How to cope with anxiety?

I wish my anxiety was understood.
I wish my mind didn’t play tricks on me, telling me no one wants to be around me and i am the most hated person by numerous people, even loved ones.
I wish i could talk about my anxiety openly so when it’s happening people don’t mistaken it for being mad, or upset.
I wish i didn’t feel like I’m awkwardly standing on an empty stage with a million people staring at me when I’m simply grocery shopping, or taking my kiddos to the playground.
I love too hard, and care too much which sometimes ends with heartbreak or disappointment.
My anxiety is a silent battle that i fight everyday, some days are harder than others, but i embrace the good days and fight through the hard ones. I give myself a little pat on the back when i have faced another day of this silent illness.
Mommas please don’t be afraid to reach out, or express yourself when you are feeling this way. You deserve to be heard, you do matter, and you are amazing. i am cheering you on through these tough days.


I understand about anxiety too. I have it and it is hard like you said. What’s the kicker is that I have to put on a happy face when I’m out around other people and then I fall apart when I get home. Many people think that you can just get over it but that’s not how anxiety works.

Im getting help for mine. Hopefully the doctor is more willing to help me than the last one. Its been real tough for me lately.

That is important, but a lot of us who don’t understand this illness are not able to approach or deal with it.

I really needed this today!!!

I needed this today more than you know… thank you :pray:

I love that
I think we all deal with some of that from time to time
Thank You for posting that Janet