How to care for thick hair?

My daughter has beautiful red hair… But here is my problem it’s so thick and I just don’t know what to do with it anymore… She brushes it and I will follow to make sure it’s all good … And within minutes it looks like it’s been days since a brush has been at it… I was not super girly so a pony tail and I was happy… She is over it… she loves the dresses and to look pretty!!! If you know products or styles help… Oh and yes I know how to french bread but it keeps calling out!!! TIA


Two French braids while its wet with mousse in it!


Try the Its a 10 line, pricey but well worth it.


LOL I swear if I didn’t know any better I would think my mom posted this about me when I was little

If it’s long, you may want to get some cut off. My step daughters is the same way. It gets very stringy looking. But we cut it up to her shoulders and it looks so much healthier. If it’s curly, try the deva curl line.

Layers & some leave in conditioner.

If she isn’t using conditioner yet definitely start with that and if it’s really curly honestly try experimenting a little with some of thier cream leave in products!

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I wish I had thick red hair like the way you explained.

Pinterest is my best friend when it comes to my daughters hair…my oldest is almost 9 and loves jojo bows so I do a nice clean high side pony just like jojo and put a huge sparkly bow in her hair and she’s good or if I wanna be more fancy then I go to Pinterest and find cute stuff to do with her hair on there.

Coconut oil and a kids detangling spray or shampoo

We use 3 minute miracle on my sds hair. It’s super long and thick and that has been a life saver! We do 2 braids, pig tails, pony tails, I’ve also used the straightener on it bc she asked. I also buy brushes that are for detangling. She’s very tender headed on top of it being long.

Angel what’s the product you have for Miss Deklynn?

My daughter has thick wavy/borderline curly hair good quality conditioner plus leave in conditioner and syrum are a must for us.

It’s a 10 miracle leave in product works great! A cheaper option is garnier fructis leave in conditioner which works pretty good too. Both smell amazing.

Omg ok I have curly red hair and thick first no layers and never use moose I know that is spelt wrong yes use that spray conditioner

maybe get some leave in conditioner or curl definer

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My daughters hair is completely opposite and It makes me so mad she can take a shower and itll be straight as soon as it dries, mine looks like I’ve been electrocuted a million times lol

My hair is very thick and I go get it thinned. Works great!

only brush when hair is wet then twist it in a bun if it’s long enough

Get her hair thinned, it’s what I have to do and leave in conditioner has been a life saver for me! Mousse leave my curls crunchy and hard where as the leave in conditioner makes it smooth and soft. Also I know it falls out but maybe try French braids before bed and she can sleep in them, that’s what my mom did or you can get her a silk wrap for her hair. Also it’s expensive but it makes my hair smooth and helps with fly aways, it’s called Silk Therapy Oil you should be able to find it in the hair isle at target I’ve had my tiny bottle for over a year now and still have half the bottle left because the littlest bit goes the longest way. Also try using a wide toothed comb as opposed to a brush. Hope I helped. I have super thick super curly hair so I’ve dealt with this problem and tried sooo many things these worked best for me

I’ve always had long red thick hair…I love it though but it’s worse if I wash it everyday so I skip a day or 2 between hair washes and I use a lot of conditioner and leave it in my hair for about 5 min before I rinse it out.

Have u tried the happy hair brush brand ,it glides through the hair and makes brushing stress free.
Maybe get some length cut off and to maintain it being healthy and easily manageable
As for styling if you’ve got the patience try putting several plaits in her hair that way u can leave them in for a few days at a time

NEVER THIN IT or layer it … that actually causes more frizzy and flyaways. When i was young my mom forced me to do both and my hair was always a mess now that thinning shears havent touched it in years and its all one length its easier to manage … try applying actual conditioner once brushed shampoo only once or twice a week condition it everyday… my son inherited my hair(mine is to my waist though) and its a strenuous process …

Pinterest is where I get all my ideas for my daughters hairstyles

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Pig tail braids, spiral curling, etc. Make your girl comfortable in her own skin!

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I use OGX argon oil and my sister always used garnier fructis leave in conditioner. Her hair is super super thick and curly mine was always just thick and frizzy.

Use a good conditioner, and a comb not a brush.

Mine 14 year old is the same I get her thinned at trimmings it helps some.

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Coconut oil works wonders!

Lilla Rose hair accessories. My best friend is a consultant. As you can see a variety of different styles and even more ways to wear these little pretty things.

I put a little hair gel on my daughter’s thick hair as I french braided it and for a quick up do do a pony tails above her ears then pull that back to another one on the back, that kept some of the stragglers tamed

Go to a skin and have them use thinning shears on her hair

Good shampoo and conditioner and a hair oil. I also have thick red hair that does this lol. If I can’t tame it I scrunch and gel it.

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Marrakesh color care x 100 % the best for detangler my daughters hair is super long this is the only thing that has worked !

Overnight conditioner helps me maintain my frizzy wavy hair a lot

Shower brush, I got mine at target. It’s awesome for toddlers too!

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I love doing this with all 3 of my girls hair. It isn’t hard but looks good and lasts all day.


I haven’t read comments my sister is a hairdresser so heres how I learned the trick. Take her to the salon and let them thin it. They use thinning shears and they are AMAZING!


I use not your mommas products, braids and updos will be your best bet to tame her mane

I have the same type of hair as your daughter, red curly and frizzy. The best product I’ve found over the past 15 years for my hair is Herbal Essences mousse…it’s inexpensive and holds my curls without the extra pouf

Basic braiding with little variations google easy hair braids

You could always try french braiding it if you can, thats a great way to keep it tangle free until bedtime. If you cant french braid, you could always try regular braiding or a bun

My daughter has very long very curly hair and we use leave in conditioner and it helps soooo much.


