How to cope with anxiety while pregnant?

Reaching out to see if any other mamas have suffered a peak in health anxiety during their pregnancy. I suffer from diagnosed anxiety but I’m not medicated. I’ve managed decently well with learned coping methods but pregnancy has made my panic attacks peak. They were bad in the start, laid off but now I’m 21 weeks and they’re back again. I suffer from health anxiety as well. All of the changes happening so fast at once is extremely overwhelming and scary for me, I voice my concerns to my doctor and they DO listen but I truly don’t want to be medicated because I know I can manage. Just trying to see how many other mamas suffer from the same thing and what they do to help themselves :pensive: I’m trying to enjoy my pregnancy especially since I’m finally being able to feel my daughter move consistently but all of the anxiety is taking away some of my joy and I feel so guilty about it

I have it horrible as well i am 26 weeks and it gets so bad i have to take extra clothes with me places because when i have the panic attacks i sweat so bad my clothes are soaked. Talk to your doctor because they can give you meds for it while pregnant. Mine told me that having anxiety and not doing nothing about it could cause baby to stress

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Try marijuana. Yes even while pregnant it’s safe.