How to calm baby without a pacifier?

Has anyone Chose to not use a pacifier for their baby and been successful? Are use one for my first daughter but I hated it so much it would fall out of her mouth all night and wake her up and she would scream every hour for it, So I was going to try with my next baby to not use when it all. Just wanted to hear some success stories that it can be done :tired_face: what are some other ways to help them calm down?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to calm baby without a pacifier?p

It can be done. My oldest two only took one when they had thrush and then I took it away. My youngest daughter took one for 9 months and gave it up on her own. I would just not give the baby one. And then figure out what calms them down and go with that.

My first stopped using his 3 months in and would suck his tongue… 2nd was very dependent, 3 and 4 quit early as well…

My kids never used them


My daughter never had one we just listened to music had her formula/boob and sang most of the night

Neither of my babies had a pacifier

My first daughter never wanted one, we tried 1 night and she spit it back out and never tried again. I’m due with #2 in January and I’m hoping will be the same way!

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Both my kids hated soothers
So i would just give them food or milk something to keep them occupied and then a nap if those didnt work

My daughter is 8 mo and i have not used 1 just never introduced it she has her sound machine or I lay her down in her pack and play she will roll for several minutes cry here and there and will fall asleep no problem

I have four children only one sucked a pacifier. Others did fine with out them

Both my kids didn’t like them so I never used them… idk I just did it… they always on me though even now they have to be close to me their 6 & 4

My boobs are pacifiers

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My daughter has never had one, I’ve never had a problem with calming her, aslong as they don’t know what it is they will self sooth themself with help from mumma, I sing to my daughter a plenty of cuddles x

My first two weren’t really interested in pacifiers and I didn’t have any issues with calming them without one. One thing I have had through every child is a bouncer! The kind they lounge in and you have to manually bounce with your hand/foot. That has always calmed every baby for me. Also, baby wearing helps a lot if they just want comfort and you need your hands free

Never used them, hate them

Neither of my boys took one. They made that decision themselves. Both of them around the two week mark figured out nothing was coming out of that nipple and would immediately spit it out :rofl::rofl:. They both turned out just fine.

Neither of mine took one
I let it be known at hospital they were not to give them one

My DIL did not let either of her babies use one.

Try a blanket or teddy

a rocking chair and cuddling


My 1st son & last daughter never used them. They just didn’t like them. He was just a calm happy baby. My girl is a thumb sucker. I can’t break her of her thumb. She still sucks it when she’s tired or upset. She’s 3

Yes it can be done I’ve had 4 kids and only one have used a pacifier . I tried with all but the first three didnt want anything to do with it and my newest one loves it . 8 mths old today and I’m very scared to try and take it away when he doesnt need anymore I’ve seen nightmare stories about

They learn to self sooth

I detest pacifiers
Never bought one
Used the one from the hospital for about a month
I would rock my babies to sleep and gently pat their back when I laid them down. On top of that they slept thru the night after 2 mo’s. Never even had a schedule They ate when they wanted to. Increased formula when they needed it. Very healthy kids, and beautiful adults. Not one overweight, and fed them everything, so they aren’t picky eaters

We used one only while sleeping, car, teething, and sick. Reduces Sid’s while sleeping so that was my main reason


I didnt want to use one but when i woke up after delivery, they sedated me at the end for some reason, my son had one. He was fine without it as long as i breastfed, but i dried up when he was 6month old and he went back to the binkie. At one year we cut the tip off his binkies and he decided he didnt like them anymore and he quit on his own. Dont know if this helps but it was my experience with them

They make pacifier clips now that attach to baby’s clothes so they don’t fall off and get lost.

My son being premature was given one by the hospital to help stimulate sucking. But gave it up by 4 months on his on. My daughter spit hers out at 3 weeks and never wanted it again. I think it really depends on the kid

My boys didn’t like them so :woman_shrugging:

My daughter never used one. She didn’t care for it at all. If you don’t introduce, baby won’t even know that they are without. My kid’s 16 now lbvs

I have never used them. I have no thumb suckers either. I just didn’t introduce them.

I nurse on demand. And that helps.
Rocking, cuddling, singing, reading

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My son hates pacifiers. Sometimes, I put on classical guitar music and some background noise like the sound of the ocean or rain. And also he has a music box he likes to sleep too. You can get one at Walmart for a good price. It’s well worth it🙂

I have 2 children and neither one of them took a pacifier. I didn’t introduce them to it in the hospital.

My Grandson is 16 months and at around 6 months old he just suddenly didn’t want it anymore…The bottle is a different story since he’s still on toddler formula, mostly for the nutrition since he’s such a picky eater, so I think it’s going to be a challenge taking that bottle :woman_facepalming:

Definitely stick to not using one! I didn’t for the first several months. Then when I wanted to stop breastfeeding(10-12 month) I gave it to them and that was the worst decision. Especially because they were older.