Red curly girl here! Try the curly girl method on her hair! You will be amazed at the difference in her hair.

Leave in conditioner or Paul Mitchell clear Fri serum will work for the tangles. However, when you over condition it will make your styles fall out easier. If you use a little hair wax before you put it up then they stay better. My hair is very thick and so are my kids. We use biolage or devacurl.

Get a pair of thining sissors, use them to thin her hair, cut from top and work down, about 3 cuts should do it. Her hair will calm down too. Go for it mom. I did for my daughter she had very thick hair.

You can take her to get her hair thinned out at a salon. Not a permanent fix but definitely worth a try!

DG black girls hair section. White and pink bottle called BB hair lotion . it’s pink and smells like baby lotion

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I have thick curly hair…never brush except before shower…use pick or wide tooth comb…brushing will make it frizz really bad…I use hair oil or leave in spritz conditioner after shower


My hair used to tangle so easily, I went to the beauty school every other week for like 3months and got deep conditioning treatments. Cost me about $10 each time, no style or anything after. Totally worth it, that was 4years ago, and when my hair starts getting bad I get another treatment.

I have struggled with this for years and finally stopped washing it so much. Once or twice a week at the most and using a good conditioner between washes. Have her brush the conditioner through her hair in the shower. Also a good detoxifying shampoo really helped too. I found when I had a lot of product build up it made my hair look messy.


Tucan works amazing i have really curly hair and it works wonders for my hair also use coconut milk when you brush it the tucan goes on right after you wash it

French braid with some product in and a little hairspray you may find you need to pull it a little tighter if its falling out. (Obviously not too tight) if shes got thick hair it should really fall out.

My girl has really thick curly black hair. Her dad took her to get her hair thinned when she was little. I had her using coconut oil after showers that helps with the tangles. She is grown now. She does have other products she uses as well, but I don’t know what those are.

I wish I could help. My daughter has the exact same hair. I’ve given up. I just brush it and call it good.

I would say make sure she baths everyday and washes her hair.

do NOT get her hair thinned

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I know you said her hair is already thick but this stuff is great. Wash her hair and condition it minus the roots. Towel dry it and then just a tiny bit of this rub it on your hands till its thin and then have her flip her head forward and carefully run it through her hair not too heavy anywhere. It helps soooo much with frizz and styling.

Miss Jessie’s hair care products are amazing! And both me and my daughter can use it. Been using the products for years. Worth every penny.

Use coconut oil and do a zig zag French braid or put two zig zag French braids in they will not fall out

This helps me SO MUCH. I have long (down to my rear) very THICK hair that looks like I haven’t brushed it in a month within 20 minutes of brushing it lol.


Do her hair while it’s wet so it holds a little better


Diva curl!! Even if there isn’t much curl to it. Seriously it’s freaking amazing. You can find it at Ulta and like.


It’s all about the cut. It needs to be layered and textured/thinned. My daughter had the same issue until we did this. Now it’s so beautiful, no more knots or looking like she never brushes it.

My daughters hair is also long and super thick. I have no choice but to get it thinned out. It weighs too much and causes headaches.

I used to put my daughters up in sections with pretty elastics so it was many ponytails in one if that makes sense and then as she got older and it got thicker I would get it thinned out so she wasnt getting headaches

Take her to a salon get it cut and thinned out. I have the exact same problem my hair is really thick. I have to get it cut and thinned every few months

Stop brushing it. Comb with a wide to wet comb after shower. In the shower you should use a good thick deep conditioner. Then when she gets out spray with a detangler and then a leave in conditioner and comb it.


My daughter same except her hair is dark brown almost black super thick I take her once a year to thin it out and its still thick but not as thick and she loves it…its easier to manage

It’s a 10 has a great

Keep her hair up and have your stylist thin it out. My daughter has the thickest hair I e ever seen(besides her father and aunt). It’s a battle but that should help a lot!

If she has thick beautiful hair, flat ironing it and getting it thinned out is so unfair. Thick hair and curls can be embraced as long as you are using the right tools. Always wet it before styling or she will be a frizz ball. Use leave in conditioner and hair gel or if hair gel is too thick, use the hair smoothie creams you can find them at any shoppers or Walmart. Or black hair stores. After it’s wet put leave in conditioner and brush it out with a wide tooth comb then use a denman hair brush ( denman hair brushes will bring all the curls back together and give her ringlets or thick curls depending on her hair texture). and then apply the smoothie or hair gel so that it stays in place. When I was younger my mom did simple braids because I was a kid and couldn’t take care of my long curls and it would be disastrous if it wasn’t braided. You do not want to flat iron it or thin it out because this will ruin her hair for when she’s older. No offence to everyone on here suggesting that, clearly you are people with no ethnic background cause all you guys are suggesting is to ruin her beautiful hair. DM me if you want further detailed explanations, and I can send you good links to videos on you tube for managing thick hair especially thick curly hair.

Teach her to love the curls. My hair is not straight enough to wear straight (thank you, cowlicks) and not curly at all. How old is she?

Look up hairstyles to do for little girls. Multiple elastic pony’s, braids (tighter so they don’t fall out so quick), pigtails, etc. tell her that her hair looks pretty up and down, even with dresses! :slightly_smiling_face:

I was the same way as a child and my daughter is the same way as yours so I checked out some videos and how toos on you tube and it worked out great for us

My oldest is the same way with her thick hair…it’s straight on top, wavy in the middle and curly on the bottom so it always looks like a lion mane. Even when I flat iron it it still looks like she hasn’t done anything to it within an hour or two. I’ve tried everything and she’s to the point she won’t even put any product in it since it doesn’t work which makes it look worse. The only thing that helps is curling it but we don’t have for that every other day