How to clean thrush?

My daughter is 3 weeks old and has thrush. (She has an appt tomorrow at 11oclock!) Ive been giving her liquid nystatin four times a day for 2 weeks now and sterilizing her bottles and nipples and pacis. It still isnt going away much at all. Has anyone else experienced this? What is another medication they could prescribe or home remedy? Is this usually something that is tricky to go away? Again she does have an appt already made for tomorrow! Any input is appreciated thank you.

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Ask your doctor about run your finger with a little acidophilus through her mouth. In the used maybe coming from you so you might want to be checked out to

They will give you a liquid antibiotic and you will have to rub it on her cheeks, on her tongue and on her gums. When my son was about 6 weeks old we had thrush for 3 weeks it was awful.

They should give u diflucan…had same issue with my son diflucan helped a lot

Clean her mouth after you feed her with a finger glove, my daughter had the same problem.

I and my pediatrician swears by this… I breastfeed and kept everything washed and nursing pads changed and baby still got thrush and so do I… Diflucan for my nystatin for her and it would not go away… This cleared it up in two days… It stains EVERYTHING it touches purple for a good 3 days… Baby’s mouth and all…

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What I had I had to rub all over my sons gums,cheeks and tongue and my nipples. It took about 2 weeks and it was gone.

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Gentian violet solution!

If you’re pumping, you can’t feed the milk you pumped while you had thrush bc the yeast is in the milk & can give it back to the baby. I didn’t know that when we had it. If she has it, you probably do too! I was prescribed Diflucan & had her on nystatin suspension.

Are giving her nystatin like a regular med? Or are you actually swabbing her mouth with it?

Gentian violet solution! Beware it will stain everything it touches but it works wonders! And if you are also breast feeding put it on your nipples too

Make a soution of vinegar and water: 1 part vinegar:3 parts water. Put it in a little squeeze-top plastic bottle -keep it where you nurse. “Wash” your nipples with this sol’n after & before each nursing. The breast milk sugar, lactose coupled with your warm body make you areolar area just PERFECT for growing yeast…which is what thrush is. The doc will give you either Gentian blue or other medication for baba’s mouth. Once she’s rid of the white spots on her tongue and buccal cavity, you can keep her from being re-infected IF you are diligent with YOUR hygienic vinegar sol’n.