting with a lactation consultant (contact either the pediatricians/obgyn’s office, or a local hospital) to get the latch set up. I have a lot of resources and tips that I can provide if you want help with nursing or pumping. :two_hearts: hang in there!!

That baby will be just fine on formula girl. You gotta take care of yourself! If it’s too much you do what you need to do for your own sanity. Baby would rather have a happy momma rather than an exhausted zombie trust me


You’re not alone. That described me pretty well. I take Sertraline for my PPD and I’m tempted to start formula when I go to work and drop off my baby at dsy care.

Yes my babies never latch so I had to pump all the time, I work full time job, part time student, and had 3 kids, your not alone. I breatfeed my youngest 10 months but if you feel you can’t maybe formula would be a better option for you, it is hard.

You’re definitely not alone… I went through the same thing and I ended up feeding formula, shutting down, and then going onto PPD meds. Still am on them too. I don’t think it ever goes away. It does get better I promise. I still have my days!

My 1st 2 babies did amazing at breastfeeding it was super easy and everything was perfect. So much I breastfed my 2nd for 2 years straight. I just had my 3rd baby in May and it’s been a nightmare with breastfeeding, her latch has been horrible since day one, it’s super painful to breastfeed her because of it, I have talked with breastfeeding consultants and tried everything to better the experience and nothing. She is a month old now and I was pumping exactly like your for the 1st 2 weeks and I was exhausted, and getting super depressed and annoyed. I was restless and just over it. I finally decided enough and got some formula, I still breastfed but I supplement with formula as well and it’s been GREAT!!! I’m no longer in pain from pumping the shit out of my boobs and my daughter seems just as happy if not more since her bad latch made it so I didn’t produce enough milk to satisfy her hunger at each feed, I looked at formula as so horrible and nasty but my baby girl is thriving and happy and healthy and to me that is all the matters, and this mama is not depressed from the struggles of breastfeeding exclusively.

Pumping is exhausting! I’ve been there. But if baby has problems latching I would work with a lactation consultant first before pumping and bottle feeding just because the artificial nippe will cause more confusion. All 3 of my kids didn’t latch perfectly in the beginning and I battled terribly cracked and blistered nipples but after a few weeks we found out groove and everything went perfect. The beginning is tough for some, baby and you both need to learn how to breastfeed. And the hormones released during nursing will help with the ppd in some way too. Keep it up!!

Smoking about a half of a joint does wonders for PPD and helps the both of you sleep soundly.