How to change last name?

Does anybody know if you can change your last name without getting married?


I would assume it depends on your state but in Oregon you can

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As far as I know in Arkansas anyway you can but it is like 200 and you have to go through a whole legal thing with the court clerk

I’m pretty sure you can for a price

I thought after you’re 18 you can legally change your own name but I would call because they might want you to pay something

You can! Go to the court house and ask what you need to do to make it legal. :grin:

there are hoops to jump through and fees to pay, it you can change your first, middle and last name if you want.

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You can. You have to pay to do it and they run all kinds of background checks. Costs 1800.00 in Texas to have it done.

Yes I’ve done it before. Its $300 and you have to go before a judge but they did it for me. I did it when I was 18 and then got engaged 6 months later. But yes you can for $300. Well it was $300, 12 years ago so I’m sure it’s gone up since then

Only if you were a part of that family at the time!

Ohio you can, i know a girl who just did. Her and her fiance are getting married next year but had a baby this year and she wanted them to all have the same last name when baby was born

New Mexico it cost $150.00 to file it court and had to have it posted 3 times in the local newspaper

U can it jus a long process and money

You can…but it’s a lengthy process…and even lengthy(er) if you have a criminal history

Did you just seriously ask that question?

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