How to cope with depression and PTSD?

How do mommies deal with depression and PTSD? I was diagnose 3 years ago but I’ve known for a while. I have no support system. My family only judges and talks a lot if bs. The hubby doesn’t know how to deal with me and i go of at him. Especially when I’m going through one of my episodes and he is all laughs and ignores me all day. Going through this alone. And it doesn’t help that I’m 30 weeks pregnant and my emotions are everywhere all i want to do is cry all day but can’t. I have talked to my Dr about meds but afraid to take them


Meds make it worse …

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Your husband needs to support you. I suffer from PTSD from finding my mom dead. My husband ask what I need from him when I have an episode. I’ll be real with you, medicine and therapy doesn’t work for everyone
I have tried so many different therapist and medicine none have helped.


I have PTSD as well. Im in the same boat! Its a lonely scary journey but you are already a survivor. I have found that my diet has alot to do with the way im feeling. If i eat unhealthy , i feel unhealthy mentally and physically. I hope that helps some. Stay strong , this too shall pass

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It will get better mama. Stay strong. I know it’s easier said then done but it can happen. :heart:


Maybe try local support groups? Currently in a small town and having to deal with the same thing.

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Same boat only difference is my partner is learning to understand my days but it is still hard whn u gt so much 2 do i dnt use meds i go to councilling bt i still struggle daily n jst suffering a loss doesnt help the situation

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sounds like you have a rough for to bymayco e around eventually, mine did and he pretty awesome. In the meantime, hang tight and seek professional help!!

Maybe meditation could help a bit

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I have ptsd. Was diagnosed when I was 12 and had my daughter at 13. It’s a huge struggle. I have tons of nightmares and I’m constantly afraid. You just gotta do your best mamas

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As a mom with severe depression, PTSD and anxiety, it is alway beneficial to know what calms you. What brings you peace? What makes you feel secure, comfortable? When I feel an episode coming on, I generally clean, color in Mandela coloring books, find strategic activities for my son and I (it helps keep the mind focused and busy), or we go for walks and play outside if we can. Everybody processes differently. Medicine and therapy don’t always help. So hang in there mama, and if one thing doesn’t help, just keep trying. Also, cooking/baking and epsom salt baths with just a candle for lighting tend to help me. Don’t give up. It’s hard, but it’ll get better as you find different ways to help.


Some meds work, and sometimes it’s best to take meds pregnant than to not take any and to suffer…


My doctor prescribed buspriron/buspar with my last pregnancy it’s the only somewhat safe med but i didn’t want to risk it. maybe some counseling, my family is the same way, it’s hard not having a support system especially pregnant, definitely look into counseling or support group, u need at least an outlet, and they can give tips on coping

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I had depression,during pregnancy not the other… it is extremely hard… but their is medication you can take while pregnant to help!

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I wouldn’t take anything until after you have the baby. Alot of antidepressants can hurt a baby. But as soon as you have the baby get on something. Even if its mood stabilizers. I also have PTSD and bipolar depression with both anxiety and panic disorders. I’ve been off all my meds for months now and I’m in hell. Like literally with my mind. Beacon health is wonderful. My daughter and sister go there and I have an appt next week.

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there r certain medications that r safer for the baby than others i would ask for category 1 or 2, most anti-depression medications are in this category. always make sure they r safe most doctors wont prescribe u something that has a lot of possible side effects for the baby. also seeing a therapist or support group would be a good idea. (i have server anxiety; i had to take medications with my daughter due to not being able to function without them.)

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For me therapy and/or counseling makes it worse never been on medications​:disappointed::disappointed: I’m lost and idk what to do

Medical mmj… cuz meds are awful for me. And counseling along with alot of mindfulness and self care. I am fortunate to have a supportive partner as well… but I know that is not the case for many… talk to your physician and request a psychiatric referral… best decision I ever made.

Counceling, have you’re husband come with you and he can learn how to deal with it and help you. You can get some tools to help you cope with it and work through it.

Try taking a prescribed Anti-depressant . Zoloft was horrible when I took it. I became so paranoid. I’m now using Lexapro . My daughter is also using it. I believe that during this time of the time of the year , people, including me, suffer from seasonal affect disorder.! also known as S-A–D. SOME PEOPLE TAKE the antidepressant , WELLBRUTIN. NOT ME.

Meditation. I have had PTSD since I was 15. Depression since I was 12. Meditation helps wonders. Also get a ritual for when it’s bad and have a whole routine for it. For me I get my headphones, something yummy to drink, find a swing at night, and swing while listening to music. I did it a lot when things were really bad. And now I dont really have a need to do it. I also always fall asleep to horror stories. Those things just work for me. But I made a routine out of both.

I have found that meds are not a good option for me. At most I have a medical marijuana card. But I haven’t used that since a month before I was pregnant. I’m planning on talking to a doctor once I’m done breastfeeding. Of course what meds you do or dont take is entirely a personal choice. I just know that for me meds dont help my depression and the only thing they want to give you for PTSD is terrifying for me. Because I’m not horribly insane, I just have some mental health problems.

I am 25 weeks pregnant and also dealing with ptsd/depression/anxiety. I stopped all anxiety meds because they weren’t safe for the baby…but still take Lexapro for my ptsd/depression. Welbutrin is also safe while pregnant. I learned when my son was a toddler that meds were what was needed for both mine and his (and now my husbands) sake. Talk with your doctor about your worries and talk it through.

Ask your doctor what he suggests other than drugs. You have a serious medical problem and you need to get help from professionals. Will your child also be subjected to your outbursts? You really need help from a good psychiatrist who deals with PTSD specifically. Hopefully, after baby is born and you are Not nursing, you can get some meds that will help to keep you stable. So sorry you are having to deal with this alone.

To help I would need to know the reason behind your PTSD?
Other wise its impossible to know where you need healing.
And it takes time to for this process to take affect, you need a friend that understands where your coming from. It’s not easy for either of you however you can’t go this alone.
It can be hard to find these rare individuals but there out there. Stay strong and positive.

Your afraid to take meds why? Because then you may have to deal with it? I know it’s scary and meds wont fix it 100% but honestly it sounds like your afraid to get better. Like oh shit if I’m getting better I cant just break down whenever shit gets tough.

This. Is. Hard. And having people around you that don’t take it seriously makes it so much worse. In order to heal, you really have to be in a good environment. Try therapy. Maybe bring your hubby with you to appointments. If he can’t be empathetic, and continues to act like a jackass (imo) it may be time to end the relationship. Your struggle is not a joke, and the fact that it seems to be with people that are closest to you is really screwed up.

Pregnancy will make it 100 times worse !

If you go to theropy drag his ass with you and as your family dont let them bother you

I have depression, anxiety and PTSD. I have to take meds, I’ve tried not to but I just fall faster and harder. But most importantly with most mental health issues is always therapy. I’ve done groups, anger management, individual counseling and we do family therapy as well. There are some great places out there too. It takes a lot of work but I am a very different person today and I love it! Good luck to you and I hope it gets better.

There are meds you can take safely while you’re pregnant. The stresd is worse for you and the baby than certain meds.