One of my kiddos was good with just being wrapped tightly like a taco

Just don’t introduce it to them and they’ll be fine!


If you don’t give them one they don’t expect it…
I have 3 girls who didn’t use them.


Just don’t give it to them. My oldest took one but neither of my girls ever took one and I tried lol

I have 4 kids and have never had them use a pacifier…

3 children and no pacifier

My son was born with lip and tongue ties so he wasn’t able to even hold one in, so we never used them. He did absolutely fine without it.

I had 3 children and non of them used a dummy , one used to rub the tags in clothes another one used to play with hair and one couldn’t suck a dummy due to a facial condition so no advice really apart from just don’t offer one x

I have 3 girls and didn’t use a pacifier for any of them.

My middle son never used one. They don’t know they want it if you don’t give it to them. My youngest son didn’t use one until almost a year old because he was being given one at his daycare. Now I try and use it sparingly but once they know it’s hard to break it.

Used one for the first 6 months for my son and then for my daughter never used one at all . She has a blanket and a stuffed animal she cuddles for self soothing.

2 of my kids did & the other 2 didn’t :woman_shrugging:

Umm boob here :sweat_smile: Stay at Home Moms :fire:


My oldest and youngest had one. But my middle 3 never even wanted it.

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My niece has a stuffed animal that has a soothing white noise maker inside.

I’m pro pacifier and they’ve actually been proven to help against SIDS

I had 3 kids never used one. I never gave them one after we left the hospital.

I have 4 kids and have never given my babies pacifiers.

Mine love the glow worm lights an soft he turns it off an on all night still an he’s about to be 3

Neither of my 2 liked them. The fake nipple didn’t give any milk so F that was their thoughts

I had four kids, only one used one, she lost it in bed one night and never fussed ,that was the last time she had it.

Only my oldest would ever really take one. My middle child would not take one at all. My youngest would take one on occasion, he is 10m now and has not taken one at all in forever. Rocking, patting, skin to skin, singing, shushing, all the things you do to soothe a baby is what we do. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a pacifier, but when your baby won’t take one, you just do what you do!

My twins were premies and had trouble keeping it in their mouths so we stopped giving it to them. Had no trouble with them wanting one or calming them. Soothe baby by rocking, cuddling, your voice, maybe a soft blanket, etc to cuddle once they are old enough .

Neither of my girls were binki babies. When they are fussy or upset I nurse, rock them, cuddle or swaddle, pat their back or sing to them.

Never used them with my first 2. My last had one for about 3 or 4 months. But she was never extremely attached to it either. If you choose not to then rocking and baby wearing are helpful during the day. At night swaddling and sleep sacks until they’re old enough to roll. By that time they wouldn’t want a pacifier anyway because they’ve never had one. If you do decide to go with the pacifier, they have attachments, like little stuffed animals that can help hold it close to their mouth as long as they’re on their back so they can get it back in their mouth if they wake up. My youngest is 6 and I know they’ve adjusted safe sleeping guidelines so I’d look into it first but that worked with my youngest. Her pacifier was attached to a small stuffed animal and when we laid her down for bed she’d be on her back with the stuffed animal on her chest and every time she would let go but want it back she’d basically search the way babies do for a nipple and grab it again.

I didn’t use one at all with my first daughter. As long as they never have one they don’t know what they’re missing lol

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5 of my 6 so far never used one… they all found their thumbs or fingers. The last one does both but prefers his pacifier… and of course it’s one you get in the hospital when they’re born and are expensive lol. Try getting them to suck their thumb… when they’re falling asleep with the pacifier, take it out and put the thumb in their mouth instead. Weaning off regardless is a whole other battle though. Good luck mama

Boobies. I am the pacifier :joy: none of my children would ever entertain one even though i tried

Rub their temples, side of their face lightly!

I didn’t like them either and how babies get so dependent on them. It’s really hard to break them from. Me personally I just rocked my babies until they were sleep. I read bedtime stories a lot. I had a whole routine that I would do so they knew this what we do to fall asleep. Nice warm bath, and massage them full body, swaddle them and mines did fine with that.

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It’s just a soothing mechanism

My last one never had one. She was a great baby without it. Don’t remember having to do anything special to calm her.

Think it’s just more or so helping them soothe themselves. Until they learn how to find a routine like the bath and massage a suggested, it may or may not work, but it worked fine with mine. I have 6. 4 boys 2 girls and it worked for all of them. I did this though from day one. Nd babies don’t need bathes all the time so a warm wash cloth and then massage helps too​:blush::heart_eyes:good luck moma

Yes! 3 children no dummies. I did try with my daughter as I was constantly feeding her (breastfed) but she didnt want it.

