How to clean sippy cups?

Is there another alternative to a deep clean on sippys than bleach? I don’t wanna use it it I can’t seem to get a good clean on my sons cups


… Where has anyone heard bleach :neutral_face:


Fill your sink with water and white vinegar and let them sit, rinse them out then boil them for 5 minutes


Keurig and dish soap. No lies. I will add a drop of dish soap and put it under the Keurig machine for just hot water and shake shake shake. Its clean, even gets all the nasty trapped in the spout part

Before you boil them make sure the plastic they are made of is approved to be heated like that. Some plastics can omit cancer causing elements when heated


I boiled water and soaked them in Dawn for a while.
*Cleaned the sink and added the water.

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Honestly, they come to a point nowadays where you just have to pitch them and get new ones.


I just add a splash of bleach to my dishwasher :woman_shrugging:t2:

If boiling& soaking in soapy hot water doesnt help then maybe time to toss out and buy new. ?

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Don’t use the bleach ever in sippy cups or bottles, boil them out and get some fine cleaning brushes to get in the tight areas. I would but cups that didn’t have straws or spouts cause they hold things. Simple parts that clean easier

SOAK THEM IN A MIXTURE OF PEROXIDE AND WATER. Rinse thoroughly…worked for me.

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Does nobody have a dishwasher

Boil them.or clean with toothbrush and peroxide.i hate bleach.what ever calls for bleaching I always use peroxide and/or baking soda

Bi carb and vinegar seems to work on anything

Vinegar And dish soap. Soak. Clean. Rinse done.
Depending on the type of sippy cup tho. I had some I just tossed bc they were impossible to clean the way the mouth piece was made. Nothing I did worked so just threw em out. Lol

When my dishwasher wouldnt clean them i would just throw them out and buy new ones. I dont risk that kinda stuff :persevere:

Burn ur hand hot water. Thats what I did an dawn dish soap