How to clear congestion?

What do you use for congestion? Fast relief please I can’t do headaches. My face is literally hurting. My jaw, tooth, head, eyeballs and nose are in pain. There’s so much pollen in Alabama and the weather hasn’t made up it’s mind yet. I’m 29 weeks if knowing that helps you determine what I can use. Tylenol PM just really puts me to sleep I still wake up hurting :pensive:.


Sudaphed sinus its pricey but works

It’s the bomb… tried for grandson … snap! He loves it :heart:

Tylenol cold and flu is amazing so is alka setzler cold and flu

i had pressure in those areas for weeks and it turned out I had a sinus infection! :scream: never had one before. I am also pregnant. Go to a walk-in prompt care and get a doctor to look at you.

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I didn’t see the pg part, I apologize. Always ask your Dr before you take anything. Best of luck, hope you feel better soon :wink:

Sounds like a sinus infection.

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Neti pot and sinus source. Solaray Sinus Source VCapsules, 60 Count

Go ask your pharmacist