My three never had one! If they were fussy I rocked, fed, patted them, sang to them, played with them.

Never offered past the hospital but my two girls absolutely had to he wrapped or swaddled tightly when they went to sleep and the vibration of the bounce lounging chair was their favorite also but mainly swaddled tightly.

Just,didn’t,use them for my kids

I only used them when my babies were first born and driving me insane with clusterfeeding lol but they didn’t care for them and I stopped offering it. Probably best to keep them away from the pacifiers because I see a lot of toddlers still attached to them, 3 year olds even.

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My oldest never took one my 10 month old took one for a few weeks but stopped caring for it. It’s possible u just need to find what works for your baby.

I never used them but I was breastfeeding. So I was the pacifier :rofl:


When I was breastfeeding, if my daughter was fussy, I’d 1st check diaper, but immediately breastfeed. I loved it and it calmed her right down, whether she threw it right back up, feel asleep or was actually hungry. Our oldest had a pacifier all the time but none of our others had it.

Get that teddybear that plays womb sounds.

Only 1 of my 3 kids used a sucky. It’s doable. Just a lot more rocking and bottles

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My daughter hated it

I was lucky my son refused a pacifier from the day he was born. Hospital tried to give them one but he wouldn’t take it. So tell the nurses and doctor you don’t want her having a pacifier and don’t give one to her at home either.

Never used one with my 5 girls. One sucked a thumb, another one sucked 2 fingers. Didn’t last that long.

I have 2 kids and neither one ever used a pacifier! They brought my daughter in with one after she was born and I went off!

Had six never used wean off bottle at one year how can a baby miss something they never had ie pacifier swaddle being held while sleeping standing you the parent control all of that.

I have twins. One liked it, the other didn’t want anything to do with it. Once the one that did like it figured out it made him sleepy he stopped taking it. So I didn’t really have an issue with not using it. Not all babies even like them and they’re fine without them

I breastfeed my youngest for two years he would not take one I tried with my oldest it was maybe 2 months before I had health issues That I couldn’t I was waiting for the neighbors to call the cops when we stopped the pacys and was ready to beg for just an hour for them to take her she was inconsolable but both was a dramatic issue trying to stop pacy and trying to stop breastfeeding i know it’s something they do to soothe but sometimes momma just can’t handle it anymore and that’s ok my youngest still suckles in his sleep but doesn’t have breastfeeding/bottle and refused any pacys but I just had to wait the crying out and nicely say it’s going to hurt your teeth over and over with the oldest youngest I said mommy has boo boos and kept bandaids on them for the youngest

Yes my middle child never got one and did just fine

So with my daughter we tried a little but she didn’t like them, used one a handful of times. And she started sucking on her middle and ring finger on her right hand, now she is 5 and we can’t get her to stop sucking her fingers no matter how many times I tell her she is starting to get an overbite and is going to need braces one day because of it. My son however uses a pacifier and I’m glad because I can take the binky away but I can’t take fingers away.

Only 2 of 6 of my children had anything to do with them. My last 2 I didn’t even offer them and requested at the hospital they not give them one. I always calmed mine with rocking and humming/singing… they sleep so much better without them in my opinion. My 2nd oldest wouldn’t sleep without one an was so hard to break her from it.

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My now 3.5 year old loved his til he was 2… Then I just took it…and dealt with it…
My now 18 month old…refused it… I got luck with him…

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My son hated them. He found his fingers and used them and then found his thumb. My daughter used them, i did glow in the dark ones so if it fell out she could find it. Never any issues with her. Wasnt bad when i said no more either.

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Just didn’t use any for my daughter, she wasn’t interested anyway

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I had 3boys. I didn’t give any of them one. They were fine. Don’t start with one. If you have throw it away. :blue_heart::orange_heart:

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I actually tried to get my baby to use a pacifier, instead of sucking her thumb or fingers (my reasoning being that it’s easier to break a paci habit but you can’t just take their fingers away lol). She never really did any of it though. She’s 8 months now and doesn’t use a paci or her hands to self-soothe; she somehow never needed it.
If you don’t use a paci, they’ll figure out another way. And maybe you’ll get lucky like I did lol.

My youngest refuses them. Mostly just burps and bottles lo

My nephew didn’t use one. But in turn he tried to use my sister as one. You don’t have to give them one. If they don’t get one, they obviously don’t know they need one.

I don’t believe in pacifiers so mine never did. You’ll get a routine down that works.