How to cope with anxiety?

I was wondering if you could post anonymously. I’m a mom, 31 I have 2 kids aged 11 &7. I’m so consumed with anxiety that I can hardly function anymore. Yes I’m in counseling but it’s just in the beginning of the sessions so a lot of emotions are raw and out in the open right now. How do you guys get thru the small day to day anxieties? Example: did my gets get enough food today, did I make them happy enough today. Did I do enough to sit down and relax: I know it all seems so simple but if you have anxiety like I do then you’d understand. I meditate and have a journal but I find myself still struggling. I would be open to any advice or maybe even someone to talk to friend wise


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to cope with anxiety?

Have you tried breath work…or progressive relaxation

I deal with this everyday

Maybe some meditation. If I get too stressed I go to a quiet place and turn on some sounds I find relaxing and meditate. It seems to help. I’ve even gotten my son (5) to try it a few times.

I really don’t have an answer because I also struggle with anxiety. But if you need to talk you can always message me. Maybe we can figure this out together.

Send them to grandma and grandpa’s until you get further into therapy. A break sometimes can help.

I’ve been going through the same thing. Still in the stages of finding a medicine that works. Been through a few now. Most of them make me sleepy, causing me to feel useless. I did start having the conversation with my kids (teenagers) that I am human too and need rest sometimes. We have to listen to our bodies. However even when I do, I feel guilty.

I’m sorry you have to go through it as well. All I can say is I hope you the best of luck. You aren’t alone.

Oh mama, I struggle with anxiety too. “Did I do enough to sit down and relax?” Don’t put unnecessary strain on yourself, if you feel like you need a breather, take one. No matter what you have or haven’t done. Breathing exercises can help as well as focusing on the present. Pick three objects in front of you and start describing them, look, placement what they do. This will help you focus on the present and avoid the past as well as the future. You can always feel free to send me a message on here if you need someone to talk to, don’t sit inside your head please, it’s the worst place you could be when you have anxiety.

Have your Thyroid checked . I had a lot of anxiety and come to find out my thyroid was not working right

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Try yoga or meditation xx

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Behavioral modification therapy where you are given the tools to work thru the anxiety without letting it consume you it’s hard at first but worth it

I use to deal with a lot of anxiety on a regular basis. I started doing spiritual work, so not sure if you’ll be open to it. But in case you or anyone else is, this is the exercise I’ve been using to help fully relieve my anxiety. I still have it when issues arise but overall I’m able to function even more in my daily life now from practicing this on a regular basis. Hope this helps. :heartpulse:

What kind of therapy are you having? Perhaps you’d be a great candidate for cognitive behavioral therapy? Its helped for me!

I’m also a 31 yo mother of two (3 and 8mo) and have been dealing with depression and anxiety for a majority of my life. Yes, counseling/therapy are great, I see one too. But I am a huge advocate for medication. I would not be able to function without them. They don’t make me “happy” but rather give me the ability to function normally and do those day to day activities. With that said, I highly recommend you make an appointment with your Dr and express these concerns and talk with them about options and what might work best for you. I’d be happy to talk further if you ever need. Good luck mama, you’re doing great. :heart:

Something that really helps me a lot is to do this. Find five things I can see 4 things I can hear three things I can feel two things I can smell one thing I can taste. You can do it in any order you want but it just helps me to be present in the moment and it calms me down I’ll see if I can find a link to it and put it on here too. I can’t tell you how much this helps me

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Medication saved my life. There are so many out there. Zoloft was life changing for me.


I take a small dose of buspar twice a day. Having anxiety is like any other health condition. You have to treat it and manage it with a combination of therapy, self calming techniques and medication. This does not mean you will always need medication but a lot of times when you start therapy medication will help you slow your responses to anxiety down so you can process things.

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Seek Jesus he will provide peace , strength & comfort :pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2:


Marijuana! Helps my anxiety more than any medication has!


Look up herbal remedies for anxiety

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Only thing that helps me is routine and if it’s off so am I

Ever heard of Psilocybin mushroom? 4g… I took and that trip completely took away my same issues. I was to the point of cry to my friends bc I felt I was going crazy. Completely 100% gone… it’s been almost a year now. Feel free to message me if you’re interested to know more. Judgement free here… I also have 3 kids. I wish you the best :heart:


Anxiety is really tough. I use box breathing or 4x4 breathing, I also use alot of grounding techniques like feeling objects that make me feel good like a a blanket or something soft. Hot water tends to make Anxiety worse so taking a cool shower or bath. Also white noise or any noise that’s calming for me I use rain and birds. I also use marijuana but that’s not for everyone. When I was at my worst last year I would walk around barefoot in the grass.

Learn to say F*ck it


A high dose of rescue remedy works a treat for me

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Oh that’s what I call fretting unecessarily. You r just fine so knock it off or do what I did,Dr gave me low dose alprazolam .25. I can take it 3 times a day but I only take one. Takes the edge off and you don’t even realize it’s working cuz u don’t feel goofy. I hate fretting over stupid stuff.


