How to budget?

To those mom’s who have 3 babies/kids or more…I recently just found out I’m pregnant with our 3rd baby, not planned and I’m totally freaking out!
I am excited but nervous on adding one more (baby will be so loved) I’m more stressed out financially…
what are some tips or advice you would give me on budgeting and ways to save as we will be starting from the beginning as all my baby stuff was either donated or given away. Much appreciated for taking the time :heart:


Buy things here n there throughout your pregnancy so you’re not overwhelmed with spending a lot of money at once in the end

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Buy used! Baby stuff is so hardly used anyway it is easy to find things in EUC


We have a market place on Facebook you can find used stuff for babies and toddlers just look


here and there. buy the big stuff first. after baby budget 50 bucks every week for baby. i dont even use that a week but better safe than sorry. i buy used except the carseat. i dont recommend buying that used. babies are easy just deep breaths I just had my 4th 12 days ago


Once baby is 6 months old. Make your own baby food. Seriously a huge amount of money saved and way healthier


cloth diapers. may be more up front, but you will definitely save money in the long run. i’ve spent maybe a total of $120 on my CD but it’s sooo worth it.

My 1st and middle is 3 yrs apart and 3rd came about 11 yrs after middle. Find out gender and start purchasing 1 or 2 items every payday. Utilize facebook yard sale sites and consignment shops such as once upon a child. It really isnt that hard to go from 2 to 3 once past the initial major purchases.

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Buy a box of diapers and wipes every paycheck and try to buy used things. We have a second hand store where I live specifically for kids and babies but fb marketplace is also a really good resource.

Get everything used but clean. I have 4, and I look back and feel very dumb buying everything brand new wasting money lol.
Make your own baby food, and market place/eBay is your best friend. Good luck !

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I’m expecting our 5th. Buy a little at a time. Watch for deals. I’ve gotten a couple things for only shipping by just watching. Local sale groups on FB, garage sales, etc.

I have 8, we meal plan and shop fortnightly to save some money. I literally plan our meals and then do a shopping list as I’m doing that.

Same… I’m like gotta step up this mom game haha…

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Every paycheck, buy at least 1 pack of diapers and wipes. Make sure you have a good variety of size newborn and size 1 as baby may be bigger than expected (or smaller) at birth. Onesies and sleepers are all my babies lived in the first few months. Sometimes pants. Catch Walmart and target on days when baby stuff is on sale. The tables of baby clothes are always decently priced.

Start buying those diapers and wipes so you can be ahead

My advice is to wait till 12 weeks to start buying, we were completely surprised to find out we were expecting shortly after having our second daughter! We were excited and purchased a few items and our girls reveal outfits… sadly I lost the baby at 10 weeks. After the 12 weeks period I would look on marketplace, and friends I’m sure will be more than willing to help! Amazon also has lots of open box deals you can get cheap diapers and baby gear discounts!! Hope this helps :blush:


I started couponing when I became pregnant with my 3rd. It has helped tremendously


Some Fire department or health department use to have Car seats for free I don’t know where you live but you can check it our. Don’t buy used Car seats. Consignment store, Carters if you have one join the Club I got my Grandson tons of things on sale 70% off and if I spent x I got 50% off that and if I gave them my email I got 40% more off. Look online for places that give you DISCOUNTS for giving them your email, Jion Ebay, Kohl, JC Penney club only go when you get big sales and have points you can get some things for $1.00 or 2.00 have friends or family join and get you points or cash rebates points. Sometimes those points or cash rebates are better than Walmart regular prices. Burlington has layaway for big items and clothes. Right to diaper manufacturers and they will send you diapers coupons for diapers. Yard sale are good but pray over anything you get used from thirty stores, Goodwill, yard sale, you may not believe it but people have spirits in their houses. Don’t bring something in to your. You all may think I am crazy so do what you want. Don’t be afraid to ask for help ’ A closed mouth bird does not get feed" They don’t always know you have a need if you don’t open your mouth. If you work let them hold a baby shower, if you go to church same thing. Register at Target, Burlington if you have one, Carter’s if it is close. Almost every State has outlet mall Google nearest on to you. Put your need on Facebook don’t put you address or phone number on Facebook. Craig list, never go to someone’s home and don’t go alone, meet them somewhere in public parking lot. Go to Dollar tree for small things powder, baby oil, shampoo baby, neosporin, baby nail chipper, all that kind of things. Walmart big bunch things watch price take calculator otherwise you will over apend Alwsys wash clothes, you don’t have to spend a lot. Look for items that have duo propose. Get bouncing door jam swing 14.99 Walmart don’t need fancy swing unless you have extra $200 laying around or put one on layaway. Get multi purpose fold down playpen can be used as playpen, changing table. Crib for awhile until they really need crib. Waker don’t need until couple months old or get as gift or layaway. Make stuff, receiving blankets if you or someone sew buy flannel sew around edges. Be creative you can do this. It is not hard to go from 2-3 or more just get on schedule, rutten, teach your other child to help. Never to young to help at any age but make it FUN. Can you get mommy a diaper? Can you put diapers in where ever you want them. If you need help ask. We do everything to sing and yes I and a slave driver. When my youngest go old enough to help with her diaper she has, or take her plate off table, the very little things. I am so glad I did because she is now 19 still unpotty trained but she can take off her diaper when I send her to bathroom get a new one and put it on I just have to check her she has been doing that since 3 years old. You can get help from then. Like I said make it a game, hand over hand them until they get it. Small steps then you spend time playing with them, reading, going to day trips all kinds of things together and you will not be overwhelmed and able to enjoy your children even if you decide to have 5-6 . I had 7 foster 10 times that many and taught school for many years. It sounded like you have lots of Love to give don’t give tired by things that have not become a problem. Don’t worry about things that may not ever come. Make plan and go with it. If it doesn’t work twick and keep go. Be the woman and mother you are .

