How to cope with a miscarriage?

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I had a miscarriage a couple weeks ago. Bleed for about a week and half total from start to finish. I have 3 children already and this has never happened before. Never an issue with my other 3 pregnancies. My question is, how soon can we try again? We want one more. My doctor said wait 2 cycles. I dont even know when I’ll get one. He put me back on the pill, birth control, to regulate me and said quit taking it after 2 cycles. Does this make sense? Has anyone been told this? What are the chances I’ll have another miscarriage? That was devastating to me and my husband :disappointed: I’m having a really hard time coping with this and my husband really wont discuss it. Hes usually really good about discussing whatever but I honestly think this devastated him to a point he wont ever talk about it. He just wants to discuss the next baby and says everything will be fine.


I had children in 2006 and 2007. I miscarried in May of 2011, then was pregnant again in August and had a healthy baby in May of 2012.

In all honesty you’re at your most fertile directly after a miscarriage however some doc like to give you time to heal and what not but I wouldn’t take the birth control because to me I always preferred letting my body handle regulating on it’s own but I also have very regular cycles :woman_shrugging:t2:


I had one and they told me to wait a year to ‘be safe’
I think every pregnancy is different. Doesn’t mean itll happen again. Sometimes chromosomes are just screwed up or something.
I delivered healthy twins 8 months ago but was i obviously fearful to try to get pregnant again

I wouldn’t take the pill if it were me and if you’re have sex anyway, you’re technically always “trying”.

I miscarried in May and got pregnant in August of 2015.

We were advised to wait one cycle after my missed miscarriage with our twins, we got pregnant the first try.

I have a friend who miscarried and the drs tried to put her on birth control like you. She didn’t take it. It took her awhile to get pregnant again but now she has a beautiful baby boy!

it depends on how far along you were
I had 3 consecutive early miscarriages. and I had been dr confirmed, I had fertility issues.
but mine were 6 weeks or sooner.
and my OB gave me the clear to try again as soon as I wanted, my body passed what it needed to and all that.
with my last miscarriage I was pregnant the following month and had a healthy pregnancy. I did however go on progesterone inserts right away with that one

I went through this summer of 17 dr. Told me the same thing I think I waited 2 cycles and than got pregnant and had a successful pregnancy. I didn’t do the birth control but we did take our precautions also had DNC from miscarriage because I wanted it to be done and over

I would listen to your doctor.

A place to get grief counseling. It’s individual at first , and then when your counselor feels you’re ready you’ll be in a group with other people with similar losses, to help each other through. I lost my grandma, followed by 2 miscarriages the same year. “Devastated” couldn’t begin to describe it. I made some lifelong friends here, who had miscarriages too. Many went on to have healthy children, and I had my 2 sons after.

I would listen to your doc. I’ve heard birth control is an excellent way to regulate your period. If you don’t take it, it could be a couple months before you get your next period. But every woman and baby is different! You know your body best.

My OB said to wait for 1 cycle and then we were in the clear. It’s totally normal and common for things like this to happen so don’t blame yourself. Men handle these things a lot differently then we do. He’s just dealing with it in his own way. It took me almost a year to fully recover emotionally from something like this. Grief is totally normal because it’s a very sad thing, but just because it happened once doesn’t mean it’s going to happen again. Good luck! :heart:

I had a miscarriage in November of 2018, had my last period in December. Found out I am pregnant on Feb 2nd. Due with my fourth son September 28th. Pregnancy has been normal/healthy so far. Good luck!

I had one last yr and I bled about a week and half after but I had dandc surgery but bbn I got my cycle back on normal times I got it before I was pregnant like I usually start around the first of the month and it has gone back to that since.

I’ve had 6 miscarriages and 2 live babies. The first miscarriage I didn’t wait to try again and got pregnant the following month, miscarried that baby then developed pelvic inflammatory disease which lasted 6 months and I lost the use of one Fallopian tube due to scarring. I know it’s hard but based on my experience I wish I’d waited at least for one normal period afterwards before trying again so that my body had had chance to heal properly.

I lost a child before my third child.My 2 kids caught 5th disease parvo virus.Thats what I lost my son at 19 weeks no heartbeat had to have a D&C.I had to have a lot of blood test because I had it too but I never had the rash of 5th disease or any symptoms.After it was gone I conceived my son who is now 15 healthy.I never went on the pill after my miscarriage .I had 1 cycle then conceived right away.

