How to calculate due date?

So I found out today I am pregnant! I am happy and excited. However I am not sure what my due date will be I had my last cycle in May 26 so my next period is supposed to be June 22nd next week. The only reason I wanted to test it was because a week after my last cycle i started having light spotting. It last about 3days. Then this week it happened again but it was more and it has been on n off. I am not sure what to think cuz I thought it was too early to test but I decided to test because I had plans to go to urgent care and see why I kept spotting. Now that I know I am starting to think that my last cycle on May 26 was probably not my cycle and that I was already pregnant but had bleeding and confused it with my period although the flow was similar to my period. Also my husband and I have been intimate only once this month and that was a week after my period around the time the spotting started. What do you mom’s think? A lot is going through my mind if this a sign of miscarriage or even an ectopic pregnancy or maybe just implantation bleeding. Thanks


I would just go to urgent care for them to test if youre pregnant before you get your hopes up

When you go for your first ultrasound, which depending on where you are will be the same day or no more then 10 days from your dr visit, they will measure and give you a more accurate time frame of conception along with a due date

Id go in n say uve been bleeding n had a positive pregnancy test

To me, it sounds like you’re correct on your dates. I found out at 3 weeks and 3 days along that I was pregnant. And normally ovulation happens around a week after your period ends

If your last period starts with May 22nd then probably your due date will be on MARCH 8,2020😊

Implantation I would say but best to go get seen by a doctor… congrats btw