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I got so many baby clothes for free on offer up and let go. Facebook marketplace has cheap and free clothes too. Also there’s generic brand diapers and wipes called parents choice that are cheaper than the name brand products

Try to learn couponing that saved me

Find out if your area has a buy nothing group, and/or buy one thing each paycheck ! We wrote down a list of absolute must haves for baby anything else can wait !

I just had my third baby one thing I did was change diapers instead of using disposable diapers I decided to buy cloth diapers that I could reuse. I bought 30 cloth diapers a d it is more than enough for my baby for a few days all I have to do is wash them and I love them I have saved so much not having to buy diapers alone. I have also started making my own reusable wipes. My sister in law taught me how to make them.

Mom of 3 boys & 2 step kids here… 1)Couponing is life! 2) Since you are just finding out you are pregnant this is a great opportunity to buy out of season :grin: For example all the winter clothes are about to go on sale to make room for summer stuff. Buy the sizes your baby would wear. And when the summer stuff goes on sale, stock up for next year cheap! 3) Watch for consignment sales and buy used, when the stuff is in good enough condition. 4) Buy diapers, wipes or hygiene products little by little throughout your pregnancy, it’ll add up quickly.

I only have 1, but start buying diapers now…you’ll have a good stock pile and so long as you add them to your registry Target and Walmart will let you return/exchange without a receipt.

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I’m on the same boat! Lol my youngest is almost 7 years old! It’s exciting but nerve wrecking. I’m 18 weeks now and I plan to start buying diapers now atleast two boxes per month and to shop at thrift stores or on offer up. :blush:

I tried to stock up on formula and diapers. Every little bit helps.

I have 8 kids. You learn to budget. You learn to go to the thrift shop. I work at Walmart so I get alot of clothes when they clearance them for 1.00

I have 4 and the last one was spaced out so perfectly. (Not) i had just recently given away all of my baby gear and clothes so i had nothing to go off of and 0 extra funds. I learned to pull money out randomly for things i was going to buy put extra away and hide it from myself. Buy diapers and wipes as you go. Use the programs that you can if available. When taking your other children to the doctors talk about the new baby while there they may give extra samples. Coupon or use the apps for cheaper things. If you can open a savings and start putting maybe 25 a pay check in there and dont touch it you can use that towards the end for the bigger baby gear like crib and what not. Do not buy all of the new fancy stuff that your hardly going to use. Be realistic. I use a book bag for our outings. Get a cheap insulated bag to stick inside of it for bottles and what not. Pick your formula but dont go over board on it, every kid is different and you may end up not being ablw to use it.
Good luck

The fb marketplace is a good place to look. Thrift stores, once upon a child, garage sales, etc.

You figure it out. When I found out about my third I was like well I’m already taking care of two what’s one more. Ive honestly just been so going all these years a d deal with financial situations as they come

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Take a deep breath, it’s going to be ok. It ALWAYS works out the way it is supposed to. Just ask around people will be thrilled to help you with clothes and equipment… You have support out here too.

When stocking up on diapers get a box or 2 of sizes 1,2 and 3 sizes I only say that because babies grow out of those sizes soooooo quickly, my 8 month old has been in size 4 since 4 months old. And that is the size I think kids are in the longest. Also Parents Choice brand is great, those are the only ones my kids aren’t sensitive too. Same with wipes.

Wic is great for formula if you decide to go that way.

Buy from thrift store or other mom group selling pages. Its cheeper. Start decluttering now…lol

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I have 4 kids, my third was the biggest surprise! We were not planning it and just bought a house so all our money was being dumped into the home… we… breastfed, cloth diapered (a lot cheaper) made our own laundry soaps, hung our cloths. Saved all my cloths from my 1st son so that was a huge help. Used coupons… made our own wipes to thrown in the rinse with the cloth diapers. You can make your own diapers. I did and bought a few inserts and then just made my own since we never really left home.


We have 4… I use a bunch of apps I use. If int your welcome to pm me!!! I can let you know which ones I use to save!! Also meal plan, set down and write the bills down, try to pay cash for everything , and have a plan /list before you go to a store. I use coupons also.

Check your local market place on fb. Often moms are willing to give gently used clothing free or very cheap. Im too am on baby number 3 unplanned. My finances are not exactly stable. But i have only paid about $300 for everything i need because other moms know the struggle.

Learn to coupon it saves me so much on diapers I do so by buy the last Sunday of the month paper as well as the first Sunday of the month also downloading the coupon apps for my area dollar General and Kroger app and such make sure that you prepare before baby comes. I also suggest if you can find a few mom swap groups in your area it will help with bigger items and kids out grow clothes so quickly it’s much easier to do for free

Maybe breast feeding since formula alone is $200 + per month. Also i knew a girl that used cloth diapers as well so they could be reused which would be way cheaper if needed.

Im there wirh you. I just had my 3rd in Nov and my youngest jist turned 6! Use your tax return and buy the stuff you need. Check consignment shops or find small businesses that sell Amazon overstock. My mom thought i was crazy but i bought my infant carseat and convertible and stroller with tax return amd got them all for half price when i was still in the first trimester!. Cloth diapering amd breastfeeding will save you thoundsands! You can get good used ones for a fraction of the price on eBay. I had a small shower to help with stuff as well. Use insurance ti get your breastpump.

We just had our third and she was also unplanned! I turned to friends for hand me downs and bought used for the big stuff, try to remember back to your first 2 and what you actually used and don’t buy all the unnecessary stuff!