How to clear acne?

Do any mamas deal with acne? how in the world do you clear it? i am struggling worse than i did as a teen


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to clear acne?

Get your hormones checked. I had to take meds and birth control to get mine under control. I never had acne until I was 30

Taking a vitamin A soft gel helped mine. Beta carotene helped too, and I think it’s safer if you’d potentially become pregnant.

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Make sure you wash your face and use acne wipes before bed every night. Wash your pillow cases weekly.

If you wear makeup make sure it’s not the makeup you’re using. I switched makeup brands about 2 years ago & it gave me cystic acne & scarred my face up. I didn’t realize it was my makeup until I had my hormones & things checked & everything was normal. I switched to a acne prone foundation & started using cereve acne foaming face wash & I also went to a dermatologist & they gave me a cream. My face is clear again now thank god.

That’s pretty vague, do know what kind of ance you have? Your skin type? Is it worse around your period…There is alot to your skin
But double cleanse, a good moisturizer and sunscreen are a basic routine add in a mask a few times a week and exfoliation a few times a week slowly
And remember it takes weeks to see improvement and trying a million different things will make things worse start with a basic routine and slowly add to it as you learn more about what your skin needs

I had horrible acne and had to see a dermatologist to get a prescription. Check with your health insurance to see if you have coverage for a dermatologist.

Clean my face with handwash

I use panoxyl and then I use the blue Cerevae moisturizer. Only things that have ever worked for me.

I had acne til I was about 50 years old. Finally, I tried Pro-Active and it worked wonders for me!

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Go see a dermatologist!! They saaaaved me.

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