How to cloth diaper?

Fan question.

Mommas that use cloth diapers. How do you start? What is the best? I need advice that isn’t blog mom sponsored ship.


I bought 20 cheapie ones and built up my stash. I had a pallet with clothes pins that I used outside to spray them off. I live in the country.

Cloth Diapering Mamas

expensive isn’t always better. my stash is primarily alvababy diapers. i have about 25 in total. and use flour sack towels (FST) as my inserts.
check out green mountain diapers, the fluffy penguin company, nickis diapers, & alva baby websites for diapers.

you can message me for more info on cleaning and other things about cloth diapers. :blush:

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Pocket diapers/all in one with liners are the way to go you can get biodegradable/compostable liners. They catch all the poop all you have to do is compost or throw the liners away.

You tube is a godsend when it comes to cloth diapering, also buy pants that are too big it’s hard to stuff a big ol diaper booty in certain sizes.

I have a mixed stash. Most of mine were won in giveaways, bought used or from my baby registry. Different ones work better for different babies and situations so it takes a little testing to figure out what you like. A pack of good prefolds (OsoCozy is great, Gerber is garbage) and a couple covers (like Thirsties or Buttons) is a good place to start, flexible, reliable, cheap and easy to wash. I just fold the prefold in thirds and lay it in the cover then snap on, no pins or nonsense like that. I like the snap covers but some people prefer velcro. I also have a bunch of all-in-one diapers, which are about as easy to use as a disposable. My favorites are BumGenius Freestyle and Blueberry Simplex. Pocket diapers are more popular than all-in-ones but stuffing pockets is a hassle I don’t need. You’ll also need a place to store dirty diapers, I have a 13 gallon trash can with 2 washable liners from Thirsties. I use a basket of washcloth sized homemade wipes, just a turned and topstitched double layer of flannel, for wipes that I wet with a little water bottle and toss in with the diapers. Every couple days I dump the diapers and liner in the laundry and wash with rinse - warm wash with Tide - extra rinse and through the dryer. They last longer if you hang dry but meh too much work. When my baby was tinier I loved all-in-one newborn diapers from Little Joeys, Thirsties and GroVia all in newborn size. It sounds complicated but it’s really not once you get started.

We use Nora’s nursery pocket diapers. We purchased maybe about 20 diapers with inserts that are included, then I purchased random charcoal inserts from Amazon and Thirsties hemp inserts (more expensive). You’ll also need some wet bags if you use cloth diapers while you travel. I would suggest at least 3.

I’m probably different than most who cloth diaper, it was our only option at the time because my daughter was allergic to all diapers. We used GDiapers because they were the best reviewed at the time. My advice is to buy a couple of different brands at consignment sales or kids consignment stores, test them out and see what works best for you and the baby, slowly start your stock pile. Buy a wet bag and get a good washing routine down personally I threw that days load in every night before bed.

Brittany don’t you use cloth diapers??

I liked prefold with a wool cover best at night. It does a great job for heavy soakers. Day time pocket diapers for ease of use. Bonus pocket diapers without an insert are swim diapers! I found looking online gave me the most options because regular stores don’t carry many choices.

I use cotton babies, bumgenius brand.