Exercise helped me. I have severe social anxiety and Generalized anxiety. I have a hard time leaving the house and I homeschool my children (7 and 14). In September my partner bought me a treadmill and I literally run my anxiety away now.


Sometimes its a Vitamin deficiency. Have your Dr dona vitamin panel. You’d be amazed at the difference when you start a Vitamin regimen. Start with a multivitamin. God bless.

I struggle with anxiety and ADHD. I have 6 kids. So I totally get it. If you would like just someone with like problems to talk to you can DM me anytime.:two_hearts::two_hearts:Just know that you are doing your best. Things will get better with time. Just keep pushing. You’re doing fine​:innocent::hugs::hugs::hugs:


Start small. I have anxiety with panic attacks and PTSD. Set out small goals. Do the dishes from breakfast right after breakfast. Then sit and watch an episode of your favourite show. Then if you feel up to it, put a load of laundry in, give the kids/pets a snack you eat something and then sit back down for another episode.
Small things. But make sure you do something for you in between.


Personally I like to paint. My kids do to so that’s something we can all enjoy together. Also going for walks and just being outside. I find I don’t live for myself anymore but for my kids. So whatever makes them happy makes me happy. I hope this helps :heart: I am 36 with 3 kids and have delt with anxiety and depression most of my life. You are amazing, you got this :heart:

Chamomile tea before bed
Lavender oil is calming.
Praying helps…
A weighted blanket.
Certainly getting into a routine helps. That way u not worried what is next or feel overwhelmed.
U might want to slow down or stop asking if u are doing everything to someone else’s expectations… That’s causing unnecessary anxiety.
Do whatever u can do. That’s it. One thing at a time. Don’t overcommit yourself…

But u can ask the therapist for anxiety medicine.

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Hi there!!! I suffer from extreme anxiety and depression, and over the years, I’ve fine tuned some actions plans when everything becomes too much and my medicine is not enough.

  1. Makes obtainable lists. Make yourself a list that you can definitely accomplish daily. I make my lists at night and cross off the stuff as I go. It help me not be anxious about missing things and the more I cross off, the more I feel better about my hold on my life and it eases anxiety for me.

  2. Talk to your kids and be honest about how you feel on the days that you feel like you are struggling to do the most basic mom stuff. They will be honest with you 9/10 times and more likely than not, they’ll tell you how amazing of a mom you are and remind you that you are doing your best. The kids see more than you can imagine and can be a source of encouragement.

  3. Give yourself grace. If you don’t accomplish everything, it’s not the end of the world. Just breath, count to ten, and try again either tomorrow or whenever you have the push and drive to complete the tasks at hand.

For those anxiety driven moments, try finding a relaxing scent or essential oil and just inhale that scent for 15 to 20 seconds, letting that relax your body and mind for that moment.

Hope that helps a little! Good luck, momma!


My anxiety is odd to some people. I can’t be in a spotless clean house or room… it feels like a museum, where I can’t touch something in fear of leaving prints or dirt on it. I need clutter.

Also unneeded noises… why does the tv need to be on if nobody’s watching it… why is someone talking when tv is on. Chip bag rattling. The way people pronounce words… Route is my biggest anxiety on that front.

Some times I just gotta breath through my anxiety. Sometimes I have major anxiety/panic attacks.
I had a severe anxiety attack at the Drs appointment. The room was too sterile and clean. I felt like I was destroying the cleanliness… or in a museum… it was hard to breathe.


I’ve had anxiety since I was little. I’m 38 now. I had it totally under control for a few years. Then BAM, it was back in full force with panic attacks! Was so bad I went to the hospital. My doctor put me on Celexa. I’m now at 40mg. It took a few week’s, but now I rarely have anxiety over anything :upside_down_face: And if I do, I can tell myself now, there’s nothing wrong with you! And snap out of it. I take it at night before bed. It helps me sleep too.

Lexapro and Wellbutrin, talk therapy, walking, taking breaths, pause, journal

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Pause, stop, take a break

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Cbd gummies or cbd vape pen too.

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Self care should be prioritized anything that brings you a sense of peace, for me prayer staying connected spiritually has helped. Its kind of hard to confide in someone nowadays so it all depends if you don’t mind sharing personal things with someone you can take advice from someone you trust. But me personally I am a lot more private now and have been learning to deal with things in a different manner. Withdrawing myself and having alone time for some may not work but for me it has given me time to work on those things that may cause me anxiety and so forth in private. Time to work on myself sometimes its the only thing you can do until you overcome whatever challenges or obstacles that have presented itself in your life. Lots of prayer! If your unable to do it on your own seek godly counsel healthy advice.

Meds, weed, small achievable goals, small rewards


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If you are already seeing a therapist about it you need to be discussing all of this with them and be completely honest and ask what your options are.


I have high anxiety and must stay on pills to help me .

