How to cope with anxiety and depression?

Not really looking for advice or anything but really could use a pick me up.

I’m a 26 year old first time mom to the most amazing almost 11month old baby girl. I’m a full time mom, full time employee, full time student and full time wife.

Just starting to feel a little like I’m just tredding water lately, and I can feel my anxiety and depression creeping up on me. :slightly_frowning_face:


It can be overwhelming. You sound like superwoman, good job!:heartpulse: Have you tried meditation to help with anxiety and feeling overwhelmed?

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Sorry you feel that way. It’s okay to ask for help. :neutral_face:

You’re under a lot of stress , girl. You got a lot going on and it’s understandable how you feel. Keep being gentle with yourself :sparkling_heart:

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. After all you are human. And don’t feel defeated when you get overwhelmed, it’s normal. Take a step back and think about what’s most important to you and give that your all. You got this. :blush:

Girl that is a lot of full time s… I’m impressed. Maybe you could take the summer semester off? At least give you a little break? You sound like a go getter though. And that’s awesome!

I remember this with my first two when I went back to work full time. When you’re home and the baby is down for a nap, do some breathing exercises. Find yourself a good support group of friends and family. Focus on things you got done instead of worrying about things you didn’t take care of. You got this.

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Take a long hot bath for your pick me up or something it sounds like some mama me time is the pick me up you need you sound like superwoman!

Girl you got this, amazing all your doing, God bless

WOW! You do ALOT anyone would be overwhelmed and have anexity with that much on their plate. Try to take some down time for yourself once in a while…