I had 3 miscarriages after 8 years of infertility. My high risk and specialist told me I could try again my first period. I wouldn’t take birth control personally. Unfortunately you never know if you will miscarry or not. I am currently 23 weeks with a little girl however and so far she’s active and healthy and everything is great

You should follow your Dr’s advice. He is telling you to give your body some time to heal first. I had 10 miscarriages but then had 3 healthy kids.

Ive had 2 miscarriages and none of my doctors gave me birth control. The just told me to wait a few weeks and then whenever we felt comfortable, to try again.

I took the BC pill for 3 months to help regulate my period. I got pregnant my first month off of BC :heartpulse:

Dont take the birth control. Just skip two months then try again.

I suffered several pregnancy losses for over 14 years. After I gave up hope I finally had a successful pregnancy. We were terrified the entire time, having been through it for so many times we didn’t allow ourselves to get excited at any point, not until she was in my arms. Before she turned 10 months I finally got my period again (breastfeeding) and we were very excited to try for another baby and we actually got pregnant right away. Unfortunately I lost that baby at 14 weeks, a missed miscarriage they said. Unlike all others we had no warning, I was at a checkup when they realized he no longer had a heartbeat.
I had a suicide attempt after my first loss, I was just short of 20 weeks but though the second loss felt like I couldn’t believe it was happening again I dealt with it “better”. By third and on I was numb. But having our first daughter made me confident in a way I shouldn’t have been and I let my guard down. Losing that baby hit me harder than ever and I became suicidal again. Then 2 months later we got pregnant again and now we have two beautiful daughters.
I can’t tell you what will or won’t happen, no one can. We know the possibilities but personally I took the risk because I believe it is worth it. We want more children and I do not use any birth control besides breastfeeding and my own body deciding when we’re ready.
Two things though.
After the first loss I was told to wait a year. I waited 4 and still miscarried.
Then after the last loss I did not wait at all and I had a successful pregnancy. Everyone and every pregnancy is different. You’re fears and pain are absolutely valid and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Just give yourselves time to heal emotionally and physically. You’re in my prayers and I wish you the best, good luck!

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Listen to your doctor. Dont try before dr gives the go ahead, as that can result in another miscarriage

After 20 pregnancies, I have 3 living, beautiful, healthy children

It is best to wait 2 cycles. You CAN cause scarring of the uterus…

Thanks to my inability to follow directions my uterus has issues, scarring, etc. .

It doesn’t happen to everyone, mind you, but it is a risk. .

The birth control will get you too cycle correctly, without getting pregnant, for 2 months, to help your body and help hormones…


My mother lost nearly as many as she had, it seemed that for every birth there was a loss then another birth for me I had 4 then many years later lost one then a year later had my last one but never was told to take birth control after my loss, just told don’t be a hurry to try again and let things heal. I wouldn’t take the birth control but don’t rush into trying again to fast.

I miscarried in June of 2006 and then had a healthy baby boy in September of 2007. I have had five pregnancies and only one was a miscarriage. Sometimes it just happens, I am sorry for your loss. Time will heal and I pray you will have more healthy babies!

3 years ago I had a miscarriage 6 months after I got off the depo, the doctor wanted to put me back on something. I never did the pill makes me feel weird, I let nature take its course and regulate on my own. Here I am pregnant with a healthy little girl the child I’m not supposed to have

2 cycles sounds about right. I miscarried in August 2018 and got pregnant again in October 2018.

I lost 6, each time my dr said to try again after my next cycle. We did, we have 2 children now

I am so so sorry. When I had my miscarriage the doctor told me to wait a full cycle and I ended up getting pregnant about 5 months after I think. I went on to have a healthy little girl.

You can start trying again asoon as you like

Listen to your doctor. Give your body a chance to recoop. Try again in September/october. Perfect time to have a baby may/June. Good luck!

I had a miscarriage was told once my hormone level went back to zero I could try again wasn’t even trying had the Miscarriage last March got pregnant in June and had my rainbow baby March 1st

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I had 3 and was on the nuva ring after them. Made it worse

Your body must not be ready o would wait awhile

Same happened to me with our fourth. Currently pregnant with our rainbow and I have been a nervous wreck the whole time! It took us awhile to successfully get pregnant again. It’s different for everyone. You can get through this. Take it a, day at a time.
If you want some extra support I found the group miscarriage SOS to be of immense help for support.

I miscarried December 12th went to the dr twice a week for blood work when my hormone levels went back down to 0 he told us we could try again I got pregnant January 14th but most Drs want you to wait one cycle so your levels go down and don’t mess with your new pregnancy

I got pregnant before my first period after my miscarriage. I lost my babe and bled, and as soon as I was done bleeding we had sex and I got pregnant.