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First of all, you aren’t alone. I take it from your post that you’re a single mom. I was there too. What you do is simplify your life as much as you can. Make a routine and see if you can get on it. Don’t make it too rigid or that will be a source of anxiety too. Your routine should be more of a guideline so you don’t constantly feel like you are forgetting to do things. Make a list of jobs you want to do for certain days and make a poster of those things. Maybe the kids will even help you if they know what you need done. Sit the kids down and explain to them what is going on and get their feedback. My kids were younger than yours when we found ourselves on our own and I told my kids the truth about what was going on. You would be surprised the suggestions they had. Very smart, those little people! It was us against the world and we did pretty well. I was still somewhat anxious and at the time I couldn’t afford therapy, but we talked it out and worked together. I suppose some would say I expected too much of my kids, but now that they’re grown they tell me they knew what was happening and they’re glad we talked and worked together. We’re still very close. Keep up with your therapy. I would imagine you’ll have meds to take as time goes on. Those will help. But taking one day at a time. One hour at a time sometimes. Doing what you can do and calling it good as long as you are bonding with your kids and holding down the fort… that’s the way it’s done. If you want to talk. Send me a friend request on messenger. If I know it’s from this post I’ll add you.


I went to a reiki session… my anxiety went from unmanageable to manageable… I wasn’t fully a believer… never had reiki before this…or after… except distance… which not sure I believe works… at least not as well… still have anxiety, never to the extreme it was… before reiki… Mom of 4…

Hang in there momma, it sounds like you’re a very caring a great Mom. I’m sure you’re doing better than you realize. I understand everything you described, I’ve been there, young Mom, anxiety plus the over thinking. Worrying. You’ve got this. Take one day at a time. Maybe even one hour at a time…whatever you need. You can send me a friend request, I just wish I knew your name so I would know it was you…

With feeding the children , maybe set aside some stuff they can grab to eat for when you’re overwhelmed and maybe don’t want to cook. If you feel like relaxing it’s ok, you just need the break. You’ve done enough let your mind rest for a bit. You’re enough for the kids, even when you’re overwhelmed you’re still enough. Try to relax with a nice bath, you deserve to have relaxation time. Discuss with your counselor possibilities of medication to lower you’re anxiety. Try not to push yourself too hard. Everything takes time to heal


You might need medication.


You are overthinking. These things are good. I struggle with anxiety myself

Get outdoors as much as possible!! I know it’s hard with kids but walking… trails… parks anything. The barn/horses is my anxiety medication (I’m on meds too but it helps just as much) find a consistent outdoor activity


Have you tried the gym while the kids are at school? exercise, don’t sweat the small stuff, they are fed enough and they are loved enough and you need to love yourself more thats all. Relax!

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It is hard. I’m a mom with severe anxiety and five grown kids. 51 now. Still have these intrusive thoughts and My youngest is 25 . Some days are difficult . But I’ve come to realize it’s accepting im good enough and worthy. It’s all about how we feel about ourselves.


I’m so sorry you feel this way. I too have anxiety and along with all the things you’re already doing meds helped me most. You’ll get through this I promise. Breathe momma. :purple_heart:

I’m on medication Cymbalta 20 MG x2 once a day. It’s helps so much :slight_smile: feel free to reach out if you need someone to talk to. Mama of 4.

There is no shame in taking doctor prescribed medication. If anxiety goes untreated it can result in depression and actually cause physical illnesses. I speak from experience. Long time sufferer of severe anxiety. Talk to your doctor. There is relief and you deserve to feel your best. Also you are already on the right path with what you are doing. Talking to professionals, meditation, keeping a journal, are all therapeutic. :heart: keep trying

I take Xanax. Of course prescribed by my doctor. Very low dosage I’m on 0.5.

Look reactionary mind lives in the now and does things. Intellect mulls things over incessantly to our detriment. Just keep doing things to stop the background chatter.

stop questioning every little thing. do they complain? do you give them attention? is their doctor worried about their health? i’m sure the answers to those are easy for you, and if they’re not negative then you have nothing to worry about. your kids would show signs of neglect and with the attention you give this already i’m sure you’d see it, but i’m also sure it’s not there. give yourself a break and literally make yourself not worry about the little things so much. habits will form and you’ll find that giving your attention to the bigger issues will become second nature. and as a mom your intuition will kick in when it needs to and there’s smaller issues that need to be addressed

Slow down mama…I’ve seen this a lot actually. And IMO mamas need to jot down their priorities and responsibilities. Evaluate where your free time is going, and change your expectations. Otherwise I’m afraid you’re going to burn out worse. I tried to be super mom when it was my oldest at age 3 1/2 and my youngest was a newborn. I had to be involved in everything, they needed involved in everything, plus house chores, supper made, it was round and round I’d go. When I finally stopped to get off this wild ride, I nearly had a mental break. It can be difficult to find balance, but you will, remember to include yourself and your husband into this balance.

Message me if you’d like! Single momma of 1