How to breastfeed?

Hey mommas, I want breastfeed tips but dont know much about it. And opinions on breastfeeding or formula feeding. If you guys could give me extra information and help me make a decision itd be perfect. Thank you all


I had to breastfeed my son since he was born two month early I didn’t do it from the breast I pumped and bottle fed him but the pumping was extremely tiring but he gained weight fast it’s healthier Also you don’t have to go on a diet are anything but if your gonna pump and stuff make stuff you keep it up if not you will slow down your milk production and won’t be able to produce enough milk for your baby but my baby is on breast milk and formula now he was 2 pounds and 14oz when he was born he’s four months now and he is 13 pounds and 15 oz but he’s probably bigger now

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I was the same we r 6 months in now

I though it was simple breast or bottle… But you know what if you exhausted haven’t expressed you can give them 4 ounces of formula…

U go with what works best for your family,…
I bottle fed my first
Breastfed my second
We now do breast and bottle

Sometimes they latch sometimes they don’t

If they don’t latch straight away don’t feel bad they are new to it as well and may need to practice

Id say get reusable breast pads… Iv spent a fortune on breast pads i regret that one

Its harder for the first 4 months I would say… Then breast feeding becomes the easiest thing in the world

No getting up making bottles just give me the baby and wack out a boob xxx

Don’t feel pressured to do anything you don’t wanna do

U got this mama, you do what’s right for you, and either way a fed baby is a happy baby xxxx

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For the most part, I see it as a personal preference… either way you go, “Fed is Best”!

That said, there are a couple of really great benefits that I’m personally looking forward to when trying to breastfeed when I have my baby here in a few weeks:

  1. Cheaper… have you seen the prices of formula?! :laughing:
  2. Any antibodies in your body pass through to your baby, so your baby is “less likely” to get sick.

Something else to keep in mind, approximately 15% of women are physically unable to breastfeed at all… so never feel ashamed if you find out it’s not for you :heart: Just make sure your lil’ bundle is getting fed and their pediatrician is happy with their weight gain :slight_smile:

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Benefits to breastfeeding…cheap, always available, always perfect temperature, no fumbling with bottles, antibodies, can help u to get back to pre-pregnancy weight, beneficial in aiding against breast/cervical cancers. Downside to it…your constantly feeling like ur feeding all the time, not much sleep during the nights and when cluster feeding times come, its constant feedings every 1hr-2hrs.
Formula…has all the nutrients, no need to add vitamin D drops, easier to feed if planning to go back to work, u can take a few minutes to urself by letting someone else feed ur baby. Downside…expensive


Once I returned to work with my first child, I fed her formula and supplemented with nursing. She still received the benefit from supplemental feeding. Now, with my second, I can exclusively nurse her. Either decision is perfectly okay but I do know even supplementing with nursing will give the baby the benefit. It is not all or nothing. It is hard in the beginning but it gets easier if you choose to nurse. Just give it time to increase supply and reduce pain, and know there is a steep learning curve, as with anything baby-related.

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My advice is to try breastfeeding. If it’s not for you, then stop. But formula is very expensive.

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If you can breastfeed, I would do it. Formula isn’t cheap! Breastfeeding will help expose your baby to new foods.

I would try to breastfeed first. If baby is not latching right or just don’t seem to work try pumping and if those don’t work formula is just as good.

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Breastfeed if you can. Formula is good too, I’d get organic if you can. I had a lot of trouble in the beginning but went to WIC and saw the lactation consultant. Changed everything I thought I knew. As long as baby is fed it doesn’t matter! Make sure babies mouth is around your aerola and if baby has a good latch you will see their ears move up and down. We kept trying and trying until we finally got it. Make sure you are in a comfortable position as well.

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Here’s my main thought. FED IS BEST. I bf for 11 months and supplemented with formula the entire time, I just never made enough for my daughter. I never thought of myself as less of a mom for supplementing. Formulas have all the nutrients needed to keep a baby fed and healthy BM just has a bit extra in the immune department

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I bottled fed all 3 of mine and there aged 19,7 and 5 and I fed them all the same way as the first time, there healthy happy kids :blush:. It’s up to you and what you choose. X

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People say bread feeding is best as prevents kids from getting sick which I find rubbish as I know others who did everything by the book and there children was always ill the first 2 years of their life with colds etc.

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Ask your pediatrician.

They always say breast is best (which I agree with). It is cheaper and you don’t have to carry bottles and water and formula when going out. Plus, i believe there is a certain type of bond between breast fed babies and their mamas in the first few months.
I tried to breast feed my daughter but she only latched once and after that it was game over. Tried again when getting home from the hospital.
My milk didn’t come in for a few days after birth (forget what the stuff is called) and she was just eating more and more then I could produce. I had to pump and feed, pump and feed. I had 2 nights of trying to pump and not being able to give her enough. I had to call my mom at 2 a.m. to pick up formula for my kid because I hadn’t slept (between pumping and feeding. She ate every 2 hours or so) and I was unable to drive.
I was just at my wits end and couldn’t do the pump and dump thing.
I must say, however that when it comes to growth spurts it is handy to have formula! (My LO is going through one where she eats 6 OZ every hour)

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Honestly I was 100`% set on breastfeeding. When my son was born a month early he would not latch and I was not producing anything. He did get the first little bit because I worked on getting it for hours and put it in a cup and he drank it. Whatever happens,happens. Don’t beat yourself up about it. As long as he’s fed and healthy that’s all the matters. Good luck mama.

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With out first month of breastfeeding down I can tell you, I’m exhausted. I pump as well so I can take a break and let dad feed baby but you will wake up with engorged breasts that you’ll have to pump once you wake up. It’s definitely the cheaper option and depending on the child it can be easy or very hard. My baby has both a lip and tongue tie but with practice and patience we have gotten our latch down and she’s gaining the weight that she needs (everyone tell you to get then fixed but dad has a tongue tie from birth and has never been effected by it, they also tell you it’s harder to breastfeed and it’s not, at least for us it wasnt).
Do your best, stay hydrated, and do what you need to do momma the choice it up to you :sparkling_heart:

Every baby is different. If you breast feed make sure it’s coming out. One baby lost weight because he wasn’t getting anything. Trail and error

La Leche League groups are amazing! You are welcome to attend meetings when pregnant. The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding is a great book. LLLI Breastfeeding Support and The Leaky Boob are great groups.

Theres great benefits for breastfeeding. I only did it for a few months. My cut off was when my son got teeth. It already hurt like hell and i wasnt about to continue with teeth added in the equation lol. Nipple cream is life and ive heard about nipple guards but never tried them. Its pretty much gonna be painful no matter what but even though i didnt do it long im very happy for the experience(:

Nature intended for us to feed our babies breast milk. That said fed is best. I would definitely try breastfeeding first. But take a breast feeding class towards the end of your pregnancy if you do plan to try. They’ll tell you the benefits and teach you about proper latch, which is important. But breastfeeding can be hard. With my first I breastfed for 6 months, but supplementing formula part time while i worked. Just didn’t pump quite enough. Then switched to formula after 6 months. If you want to breast feed be sure if you’re going back to work its important that you have adequate time to pump. Its important for keeping up your supply. Second baby is 3 months now and I haven’t had to use any formula so far. Someone above mentioned nipple shields, they saved my breastfeeding experience. After my nipples got sore I don’t know if I would’ve continued without them. But like I said breastfeeding can be hard and can be a lot of work. I think its worth it. And way cheaper
But ultimately fed is best. Tons of babies have been raised on formula and are thriving and healthy.