How to cloth diaper?

Question; how do cloth diapers work? I have a 2 year old and a 11 month old who are in diapers and pull ups still, and I don’t have a way to get diapers and pull ups till I get my taxes (hopefully here soon since it’s been almost 21 days) but I need something to hold them till then and all I can think of is cloth diapers


Check with local churches and food pantry’s…they usually have diapers or they can help point you in the right direction…I would help if you were close to me


What sizes? I have some amazon $ I can have some sent to you. PM me please.


Don’t depend on your taxes tho. 10% of people that file end up getting a longer review and waiting months for their taxes. We filed back in February and I just found out that we won’t get them until May due to being under a review for them.

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I have cloth diapers and inserts I can mail to you. I no longer need them. PM me your address if you’d like them.


If your willing to do the effort to they are great for the in between pay days we’re out of diapers. I had them for oldest 2 just for this reason. They just take a little more effort in cleaning them. You would want the cloths and rubber covers both though.

You can afford cloth diapers but not pampers or pull ups?


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I’m no where an expert on cloth diapering however I highly recommend it. Diapers can range anywhere from $5-$20 depending on quality (some less, and some can be a LOT more but its really the brands, quality, ext). As to how they work, most diapers are one size fits all so they have multiple snaps to fit different sizes. There are different kinds too. Pockets seem to be the most common. These are diapers that have a pocket that you put your insert inside. Those inserts are what hold the pee so they’re important. There are also all in ones which come with the insert build into them, and covers that allow you to put the insert against baby’s skin so they can keep wearing the cover and just changing the inserts for 1-3 times (depends on if you feel comfortable with leaving the same cover on or if it got pee on it, ext.) you normally do 1 extra rinse cycle before actually washing your diapers. Most diapers can be put in the dryer but most prefer to play it safe and hang dry them as to make sure the plastic that keeps the diaper from leaking (also called the “PUL”) doesn’t melt or tear. If you can afford to do laundry you can afford to cloth diaper! The start up can cost a little money. I highly recommend looking for used ones or going to Alva baby online (theyre pretty cheap there). They can be a little over whelming when you first start but honestly theyre just like disposable diapers except you wash these! Lol! Luckly these arent the old fashon kind anymore either! Theyre all snap buttons and stuff! No need for safty pins!

Cloth diapers can be a money saver. But, you have to put out that initial investment for the diapers. Diaper pins, and rubber pants. Then, pee diapers are no issue, but poo diapers-yuk. You will have to wash diapers almost every day. It’s a tough choice. Both have their pros and cons. I always kept cloth diapers for emergencies.

Cloth Diapering Mamas my CD were $5-6/diaper (alvababy). i wont spend more.
give me a sec to pull up some quick DIY for diapers with flour sack towels (less than $1ea at walmart), old tshirts, and burp rags.

I feel like cloth diapers are an investment. If I were in that situation I would check Facebook marketplace for people’s leftover unused and also a local church.