How to brush a toddlers teeth?

Any tips on dental hygiene for a 15 month old? We brush her teeth morning and night but it’s almost a battle. She hates her teeth being touched even when we use our finger. We are constantly saying “good job” and “it’s okay” but I don’t feel like it’s helping all that much. I don’t want her to be afraid of brushing her teeth. Any tips or advice is greatly appreciated!!


My dentist gave me a mouth spacer it’s a pain cuz my daughter doesn’t like her teeth done either

Do you have a pediatric dentist near you? Sometimes they are wonderful

We have the firefly toothbrushes. They light up

Brush yours along with her.

Get her this and let her brush herself with or without toothpaste


Keep going, eventually they wont struggle as much. Ours is the same but I’ll be dimmed if she has teeth like us so brushing it is

It’s crazy, but this works for us. At night before bed, we make a big production of Dada brushing his teeth while I sing "this is the way we brush our teeth” to the tune of Wheels on the Bus. Then I brush my teeth & Dada sings. Then we brush his teeth & sing. In the morning it’s just me & him, so I brush & hum lol.

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Songs about brushing, My Elmo has a great one on YouTube my daughter is obsessed with brushing. Get her different types of brushes see what she like; there’s are softer ones for little teeth. She may just be very sensitive to ur tooth paste or on her gums.

Get her another toothbrush and let her play with it and chew on it.

Gave my son the banana tooth brush. My son is 2 and now makes us brush our teeth with him.

My daughter wasn’t a fan at first but she would see me & my husband brushing our teeth & wanted to brush hers too. Try giving her the toothbrush to “brush” her teeth on her own. Also there’s little YouTube videos that show kids brushing their teeth are good & fun. My daughter loves brushing her teeth & since she watched that video she sings “it’s time to brush my teeth” & wants to brush her teeth every second of the day lol

My 3 year old HATES his teeth being brushed. We always tell him we have to get all the germs off our teeth so they will stay pretty and clean.

i would look into a pediatric dentist…it made all the difference this time with both of my kids than the first time with my son

Do it anyway. They don’t like it, do it anyway

Im in the same boat he is 13 months and can you use any tooth paste??? I was told just water?

I had to sit on top of my son and pin his arms down to brush his teeth for over a year every night it was a fight but a fight I was willing to fight to ensure his teeth were brushed properly. Hes almost 3 now and we dont fight about it anymore and he has 0 cavities :sunglasses:

let her do it show her its nothing to be afarid of by letting her brush yours


Light up toothbrush for them to “brush” with and electric for you to brush them with after.

We switched to a training toothbrush at about 16 months. Looks like a normal brush, but tiny. They come in multipacks, so we give him one to hold and run under the water while we brush his teeth with another. Then he likes to “brush” with the one he was holding.

Just keep doing it. I brushed my sons teeth till he was 7 lol. Never had a cavity till he started brushing on his own. They get over the uncomfortable part.

When we got to the mimic stage it was less of a struggle… we took turns, they would brush mine and then I would brush theirs.

My daughter wants to do it herself and then we go back over it.